Our role in the project

User experience

  • Innovation Consulting
  • Research
  • Stakeholders workshop
  • Product strategy
  • UI/UX Design

User interface design

  • UI/UX Audit
  • UI/UX Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Visual design


  • VueJS
  • NodeJS Backend/API integrations
  • iOS app development
  • Android app development


  • Innovation Consulting
  • Research
  • UI/UX Audit
  • Product strategy

Technology Used

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Vue JS
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Amazon EC2

Define Requirement


Whitebow Gift Registry allows the hosts to ask their guests to purchase something that they really want. Using this app, both hosts and guests of any event can have endless choices of gifts that they know will be appreciated. This app drastically improves the traditional method of buying gifts.

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User Problems

User Problems

The problem that Whitebow Gift Registry is trying to solve is helping participants buy something that the host of the event will like, rather than buying generic and safe gifts. With the list of desired items of the host, participants do not need to worry if the host likes the gift or not.

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Business Problems

Business Problems

At present, there are some apps for registering gifts but they are designed with unappealing colors, confusing layouts, and poor interfaces. Whitebow Gift Registry has been developed with easy navigation in mind, and a perfect design to let users (hosts) easily add and remove the products they want to get as a gift, while the users (participants) can have practical options to buy gifts.

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Pre-design was the first important part of the app development process, this is where the objectives and the core concept of the app was identified. At the end of pre-design, a roadmap for the project, tech considerations, and some recommendations were presented to the clients. Then, the design of the app started, including wireframing, prototyping, and user testing. Before moving onto development, we used the outcomes of testing in order to make changes and revisions.

User Stories

Backlog Creation

Backlog Creation

The product owner had the main responsibility to create, maintain, and prioritize the product backlog. After that, the team determined which task to complete in which sprint. While moving the product backlog to scrum backlog, the team members expanded each item to more than one sprint tasks, so that they can effectively share their work during each sprint.

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Backlog Grooming

Backlog Grooming

Refinements sessions as well as backlog prioritisation was done to minimize ambiguity while increasing clarity. This helped the team to understand the upcoming tasks in the backlog. The grooming sessions also allowed time to reevaluate stories based on new information.

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Wireframe and High Fidelity Prototype

Design Sprint

Design Sprint

During the design sprint process, teams tackled design problems by working with expert insights and testing solutions on users. The design sprint ensured that everyone was on the same page and resulted in a successful collaboration of the team. This process was very streamlined and enabled teams to produce deliverables as well as confirm assumptions regarding users.

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User Usability testing

User Usability testing

Instead of designing based only on assumptions, the designers used data collected from the testing phase. Furthermore, this testing allowed the product teams to find any problems before it reached the end-users. It also helped to identify early bugs which allowed the smoother launch of the app.


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User Invite
Event details
Gift list
Purchased Gift

My Registries or My Wish Lists

  • This section includes the events that the user has hosted and also the “Create New Wishlist” button. Tapping on this button redirects the user to the “Create WishList” screen where the user can create events. WishList simply means special events that users create, aiming to celebrate and entertain among friends by inviting them. Users can create multiple events using this button. The user can also have the option to view event details or archive the old events listed in this section.
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Add Gift from Web Search

  • Add Gift from Web Search:  From the “Add Gift” web search option, users can search for their desired gifts from the web and add them to the wishlist as suggestions for the participants. Users can click on one of the listed web pages and can add the details of the gift or product. The details of the gift or product will be filled in automatically and be displayed on the wishlist.
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Custom Gift Screen

  • Users can add gifts that can be suggestions, helping participants select gifts. This screen describes a gift (Name, Cost, Price, Quantity, Size, and Colour) and where it is available to buy.
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While developing Whitebow Gift Registry, we have learnt that a good User Interface (UI) needs to be explicit and the user must be able to use the app easily without looking at any tutorials. Also, prototyping, as well as testing the mobile app, were equally as important. That is why the testing was done with real customers and feedback was collected to make necessary changes.


Next steps

Next steps

Once the app is launched, it is in the hands of users and feedback will flood in. Therefore, app development does not simply end after it is launched, we will need to evaluate this feedback for future versions. We will also work towards new updates and new features.  We need to make sure to have resources so that we can maintain the app and keep in mind that this is a long-term commitment.