Responsive and Parallax Scrolling: Hottest Trends in Web Design and Development

Responsive and Parallax Scrolling: Hottest Trends in Web Design and Development
michael-signal@2x By Michael Signal August 20th 2013

Responsive design and parallax scrolling are the hottest trends in the industry which drawing attention of every website owners and designers. Responsive design is widely being adapted in the web design and development field but now Parallax effects are also becoming a standard component of every designer’s responsive design toolkit. So, what are these actual and how can you benefit by adapting these technologies.

Responsive Design
Responsive web design refers to the automatic adaptation of the website to the user’s screen size regardless of the type of device it is being browsed on. The layout of the website changes while the content remains the same giving an outstanding user experience on different platforms like desktops, laptops, tablets, or Smartphone’s.

Best responsive web design includes these three technical features media queries, a flexible grid-based layout and flexible images and media. With the varying size and resolution of the desktop and mobile phones introduced in the market, the need of responsive design has been felt greatly.

Parallax Scrolling
It is a design technique that has become more and more popular lately. In simple language, Parallax scrolling creates the appearance of multiple layers of content that move across the screen at different speeds when the user scrolls up or down. When executed well, it creates a really amazing design that produces the feeling of movement and depth. With Parallax scrolling you give your site visitors something that captivate their senses from the very first when they land on your site. Some of the good reasons to use this are:

Engages and Entertains the User
Today’s  web users really want to get involved and entertained. Parallax site looks awesome and it makes visitors to spend more time on your site. When page changes in a dramatic way, users will want to see what happens next, especially when it involves nice animation or surprise, it generates an extra level of interest to the website. It gives the visitor a unique graphical experience which introduce your brand in a better way.

You Get the SEO Advantage too!
It is said to be that Parallax design are not SEO-friendly. But you have a solution for this, separate the content that is important for SEO into individual pages. A winning approach might be a hybrid approach by applying parallax scrolling designs on some pages while using regular designs for text-rich contents. By doing this you can get the effect of parallax scrolling with a great user experience as well as search engine friendly website. Parallax design can show its true colors when applied in multi-page sites.

Guides a Visitor in a Systematic Way
Parallax provides an interesting way to deliver information. The visitors become a part of the screen as the page takes them on a mini journey. It guides a visitor through the content of your page and more important thing is that, users can follow the action at their own pace, scrolling up and down to their desired content.

Better showcase of a product
Parallax effects can be used to show different products or multiple views of a single item allowing you to better showcase what you are selling.

Promote Your Call to Action
With parallax scrolling you can lead your site visitors to call to action.  A call to action, can be anything from a button or link to basic text or a graphic that is designed to guide the visitor to click on it and go ahead to the conversion funnel.

If you have not implemented these new technologies yet, now is the time. Just make sure you consult with a professional to achieve your needs and goals. ebPearls makes every effort to make sure that our clients get a design that is cost effective and meets their goals. Our expert creative team develops a website in such way that your site will display some Parallax effects and still stay Responsive helping your business in the long run. You get a design, which is flexible, interactive, visually pleasing and responding to users’ needs and preferences.

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michael-signal@2x By Michael Signal

Michael is the creative brains of the company and he leads the UX and UI team at EB Pearls. He has experience of over 20 years in interaction design and have designed digital products for Fortune 50 companies all over the world.

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