How AI is Changing the Future of Web Designing

How AI is Changing the Future of Web Designing

28 May 2019


Renji Yonjan

Web design isn’t easy, but if you’re going to survive in today’s business climate your business needs a website.

You can create it yourself from scratch, but you need extensive experience if you want it to look good. You can create it using a platform like WordPress that makes it easier, but also limits what you can do. Professional web developers give you the most creative possibilities, but they also cost big money.

The future of web designing isn’t with a developer, but with machine learning and artificial intelligence. It’s automation at its finest and the technology is advancing every day.

Website Artificial Intelligence…What Now?

The concept of artificial intelligence is nothing new. It’s been used for years in many applications from stock markets to video games. At its core, artificial learning is the ability for a machine to make its own decisions based on data provided to it.

AI is even used in Google’s algorithm and in constructs like Siri and Alexa.

In the case of websites, machine learning uses the trends and examples of existing websites as well as what you want to create the ideal website. For example, you tell it what you want the site to contain, artificial intelligence chooses a layout, design, etc.

You end up with a fully developed website designed by a computer for your business. Several web platforms such as WIX already adopted artificial intelligence web design and its use is growing.

The Future of Web Designing For Businesses

We’ve talked about the how of AI web development, but not the why. When you hire a web designer, it takes weeks to get a site created with a lot of back and forth between you and the programmer. It costs an arm and a leg, but in return, you get the most customized and branded site available.

Machine learning lets you create a quality website without knowing any code. Even customizable web design platforms like WordPress require some knowledge of HTML to get full functionality. It’s also done much faster than traditional web design because machines process information faster and create websites in a fraction of the time.

These websites will be optimized for sales and business growth.

It’s Only Going to Grow

As artificial intelligence advances, its ability to create more varied websites and possibly develop its own web design trends advances as well. Today, the programming is in its infancy, but the future is bright with possibilities.

There are currently limits to what the AI can do for website creation, but those limits should disappear in the near future. Companies developing AI technology are ready to create the next generation of web design not through web developers, but through machine learning.

Expect the popularity and demand of this easy website creation system to only grow as people tire of the high prices and learning curves associated with traditional web design.

Machine Learning is here to Stay

The future of web designing is with artificial intelligence. It helps you build a website quickly and efficiently without knowing code or spending a lot of money.

If you want to learn more about machine learning and e-commerce, then please explore our site.


Renji is always striving for the best at any given moment, both in and outside of work. Her constantly inspires and motivates her teams so that they grow and improve both professionally and personally.

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