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Property Tech App Development
Empowering First-Time House Buyers With Coposit

Empowering First-Time House Buyers With Coposit

Discover how Coposit’s solution opens doors for countless aspiring first-home buyers and future homeowners. Keep reading to learn how we worked together to build a mobile app that transforms the way people buy properties.

Marketplace, Property Tech, SAAS

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Empowering Hemisphere Constructions: Mobile App Development For Project And Task Management

Empowering Hemisphere Constructions: Mobile App Development for Project and Task Management

Delve into how EB Pearls successfully collaborated with Hemisphere Constructions, a prominent player in the construction industry, to streamline their project and task management processes through a custom mobile app. With a focus on enhancing efficiency and communication, this case study highlights the challenges faced, our approach to addressing them, key features implemented, and the successful outcome achieved.

Corporate, Logistics, Marketplace, Property Tech

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Conveyonline - Streamlining Conveyancing Services Through Online Innovation

Conveyonline – Streamlining Conveyancing Services through Online Innovation

Learn about the successful partnership between Conveyonline and EB Pearls, where the conveyancing firm underwent a rebranding and collaborated to develop a client portal. This endeavor led to the creation of affordable, high-quality, and convenient online services for clients

Property Tech, SAAS

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Nexus Audit App To Improve Pump Auditing

Nexus Audit App to Improve Pump Auditing

By harnessing the power of mobile apps, All Pumps in collaboration with EB Pearls aimed to streamline their installation and maintenance services, boost efficiency, and enhance the overall customer experience.


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Nexus Audit App To Improve Pump Auditing Conveyonline - Streamlining Conveyancing Services Through Online Innovation Empowering Hemisphere Constructions: Mobile App Development For Project And Task Management Empowering First-Time House Buyers With Coposit

Work With EB Pearls Award-Winning Team

We’re proud to say EB Pearls is the most experienced and largest Mobile App Development Team in Australia. With 320+ in-house web and mobile app developers, we have been producing award-winning mobile apps for your startups and businesses.

Bikash Maharjan

Bikash Maharjan

Engineering Manager

Bikash is a torchbearer of excellence at EB Pearls who does not compromise in the quality and timeliness in his projects. He is technically sound and ensures that our people are adept in relevant technologies.

Barsha Pant

Barsha Pant

Account Manager

Turning complex ideas into tangible success is Barsha’s forte. With a demonstrated history of managing diverse projects, she brings strategic planning, meticulous execution, and collaborative leadership to the table. She is well adapted at fostering cross-functional teamwork and stakeholder alignment and has a global perspective enriched by managing projects across cultures and industries.

Nikesh Maharjan

Nikesh Maharjan

Senior Engineering Manager

Nikesh is the leader of our technical revolution who guides us to meet our clients expectation with high efficiency. He keeps our company updated with latest technologies and makes us ready for what future technologies have to offer.

Binisha Sharma

Binisha Sharma

Account Manager

Serving as the lead point of contact for all customer management matters, Binisha focuses on fostering a talented and innovative team of design. She acts as client advocate and works with teams to ensure that client needs are understood and satisfied to help improve the overall customer experience.

Pradeep Bista

Pradeep Bista

Associate Engineering Manager

Pradeep has strong aspirations, and he’ll achieve them. His expertise as engineering manager is something to aspire to. His focus on ensuring that customers get the best in class service for their products is always a key priority, but most importantly is ensuring that his team can do so. His willingness to support and help his team whilst ensuring the growth of all under his wing strive to become the best.

Sonika Jha

Sonika Jha

Senior Project Manager

Sonika drives EB Pearls project process, ensuring compliance from all levels. She is a capable manager with an extensive experience in managing people within the projects. She is a planner, a strategist, and an expert leader.

What we offer?

Your business idea is 100% protected with EB Pearls

Icon Nda

EB Pearls take confidentiality with utmost priority and you are protected by the global Non-Disclosure Agreement for your business idea.

*Non-Disclosure Agreement is a legal document that protects your idea

Proven Success in the Real Estate Industry

Benefit from our extensive track record of success in real estate app development, supported by industry leaders. Our deep industry knowledge and meticulous UX process ensure exceptional results.

  • Google’s Design Sprint Methodology
  • Partnership with Industry Integrators
  • Design and Technology Research
  • UX Strategies for Long-Term Results

How can we help you?

As a full-service agency, we go above and above to assist you in successfully launching your dating app concept. We draw on over 12 years of expertise to provide you with everything you need to expand your business.

Build A New Dating App With Us

Build a new dating app with us

Do you have a new dating app idea? Do you have the vision to create the next big thing?

We guide and deliver across your product lifecycle, from idea to MVP to success at scale.

App Augmentation

Hire your dedicated team

Do you need a team to design, develop and scale your vision?

We scope your needs and handpick your dedicated team to develop and deliver your dating app.

Hire A Dedicated App Development Team

Augment your existing team

Do you need extra capacity to execute your product roadmap?

We provide people with the right skills and knowledge to work alongside your team.

Our Signature PropTech App Development Approach

Icons Partnership

Collaborative Partnership for Long-Term Success

Experience a collaborative approach to dating app development. We work closely with your team, adapting to your needs for a seamless and productive partnership.

Icon Communication

Transparent Communication for Effective Collaboration

Transparency is at the heart of our process. Gain direct access to our project management tools and enjoy proactive communication for a smooth and transparent collaboration.

Specific Feature Development

Agile and Flexible Approach for Rapid Results

With expertise in Agile methodologies, we work in weekly sprints to deliver fast and tangible outcomes. We adapt the project roadmap to align with your evolving objectives efficiently.

Our PropTech Industry Expertise


Property Search & Discovery

Enhance the property search experience with advanced filtering options, interactive maps, and personalized recommendations, helping users find their ideal properties effortlessly.


Property Management Solutions

Streamline property management processes with features like tenant management, lease agreements, rental payment systems, and maintenance requests, simplifying operations for property owners and tenants.


Real Estate Investment Tools

Provide investors with data-driven insights, property analytics, and financial calculators to make informed decisions, empowering them to navigate the real estate market effectively.


Virtual Property Tours

Offer immersive virtual tours of properties, allowing users to explore spaces remotely and make informed decisions without physical visits, saving time and effort for both buyers and sellers.

Overcoming Dating App Development Challenges

Icons Quality Assurance

Regulatory Compliance

We help you navigate complex international regulations in the dating industry, ensuring your app meets all legal requirements seamlessly.

Icons Complex Workflow

Streamlined Workflows for Enhanced User Experience

We’re here to simplify intricate dating processes, making them intuitive and user-friendly for individuals with varying digital literacy levels. Benefit from our expertise in dating app UI design.

Icon Nda

Data Privacy & Security as Top Priorities

With mobile app development for dating, safeguard sensitive user data. Rely on our expertise in data security to build trust and assure users of their privacy.

Icons Interoperability

Interoperability for Seamless Functionality

We make sure your dating app operates seamlessly across different devices and platforms, offering a consistent and responsive experience for all users.

From MVP to successful digital product

Since 2008, EB Pearls has been helping Healthcare startups & SMEs to launch, raise funds and succeed at every step of the way, from idea discovery & strategy to the final digital product.



Market Research

User interviews

User Persona

Empathy Mapping

Competitor Analysis

Value Proposition Canvas

Business Model Canvas

Ux & Ui Design Yellow

UX & UI Design

User Interview

Stakeholder workshop


Low-fi Prototyping

User testing

UI Design

Hi-fi Prototyping

Usability testing

Development Yellow


iOS App Development

Android App Development

Flutter App Development

NodeJS Development

ReactJS Development

Microservices architecture

Dev Ops

Quality assurance

Launch Yellow


App Store Submission

App store optimisation

App Security

Load testing

DevOps Monitoring

Analytics set up

Scale Yellow


Analytics and Review


Product Enhancement

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