Identifying Areas That Can Impact Your Business With Web Design

Improving User Experience On Your Website
brian By Brian Lam November 19th 2014

While promoting your business online was once optional, it’s now essential to your survival. Establishing a solid web presence is the key to attracting and maintaining your online customer base, but simply having a website is no longer enough. Cutting edge web design and development solutions are what’s needed to stay ahead of your competition and on top of your game, but the key to staying there lies in identifying, and capitalizing on those elements of design which have the greatest impact on your client base, and your business.


First impressions carry incredible weight in a marketplace where customers are free to leave in a split second, with just the click of a mouse. Your website should represent your brand, be visually appealing to your niche market, and instantly differentiate yourself from the competition. Garish colour schemes or hard to read fonts can turn potential clients away, and excessive advertisements or pop-ups are not only annoying, but can also negatively impact your ranking with the top search engines.

Ease of Use

Consistency and clarity are the fundamentals of favourable web design and development. Navigational features such as buttons, links and menus, should be easily identifiable and consistent throughout the site, to help visitors get where they need to go, and access your products or services with ease.


Updating your content with fresh ideas or products will entice your visitors to return, and keep the search engines searching, resulting in higher rankings; adding a blog or news section, and updating or adding relevant content on a consistent basis can help you achieve these goals. Keep up with the latest trends, know who your target market is, and make sure your site continues to meet their needs; if not, rework your design to stay current, or risk getting left behind.


The face of web design and development has been forever altered, with the introduction and increasing popularity, of mobile devices. The number of people that use their smartphones or tablets to access the internet grows each day, and it’s imperative that they not only be able to access your website, but navigate it as well. From a user standpoint, this means capturing the key elements of your site, with touchscreen functionality for ease of use.


The best looking website in the world is useless if no one can find it, and though the race to be number one in the search engine rankings is hard fought, it can be won. Since the algorithm used by these giants is constantly changing, search engine optimisation (SEO) can be tricky, but best practices remain, as the search engines consistently look for:

Performance – Fast, functional, reliable design.
Authenticity – Other, reputable websites linking to yours, or citing it as a reference.
Content – Relevant, accurate, unique content, with titles and text that match the theme of the website.

Keyword stuffing, purchased links and a poor user experience will only hurt your rankings and should be avoided at all costs.

Professional web design and development, is an investment in the future of your online business. EB Pearls is a high performance web agency, that has been helping clients to achieve the success they deserve, for over 10 years. EB Pearls is a full service  agency, that has been helping clients to achieve the success they deserve, for over 10 years.

brian By Brian Lam

Brian is business development manager at EB pearls. He is a web design and user experience expert.

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