5 Reasons a Flutter App Is the Right Choice for Your Mobile Platform

5 Reasons a Flutter App Is the Right Choice for Your Mobile Platform

28 Sep 2020


Nikesh Maharjan

Since its introduction, Flutter users have witnessed many changes. Today, the Google-powered coding tool is one of the most popular platforms around.

The first version of the Flutter app—codenamed Sky— only ran on the Android operating system. Now, Flutter is a cross-platform powerhouse for Android, Linux, iOS, the web and Windows.

Best of all, the platform works using a single codebase. For these reasons, hundreds of thousands of developers sign up for Flutter every month. What’s more, millions of users use the Flutter software development kit.

To learn five reasons why the Flutter platform is the right choice for your mobile app, read on.

1. Flutter Helps You Keep up With Competitors

Competition in the app development space is fierce. Today, businesses face new obstacles in trying to engage consumers and outperform the competition.

Now, companies leverage mobile apps to connect with and engage their ideal consumers. However, they must move fast to take advantage of opportunities. The right app development platform can help them do just that.

The Flutter app developer platform offers programmers the advantage that they need in this highly competitive space. It’s an ideal mobile app development tool for a range of businesses—from startups to established enterprises. Flutter mobile app development provides programmers with the resources that they need to compete in a lightning-fast marketplace.

Also, Flutter takes the risk out of software development. It supports integration across a range of platforms.

In doing so, it reduces development costs. It also allows companies to develop mobile apps flawlessly. Ultimately, the Flutter app saves companies time and effort.

2. The Flutter App Helps You to Stay on Top of Your Game

Today, companies must develop apps that their consumers love. The user interface and user experience play a critical role in achieving this goal.

Flutter enables coders to create intuitive interfaces that attract the attention of consumers. It’s a robust platform that makes it easier for companies to compete in a tough marketplace.

The Flutter app is a versatile software development kit. It offers programmers a range of features that empower them to create intuitive applications.

For starters, it’s an open-source platform. Programmers can use it free of charge to create a range of applications.

Furthermore, the technology is backed by Google. The company’s innovative technology offers developers a range of features that programmers can use to their advantage.

Accordingly, businesses of all shapes and sizes take advantage of the platform. From social networking to health and fitness, companies across all verticals are taking advantage of Flutter’s seamless workflow.

3. Flutter Is Full of Functionality

Today, time to market is one of the most critical aspects of application development. For programmers, speed matters. The length of time that it takes coders to release a mobile application can make a significant difference in that program’s success or failure.

Flutter speeds the programming process with ready-made widgets. The widgets enable programmers to add nearly any functionality. Furthermore, the customized widgets of Flutter enable coders to deliver native apps with minimum turnaround time.

Resultantly, Flutter enables programmers to create flexible user interfaces with ease. It comes fully loaded with material design architecture. Coders can use this architecture to create expressive interfaces for consumers.

Also, on the consumer-facing side of the code, the program works as a native application. It automatically adapts to various platforms.

You’re not limited to developing an Android app with Flutter. It provides this native performance on both Android and iOS platforms.

You can build an iOS app using Flutter that’s equally as functional as its Android counterpart. To accomplish this remarkable feat, Google compiled the Flutter code as ARM machine code using the Dart compiler.

As a result, Flutter can incorporate features across a range of platforms. These features might include scrolling, navigation and icons.

In effect, the Flutter software development kit enables programmers to create cross-platform apps using a single codebase. This benefit makes programming across platforms more intuitive. Accordingly, Flutter is the preferred development kit of programmers around the world.

Flutter Keeps Getting Better

Today, most consumers access the internet using their smartphones. Accordingly, the world is now a mobile-first marketplace.

However, the mobile app space is fast-moving. Accordingly, programmers must adjust to changes quickly.

Another great benefit of Flutter is its short learning curve. It takes much less time for programmers to become proficient with its functionality compared to other development platforms.

Flutter’s single codebase is what makes it unique. This feature allows you to work across multiple platforms. As a result, Flutter frees programmers from having to write different code for multiple platform use.

When creating a mobile app, all programmers need to do is create a program in Flutter. The platform will do the rest.

4. Flutter App Development Is a Breeze

In case you’re not convinced, the Flutter platform comes with even more great features. For instance, it’s Stateful Hot Reload feature increases daily productivity and speeds up the development process. It also simplifies debugging.

With Stateful Hot Reload, programmers can test their code and check the results without losing their state in the emulator. This feature allows them to step back and forth in the development process further.

Another top benefit of Flutter is its intuitive widgets. Widgets are the foundation of the Flutter platform.

You can use Flutter widgets to create a user interface, a dashboard or any specific function. In Flutter, everything is a widget that you can customize.

Flutter displays widgets in a widget tree. Programmers need only pick a functionality and write code in a respective widget to make it perform as desired.

5. Easy Coding That Won’t Bog You Down

In the past, developers have voiced concern over low code platforms. For instance, many developers worried about erroneous, bloated code. However, these issues aren’t present with Flutter.

Flutter’s nested objects do not influence the final performance and responsiveness of a mobile app. This benefit exists because there are no recursive calls when processing layouts.

For example, imagine that you create an app with plenty of widgets. Intuitively, you would imagine that the widgets would affect your app’s performance.

Flutter, however, allows you to create a user interface of any complexity and style. It also allows you to make use of a healthy dose of widgets.

This benefit ties back to the use of Dart. Dart is an object-oriented, strongly typed language. It checks types matching using algorithms to control the accuracy of your code.

Also, Dart infrastructure includes a garbage collector. Resultantly, there’s no need for programmers to monitor memory usage. Flutter does it automatically.

Getting a Head Start With Flutter

DartPub is key to the functionality of Flutter. Many programmers use DartPub as a package manager. It’s reusable packages and libraries are highly convenient.

It enables programmers to see the popularity of a code. It also allows them to view code health and maintenance.

As a result, it’s a valuable tool in developing custom features. However, seeing that code is readily updated and checked is more important than popularity.

For instance, you may see a library plug-in that’s not that popular. However, if you have unique software features, you might choose that code based on its health.

Libraries are a strong suit of Flutter. However, there’s no magic under the hood.

Even if you were to use an external library, you could maintain full control and the ability to adjust it. This characteristic is especially beneficial for programmers who need to create libraries with custom functions.

Also, Flutter uses the Skia rendering engine. As a result, once you customize functions, the features appear the same as they do in the simulator.

The Skia rendering engine supports Android, iOS, Windows and Ubuntu. Accordingly, your Flutter creation will look identical across all devices.

Trust Your Next Mobile Deployment to Industry Leaders

Now that you know more about the Flutter app, you may still need help getting your mobile initiative off the ground. Fortunately, we’re here to meet your needs.

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At EB Pearls, we’re driven by delivering top-quality results. We work hard to exceed the expectations of our clients. It’s our mission to find creative solutions that will help you to meet your business goals.

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