8 Tips for Marketing Apps with Social Media

8 Tips for Marketing Apps with Social Media

06 Oct 2020


Michael Signal

After working for countless days to create an app that you hope will be a hit in the app store you need to find a great way to advertise it and get as many downloads as possible. It is clear that social media is one of the best ways to market in 2020. 

There are 3.8 billion active people using social media across the planet. 

This means that you will be sure to find your target audience on social media to market your app. You might be wondering what the best ways to market an app on social media are? 

Keep reading for our guide on the top eight tips for marketing apps with social media. 

1. Locate Your Target Audience

When you’re just starting out marketing your app on social media you need to figure out what platform your target audience is going to be on. Do you already understand who your target audience is? If not, then you’re going to need to ask yourself and your team a few questions to figure out who your app is meant to target. 

What type of person are you trying to reach when you created your app? What problem were you trying to solve with your app? What age range is the person using your app in? 

Lastly, ask yourself what social media platform the person using your app is going to be frequenting? This will be the most important question when trying to market your app on social media. 

For example, advertising with Facebook is going to be for apps that are targeting an older demographic. A study showed that 68% of people between the age of 50 and 64 use Facebook, meaning this is a great place to market your app if this is your target audience. 

If you’re trying to advertise to the younger generation, then you have many more options when choosing which social media platforms to market on. Younger generations tend to use more social media apps and websites, so you might want to advertise on a variety of platforms to truly find your target audience. 

2. Define Your Social Media Personality

Once you’ve figured out what platforms your target audience are on, you need to decide what type of personality they are going to mesh with. As a brand on social media, your personality is important as it is what will help you to stand out amongst your competition. You will want to have a consistent persona across all platforms, especially if you will be using multiple social media sites. 

Defining your personality might take some time and will be difficult if you’re going to have multiple people posting on your social media accounts. 

Some brands have found success in having a sense of humor or being sarcastic when posting on social media. For example, brands that are targeting audiences such as millennials or generation Z, are more sarcastic because sarcasm appeals to those two generations more.  

On the other hand, if your app is targeting an older generation, then you may want to be more professional across your social media accounts because this is what that generation likes on the internet.  

Overall, you want to make sure that your brand is consistent on each social media platform as this will help your followers build a relationship with your company. 

3. Content Marketing Is Effective

Whether you’re marketing with Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, or any other social media platform you need to make sure that you’re producing content that your target audience is going to be attracted to. Content marketing is a great way to get the word out about your app without directly making an advertisement for it. 

You can create blog posts, photos, and videos when making effective content that your followers will be drawn to. Be sure to get creative with the content that you create so that potential followers will be engaged with your content and want to follow for more. 

Another reason to make entertaining content is that your followers will want to share it with their followers. When you make shareable content, then this is a free way to help promote yourself. Your followers can help you to get the word out there about your social media and your app through sharing your content.

One thing that you should include when producing content for your social media is a call to action or CTA. A clear CTA will help to get your followers involved within your social media as well as interested in your app. Let them know to follow you on all of your social media accounts and where they can download your app in your CTA. 

4. Don’t Forget to Be Consistent

One thing about posting on social media is that you need to remember to be consistent with what you post and when you post. Potential followers aren’t going to follow an account that rarely posts any interesting content. 

Creating a posting schedule is a great way to help advertise your app on social media. Whether it is posting on certain days of the week or certain times during the day you’re going to need a posting schedule so that you can keep up with each of your social media accounts. 

Another way to be consistent on social media is to make sure that you communicate with customers through the platform. When you launch your app people are going to be excited. Whether they’re raving about the app, have questions, comments, or concerns they may reach out to you via social media.

Make sure that you take the time to respond to customers who reach out to you. Whether it is through your main page or direct message it is important to respond and engage with people. Plus, responding to customers is a great way to build a relationship with them. 

5. Get Your Followers Involved

When developing an app you probably think a lot about the people who are going to be using it, so during the marketing process, you should make sure to get those people involved. User-generated content is a great way to use your customers to help you market your app! 

When we say user-generated content we mean a regular person who is talking about your app on social media. More than likely they’re showing off how much they’re enjoying it and they want other people to enjoy the app as well! Whether it is just a photo they’ve posted on their Instagram feed, a tweet where they’re mentioning the app, or even a video that they’re talking about using your app. 

The question is how do you get user-generated content? 

One of the best ways to get user-generated content is to run a contest. Encourage your followers to post about your app on social media and use a special hashtag so that you will see the post. That way all of their followers will see their post about your app as well and will be interested in checking out what it’s all about. 

The prize doesn’t have to be too outrageous but can be something that will encourage people to participate. Be sure to list all of the contest rules in your original post.

Lastly, getting user-generated content organically without a contest to influence your followers is also smart and shows authenticity. You can repost their post on your social media as a thank you and this may influence others to make a post of their own! 

6. Video Marketing Is Huge

Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine right behind Google? It is an awesome social media platform that you shouldn’t overlook when trying to market your app as well! 

There are plenty of different kinds of videos you can make when advertising and looking to gain subscribers on YouTube. Whether you want to do product reviews, sit down videos, go behind the scenes, or even vlog. 

Figuring out what types of videos your target audience is interested in is the best place to start when making content for YouTube. 

There are also a few things that you need to remember when making content for YouTube. As we mentioned earlier, YouTube is a search engine which means that you need to optimize your content! Make sure that your titles, descriptions, and tagged words are all keywords that potential app users would search on YouTube. 

Just like creating content for other social media platforms, you should make sure that you’re including a clear CTA. Let your subscribers know exactly where, how, and when they can download your app. Most YouTubers will include a CTA at the end of their video, but you could put it in the middle or even the beginning to make sure that your viewer knows exactly what you want them to do.  

7. Use Social Media Influencers

Influencer marketing is a huge part of social media that you cannot ignore when you create an app and are trying to reach your target audience. Social media influencers are people who have a large following on certain platforms. When they make posts about certain products or apps, then their followers will usually flock to it and want to check it out as well. 

If you’ve worked with a social media influencer in the past and were successful, then it would be best to reach out to them again and see if they want to work with you on your new app. 

On the other hand, finding a social media influencer to promote your app doesn’t need to be a difficult process. Look for influencers that fit with your target audience and have the same values as you do.

If your target audience is a stay at home mom, then you may want to find an influencer who is also a stay at home mom. Yet, your app might be geared more towards teenagers so you will want to find a social media influencer that is a teenager and can market towards other teenagers. 

8. Don’t Slack on Engagement

Engaging with your followers on social media can also really help to promote your app as well as to build a relationship with the people who follow you. You might be wondering what are the best ways to create engagement on social media? 

Instagram has awesome features that let you communicate better with your followers. You can post a poll to ask your followers questions, open a comment box on your stories, or even give them a quiz to get some feedback. This is a great way to get to know your followers more especially if you want advice about your app or just want to know their opinion. 

Overall, you should make sure that you’re responding to comments, liking comments, or even retweeting things from your followers. This is an awesome way to build your engagement as well as help to improve your relationship with the people who follow you.

Seeing your engagement is a fun way to track how many people pay attention or interact with you on social media on a daily basis.

Having a higher engagement on social media is also a great way to attract even more followers to your accounts. This can help them see your app and get you even more downloads. Certain social media platforms will push content higher on trending pages when the engagement is higher because it will seem like a post that other people will enjoy. 

Getting higher engagement on your social media posts is the number one reason why you should make sure that you’re posting content that is interesting and something that people will want to comment on, like, favorite, share, or even retweet.

Have Fun Marketing Apps With Social Media

Marketing your app with social media can definitely help you reach your target audience. Take the time to figure out what kind of content your target audience is interested in and find the best ways to connect with them. 

When using these tips you will definitely see a difference when using social media to market your app. 

Do you have an idea for an app but aren’t exactly sure how to execute it? We can work with you to build a cutting edge app for Andriod and iPhone. Be sure to book a free consultation with us today! 


Michael is the creative brains of the company and he leads the UX and UI team at EB Pearls. He has experience of over 20 years in interaction design and have designed digital products for Fortune 50 companies all over the world.

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