Diolog: Empowering Investors and Companies to Connect

Learn how EB Pearls and Diolog worked together in this software development project to create an enterprise app that empowers investors with event notifications and companies with better insights, fostering transparent and engaging relationships.

Technology Used

Flutter Flutter
Nodejs NodeJS
Reactjs Development ReactJS
Mongodb MongoDB
Flutter Bloc Flutter Bloc
Dart Programming Language Dart
Graphql GraphQL
Amazon Lamda AWS lambda
Nextjs NextJS
Icon Sonarqube SonarQube

The Client

Diolog is an Australian-based two-way communication app that aims to provide a platform for better communication between investors and companies.


The main challenges of this project were ensuring a smooth and intuitive user experience through careful planning and iteration, and thoroughly researching and considering project objectives, target audience, competitors, and budget.

Eb Pearls

Our Solution

Icon For User

Enhanced Investor Communication

We designed the app to provide investors with event notifications and crucial news, fostering a direct and seamless communication channel with the company’s board of executives.

Icon For Scalability

Investor Query Management

Diolog enabled companies to respond to investor queries, facilitating a better understanding of their concerns and strengthening relationships.

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User-Friendly Interface

We developed an intuitive user flow diagram over three weeks, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient app experience for both investors and companies.

Our role in the project


The Result

Diolog’s app revolutionised the investor-company relationship, allowing investors to communicate directly with executives and gain insights into decision-making processes. Companies, in turn, enhanced their understanding of investor needs, fostering transparency and trust.

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