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As a leading Sydney PPC agency in Google AdWords campaigns, EB Pearls will put you on the fast track to online lead and sales success. We guarantee you highly skilled, targeted pay per click services that truly connect with your interested and sales-ready customers, whatever your industry and conversion goals.

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We’ve generated a huge boost in traffic and conversions of some of Australia’s leading small businesses and big corporations with our fine-tuned, highly customised PPC marketing services.


Comprehensive PPC packages that deliver

At EB Pearls our savvy specialists leave no chance to ensure the success of your Google AdWords campaign. Here’s a further breakdown of our approach and services:

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We focus on your optimal keywords

At EB Pearls we always work with you to target your most profitable keyword list for your particular business, zeroing in on your top 20% of performers.

Our preliminary precision market analysis ensures you a winning campaign design before you even launch your ad. And throughout your campaign we refine your keywords, create added groups, target new prospects and rotate ad copy – continually optimising for maximum ROI.

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Find out how we work our AdWords magic

Not sure where to start? We handle everything – meticulously, comprehensively, and with a know-how that comes from running hundreds of PPC marketing campaigns. Right from our initial consultation through to the demonstrable achievement of your goals, we’re focused firmly on your success.


On-boarding, site review

  • Baseline PPC audit and report
  • Website audit
  • Keyword research, analysis and selection
Ux & Ui Design Yellow

Strategy development

  • Develop PPC strategy
  • Develop landing page optimisation strategy
  • Develop Ads strategy
  • Create PPC strategy brief
Development Yellow

Campaign Set up

  • Ad Campaign Setup
  • Branding Campaign Setup
  • Remarketing Campaign Setup
  • Prepare Ads copywriting
  • Conversion Set up
Launch Yellow

Campaign Launch

  • Google Reps verification
  • Budget validation
  • Campaign launch
Scale Yellow

Monthly PPC maintenance and updates

  • Monthly PPC audit and key metrics report
  • Monitor and fine-tune bid strategy
  • Continue executing landing page optimisation strategy
  • Continue executing Ads strategy

Let’s Go

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Keywords Research

We start with an initial consultation meeting to discuss your product/service, clients, industry, competition, and more. After this meeting, will use industry standards tools available to uncover which keywords will perform the best for your campaign and determine exactly which terms and phrases your customers are searching for.

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Landing Pages

Optimizing landing pages is a key part of a successful digital campaign that is too often overlooked. We provide valuable feedback on the structure and content of your landing pages to make the best use out of every dollar we spend sending customers to them. The better your landing page, the higher quality score your ads will have, and the more conversions you will see.

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Search Ads

Your campaign will be divided into specific ad groups, allowing for the best possible optimization between different industries, product categories, or geographies targeted by the campaign.

We will use the bidding strategy best aligned with the identified KPIs of the campaign, whether that be Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM), or Cost per Acquisition (CPA).

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Campaign Management

Managing these campaigns takes a lot of time, something most business owners and marketers don’t have. We’re here to help. On a monthly, weekly, or daily basis, our optimization experts will manage and optimise your campaign, including but not limited to removing underperforming ads/keywords, testing new ads/keywords, adding negative keywords, and landing page optimisation recommendations to improve quality score and we will let you know which adgroups, ads, and keywords are performing the best, and what we are doing to deliver the most conversions.

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Measurement and KPI

No brand, product, industry, or campaign is the same. We work with you to ensure you reach your goals and we measure the effectiveness of our campaign against those goals with meaningful KPIs.

Whether your conversion is a purchase, a lead generation form, or a PDF download, we can track, report on, and optimize the campaign to deliver on those objectives. If you don’t have a hard conversion on your site, and your main objective is to increase the awareness of your brand against your target audience, we can do that too! We use technology to understand the impact our campaign has had on the awareness of your brand.

Looking for an outstanding PPC provider?

With many hundreds of successful AdWords campaigns under our collective belt, we’re one of Australia’s leading paid search agencies.

Why team with EB Pearls?

With our large Sydney and Kathmandu based teams, we can offer you the world’s best practice pay per click campaigns, ensuring you maximum ROI for your advertising dollars. And always with consultative, friendly service that puts you first.


Our full communication and transparency

We guarantee you completely open and honest reporting – there are no loaded clicks, hidden costs or unspent dollars, ever. And you’re always welcome to check on your progress by accessing your AdWords account yourself.


Our proven methodology and technology

At EB Pearls we rely on our precise methodologies and advanced data driven technologies, not hunches, assumptions and guess work. When you partner with us, you can be sure that nothing is left to chance for your successful campaign outcomes.


Our long experience

We’ve been involved with PPC advertising since its earliest beginnings, and have been part of its rise to the massive marketing phenomenon it is today. As a leading Australian PPC agency we know paid search inside out – with hundreds of happy clients to prove it.


Creating your sales funnel

As a full service digital agency we also keep an eye on your all-important sales funnel, to keep customers moving steadily from awareness and engagement through to your goal. This can include making sure each landing page is fully optimised.


Our focus on tangible results

To us clicks are only the means to an end, not the aim itself. So whether your conversion is a sale, a lead generation, a lift in brand awareness or a PDF download, we concentrate on achieving your end goal. Collaboratively, cost effectively and measurably.


Cost effectiveness

At EB Pearls, our 180+ team of designers and tech experts are in-house, not outsourced. Our
team structure is highly efficient, and your partnership with us is guaranteed to be cost-effective, with friendly, one-on-one service.

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