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  • We can develop a strong visual brand identity that your consumers will instantly recognize and relate to.
  • A complete brand strategy covering all touchpoints (both traditional and social media)
  • Logo design, usage guidelines in different backgrounds and situations
  • Colour palette, icon library, illustration library, image tone definition
  • Typography, font and font-weight definition

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Full Brand Strategy, Implementation and Management

Our brand experts at EB Pearls can develop and nurture a consistent brand presence, engaging your consumers at a deep emotional level as a full-service national and Sydney branding agency. We may provide you with the entire range of expert branding services – including strategy, naming, design, and ongoing brand management – in a package to fit you.

Need to get your brand identity on track?

Ready to begin with your branding identity transformation? As a leading Australian branding agency we’re looking forward to showing you how we can help your business soar.

Want to get noticed online?

EB Pearls are not just a digital agency – we’re here to support you for the long run, from website design to eCommerce, mobile apps, and beyond. Think of us as your technology partner for ongoing business success. Whether your business is a technology or you need technology for your business, we design solutions to get the most out of your business.

Law Society Of Nsw Journal Website Redesign: Enhancing Readership And Brand Awareness

Law Society of NSW Journal Website Redesign: Enhancing Readership and Brand Awareness

The Law Society of New South Wales (LSNSW) recognized the need for a modern and engaging online presence to enhance readership and increase brand awareness for their flagship publication, the LSNSW Journal. In collaboration with EB Pearls, a leading web and mobile app development company, LSNSW embarked on a website redesign project aimed at transforming the LSNSW Journal website into a dynamic platform that would cater to the needs of legal professionals and the wider community.


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Outcomex Case Study: A Successful Rebranding And Redesign Project

Outcomex Case Study: A Successful Rebranding and Redesign Project

Explore the inspiring case study of Outcomex’s successful rebranding project, where they effectively revitalized their brand identity. Discover how this strategic initiative enabled Outcomex to enhance their market position and drive growth.

Corporate, Information Technology, Logistics

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Revitalizing The Website And Introducing Hn Hub: Enhancing Holley Nethercote'S Online Presence

Revitalizing the Website and Introducing HN Hub: Enhancing Holley Nethercote’s Online Presence

Dive into the case study to learn how EB Pearls transformed Holley Nethercote’s outdated website into a modern platform. Explore the development of HN Hub, which provides enhanced user experience and a wealth of valuable legal resources. Discover the key features implemented during the project and the impressive outcome achieved.


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Kapstream Capital: Elevating Client Experience Through A Website Transformation

Kapstream Capital: Elevating Client Experience through a Website Transformation

Witness the transformative collaboration between Kapstream Capital and EB Pearls as they revolutionize the company’s website, achieving an elevated client experience through a visually stunning and modern design, coupled with an extensive range of responsive features.

Corporate, Finance

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Revolutionising Freight Management: Mondiale Vgl'S Success Story

Revolutionising Freight Management: Mondiale VGL’s Success Story

Explore how Mondiale VGL, one of Australia’s leading freight management companies, has come to harness the power of a headless WordPress solution we’ve built with Next.js and React.js.

Corporate, Logistics

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Empowering First-Time House Buyers With Coposit

Empowering First-Time House Buyers With Coposit

Discover how Coposit’s solution opens doors for countless aspiring first-home buyers and future homeowners. Keep reading to learn how we worked together to build a mobile app that transforms the way people buy properties.

Marketplace, Property Tech, SAAS

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The Parpera Mobile App: Breaking Barriers In Peer-To-Peer Lending

The Parpera Mobile App: Breaking Barriers in Peer-to-Peer Lending

This case study spotlights our expertise in crafting cutting-edge mobile apps tailored for the financial industry. The collaboration with Parpera showcases the challenges we encountered during the development process and how we overcame them, including technological integrations and ensuring compliance with Australian financial regulations.

Corporate, Legal, Marketplace

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The Parpera Mobile App: Breaking Barriers In Peer-To-Peer Lending Empowering First-Time House Buyers With Coposit Revolutionising Freight Management: Mondiale Vgl'S Success Story Kapstream Capital: Elevating Client Experience Through A Website Transformation Revitalizing The Website And Introducing Hn Hub: Enhancing Holley Nethercote'S Online Presence Outcomex Case Study: A Successful Rebranding And Redesign Project Law Society Of Nsw Journal Website Redesign: Enhancing Readership And Brand Awareness

Work With EB Pearls Award-Winning Team

We’re proud to say EB Pearls is the most experienced and largest Mobile App Development Team in Australia. With 320+ in-house web and mobile app developers, we have been producing award-winning mobile apps for your startups and businesses.

Michael Signal

Michael Signal

Creative Director

Michael is the creative brains of the company and he leads the UX and UI team at EB Pearls. He has experience of over 15 years in interaction design and has designed digital products for 1200+ companies all over the world.

Barsha Pant

Barsha Pant

Account Manager

Turning complex ideas into tangible success is Barsha’s forte. With a demonstrated history of managing diverse projects, she brings strategic planning, meticulous execution, and collaborative leadership to the table. She is well adapted at fostering cross-functional teamwork and stakeholder alignment and has a global perspective enriched by managing projects across cultures and industries.

Sonika Jha

Sonika Jha

Senior Project Manager

Sonika drives EB Pearls project process, ensuring compliance from all levels. She is a capable manager with an extensive experience in managing people within the projects. She is a planner, a strategist, and an expert leader.

Laxmi Hari Nepal

Laxmi Hari Nepal

Agile Coach

Laxmi Hari leads the Agile transformation in our organization, creating a culture that embraces agile practices. He trains and coaches our employees to adopt agile methodologies, instill agile values, and develop an agile mindset, resulting in improved performance.

Binisha Sharma

Binisha Sharma

Account Manager

Serving as the lead point of contact for all customer management matters, Binisha focuses on fostering a talented and innovative team of design. She acts as client advocate and works with teams to ensure that client needs are understood and satisfied to help improve the overall customer experience.

Nilam Shakya

Nilam Shakya

Tech Lead (Webservice)

Nilam is a leader within the web service space. Nilam is constantly up for a new challenge. He always engages in the improvement of the software development process to deliver high quality output to the client. His strong beliefs stem from continuous learning, so he and his team grow exponentially.

What our clients say
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We’re very happy with the results of EB Pearls’ work. Since its launch, the app has had over 7,000 downloads, with around 6,000 users completing the signup process in the first 6 weeks.

Giuseppe Saffioti
Giuseppe Saffioti, —Co-Founder, Intro Dating App

Why team up with EB Pearls?

During the mobile app development, there are 3 main aspects to focus on:


Huge Branding Experience

Creating and managing successful brand identities since 2004, we’re a highly creative agency backed by a solid wealth of experience and know-how. Hundreds of happy clients can attest to our brand design and strategy brilliance – we’d love you to be the next.


International Team Backing

Our large international branding teams means we can collaborate with a sizable pool of highly talented branding strategists, designers and managers, across a wide range of industries. We guarantee global best branding practice and design, always.


Flexibility and Customisation

Whether you’re after consistent branding for individual projects, company branding or rebranding, or even brand architecture across your corporate stable, we’ll design the ideal custom branding package for you.


Established standards

Our branding consultants and graphic design teams’ brilliance is always guided by our best practice guidelines, procedures and documentation. Your brand strategy, design and management is backed by our strict QA processes.


Everything you need in-house

From websites to online advertising , from logos to packaging design, we handle every aspect of your branding process. Seamlessly and collaboratively, with optimal creativity, know-how and attention to detail.


Cost Effectiveness

At EB Pearls, our large team of brand strategists, graphic designers and managers are in-house, not outsourced. And with our cost effective team structure and one-on-one service, you always know exactly who you’re dealing with.

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