Startup Secrets: Have You Got What It Takes?

You’ve got the idea, but have you got what it takes? This session explores what you can expect when starting and building your own company. Who else do you need to complement you? Is your vision an idea, a feature, a product or a company? You’ll be able to evaluate whether you’ve got something that’s real enough to invest your life in and whether your experience, knowledge and skills uniquely qualifies you to pursue this opportunity. Guest speakers include Gail Goodman (Constant Contact), Jon Hirschtick (SolidWorks and OnShape), and Stephan Schambach (Demandware).

The Harvard Innovation Lab (i-lab) is an initiative of Harvard University designed to foster entrepreneurship and innovation. It provides resources, support, and programs for students, alumni, and the broader community interested in starting and growing businesses.

“Startup Secrets: Have You Got What It Takes?” suggests a discussion or presentation about entrepreneurship and what it takes to succeed as a startup founder. Such discussions often cover a wide range of topics, including:

  1. Idea Generation: How to come up with innovative and viable business ideas.
  2. Team Building: The importance of assembling a strong and complementary team.
  3. Market Research: Understanding your target market, customer needs, and competition.
  4. Funding: Strategies for raising capital, whether through bootstrapping, venture capital, angel investors, or other means.
  5. Product Development: Turning your idea into a tangible product or service.
  6. Business Model: Defining your revenue model and pricing strategy.
  7. Marketing and Sales: How to attract and retain customers.
  8. Legal and Regulatory Considerations: Addressing legal issues, patents, and compliance.
  9. Scaling: Strategies for growing your business.
  10. Failure and Resilience: How to navigate challenges and setbacks in the entrepreneurial journey.

If you have specific questions or need information on a particular aspect of this topic, please feel free to ask, and I’ll do my best to provide relevant information based on my knowledge up to September 2021.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of potential content for a presentation or discussion titled “Harvard i-lab | Startup Secrets: Have You Got What It Takes?” along with a table of contents:

IntroductionWelcome and Overview of the Session
Importance of Entrepreneurship
The Role of Harvard i-lab
Idea GenerationThe Creative Process
Identifying Market Needs
Brainstorming Techniques
Real-life Success Stories
Building Your TeamTeam Dynamics
Finding Co-founders
Complementary Skill Sets
Hiring and Partnerships
Market ResearchUnderstanding Your Target Audience
Analyzing Market Trends
Competitive Analysis
Tools and Resources
Funding Your StartupBootstrapping vs. External Funding
Venture Capital, Angel Investors, and Crowdfunding
Pitching Your Idea
Funding Strategies for Different Stages
Product DevelopmentPrototyping and MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
Iterative Design and Development
Testing and Feedback
Scaling Your Product
Business ModelDefining Your Revenue Streams
Pricing Strategies
Business Model Canvas
Pivot vs. Persevere