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Dating App Development
Transforming Online Connections: Intro'S Dating App Success

Transforming Online Connections: Intro’s Dating App Success

Discover how Intro, the revolutionary dating app, combines the engaging features of TikTok and Tinder to transform the way people connect online. See how our solution enabled them to revolutionise the dating industry and secure further funding.

Online dating

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Rethinking Pet Social Interactions: The Success Of Social Media App, Baxta

Rethinking Pet Social Interactions: The Success of Social Media App, Baxta

Baxta is a game-changing social networking app catering to the unique needs of owners and their furry companions. Discover how our expert mobile app developers transformed the vision of Baxta into a reality, building a feature-rich platform across multiple platforms and mobile devices

Event Management, Marketplace, SAAS

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Rethinking Pet Social Interactions: The Success Of Social Media App, Baxta Transforming Online Connections: Intro'S Dating App Success

Work With EB Pearls Award-Winning Team

We’re proud to say EB Pearls is the most experienced and largest Mobile App Development Team in Australia. With 320+ in-house web and mobile app developers, we have been producing award-winning mobile apps for your startups and businesses.

Akash Shakya

Akash Shakya

Director, Australia

Coming from distributed computing background, Akash manages the Sydney operations. He is highly technical yet very business focused and is always driven to create successful business products for our clients.

Nabin Shrestha

Nabin Shrestha

Associate Engineering Manager

Nabin is an excellent leader and mentor for his team. His keenness to drives the teams to produce high level quality code for the development of projects. His skills enable him to lead an efficient development team with his extensive knowledge that he has gained over the years.

Nilam Shakya

Nilam Shakya

Tech Lead (Webservice)

Nilam is a leader within the web service space. Nilam is constantly up for a new challenge. He always engages in the improvement of the software development process to deliver high quality output to the client. His strong beliefs stem from continuous learning, so he and his team grow exponentially.

Renji Yonjan

Renji Yonjan

Project Manager

Renji is always striving for the best at any given moment, both in and outside of work. Her constantly inspires and motivates her teams so that they grow and improve both professionally and personally.

Prajeet Naga

Prajeet Naga

Engineering Manager

Prajeet aims to be the next best engineering manager and product owner. His key goal is optimisation so that he can share his knowledge with his team to create the best efficiency. His strong aptitude in providing excellent supervision, technical and non-technical guidance to the development teams only mean that they will succeed in providing the best solutions.

What we offer?

Your business Dating App Development Idea is 100% protected with EB Pearls

Icon Nda

EB Pearls take confidentiality with utmost priority and you are protected by the global Non-Disclosure Agreement for your business idea.

*Non-Disclosure Agreement is a legal document that protects your idea

Proven success in dating industry

Our track record of success in dating app development, backed by industry leaders, is a result of our deep industry knowledge and meticulous UX process.

  • Google’s Design Sprint Methodology
  • Industry Partnership with Integrators
  • Design and Technology Research
  • UX Strategies for Lasting Connections
Dating App Development Sydney

How can we help you?

As a full-service app design agency in Sydney (working with clients worldwide), we go that extra mile to help make your next big app idea a big business success.

Build A New Dating App With Us

Build a new dating app with us

Do you have a new dating app idea? Do you have the vision to create the next big thing?

We guide and deliver across your product lifecycle, from idea to MVP to success at scale.

Team Engagement

Hire your dedicated team

Do you need a team to design, develop and scale your vision?

We scope your needs and handpick your dedicated team to develop and deliver your dating app.

App Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Do you need extra capacity to execute your product roadmap?

We provide people with the right skills and knowledge to work alongside your team.

EB Pearls’s Signature Dating Design Approach

Icons Partnership

Your Long-Term Trusted Partner

We believe collaboration is essential for successful dating app development. Our team closely collaborates with you and your in-house team, adapting to your needs and goals for a seamless working relationship.

Icon Communication

Transparency & Proactive Communication

We prioritise transparency, providing direct access to our project management tools for clear visibility, and we value timely client feedback to enhance our partnership and make sure your vision becomes reality.

Specific Feature Development

Agile and Flexible Approach

With expertise in Agile methodologies, we work in weekly sprints, delivering rapid results. We seamlessly adapt the project roadmap to align with your evolving objectives, ensuring flexibility and efficiency

Our Dating Industry Expertise


Connections & Matchmaking

Create meaningful connections with user-centric design, transforming your audience into loyal users of your dating platform.

Icons Lesbian

Tailored Dating Experiences

Empower users to explore niche interests with customized dating experiences, capturing their attention and fostering genuine connections.


Enhanced Privacy & Security

Ensure data privacy and build trust with robust security measures in your dating app, safeguarding user information and promoting a secure environment.


Ensuring Mental Wellbeing

Support users’ mental well-being with empathetic and intuitive apps, offering a safe space for emotional connections and providing resources for mental health support.

Helping You Overcome Dating App Development Challenges

Icons Quality Assurance

Regulatory Compliance

Navigate the complexities of international regulations in the dating industry to ensure your product meets all legal requirements.

Icons Complex Workflow

Streamlined Workflows

Simplify intricate dating processes, making them intuitive and user-friendly for individuals of varying digital literacy levels, leveraging our expertise in dating app UI design.

Icon Nda

Data Privacy & Security

With mobile app development for dating, prioritise protecting sensitive user data. Utilise our expertise in data security to build trust and reassure users of their privacy.

Icons Interoperability


Ensure your dating site and app function seamlessly on any mobile device and platform, providing a responsive and consistent experience for all users.

Get a FREE 1-hour consultation to get your app started

We are the market’s leaders in mobile application development in Australia. Our app developers will work with you to create a cutting-edge mobile app solution that will set you apart, whether you’re a business looking to innovate or a startup ready to disrupt the market.

From MVP to successful digital product

Since 2008, EB Pearls has been helping Healthcare startups & SMEs to launch, raise funds and succeed at every step of the way, from idea discovery & strategy to the final digital product.



Market Research

User interviews

User Persona

Empathy Mapping

Competitor Analysis

Value Proposition Canvas

Business Model Canvas


UX & UI Design

User Interview

Stakeholder workshop


Low-fi Prototyping

User testing

UI Design

Hi-fi Prototyping

Usability testing



iOS App Development

Android App Development

Flutter App Development

NodeJS Development

ReactJS Development

Microservices architecture

Dev Ops

Quality assurance



App Store Submission

App store optimisation

App Security

Load testing

DevOps Monitoring

Analytics set up



Analytics and Review


Product Enhancement

Our Dating App design & development works have contributed to our client`s success

What our clients say
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We’re very happy with the results of EB Pearls’ work. Since its launch, the app has had over 7,000 downloads, with around 6,000 users completing the signup process in the first 6 weeks.

Giuseppe Saffioti
Giuseppe Saffioti, —Co-Founder, Intro Dating App

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build a dating app for multiple platforms like iOS and Android?

The development timeline for a mobile dating app varies based on complexity and desired features. Typically, it takes several months to create a feature-rich and high-performing app.

Can you integrate advanced features into our mobile dating app?

Yes, our experienced mobile app developers can seamlessly integrate advanced features commonly used in other dating apps, such as chat functionality, location-based services, matching algorithms, and social media integration into your dating app, providing users with a seamless and engaging experience.

Do you provide ongoing maintenance and updates for mobile dating apps?

Yes, we offer comprehensive support and maintenance services to ensure your dating app remains up-to-date and performs optimally. Our team handles technical issues, implements updates, and provides timely support to keep your app running smoothly.

What is the cost of building a high-quality dating app?

The cost of mobile app development depends on various factors, including complexity, features, and development hours. We provide tailored pricing based on your specific requirements, ensuring transparency and delivering value for your investment. Contact us for a detailed quote.

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