Creating a Seamless Website for Adult Vaping Products: Wild by Instinct

In this case study, we explore how our team collaborated with Wild by Instinct, an innovative retail company, to design and develop a seamless website for their adult vaping products. EB Pearls helped Wild by Instinct to reset the narrative on adult vaping and create a platform that assists customers in transitioning away from nicotine addiction. Discover our approach, the challenges faced, and the key features implemented to achieve a successful outcome in this case study.

Technology Used

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Understanding the Client:

Wild by Instinct is a pioneering retail company committed to offering adult vaping products that provide a similar experience to smoking while minimizing emissions. They aim to reset the narrative on adult vaping and help customers transition away from nicotine addiction. Our team sought to understand their mission, target audience, and legal requirements specific to New Zealand, where they intended to launch their website.

Our Approach:

To achieve Wild by Instinct’s goals, we followed a structured approach encompassing user experience research, innovative design concepts, and meticulous development. We collaborated closely with the client to align our strategies with their vision and ensure a seamless implementation.

The Challenge:

The main challenge was to design a website that would cater to New Zealand customers, comply with legal regulations, and provide comprehensive product information. We had to address user concerns about finding relevant details, such as pricing, nicotine concentration, and any associated chemicals. Additionally, we needed to create a responsive design that would adapt to various devices and screen sizes.

Responsive Design:

To meet the needs of Wild by Instinct’s diverse customer base, we prioritized responsive design. Our team meticulously crafted a website that offered a consistent and optimized experience across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. By leveraging the latest web technologies and frameworks, we ensured that users could access the website seamlessly, regardless of the device they used.

Wild By Instinct - Shopify Expert Developers Eb Pearls

Key Features

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Detailed Product Information

We implemented a comprehensive product information section, enabling users to access details such as price, nicotine percentage, and any relevant chemicals associated with each product. This empowered customers to make informed decisions.

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Compliance and Regulatory Standards

Wild by Instinct’s dedication to safety and compliance influenced our development decisions. We ensured that the website met the strictest compliance and regulatory standards, setting a benchmark for the industry.

Our role in the project

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Wild By Instict

The Outcome:

The outcome of our collaboration with Wild by Instinct was a successful website launch, meeting the client’s objectives of providing a seamless user experience and resetting the narrative on adult vaping. The responsive design allowed users to access the website from any device, while the detailed product information section addressed their concerns. By adhering to compliance and regulatory standards, we established Wild by Instinct as a trusted brand in the market.

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