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EB Pearls guarantees you a long-term, results-driven SEO website strategy to attract both Google and your target audience. Our highly experienced team of SEO specialists will deploy a fine-tuned process to deliver you authoritative links and quality, optimised content.


With our flawless white hat SEO expertise we’ve delivered digital and business transformation to many of Australia’s leading start-ups, small businesses and corporations.


SEO strategy – your comprehensive campaign

As a full service SEO agency, we go all out to make your business star. With over 10 years of success, we can offer you a complete, fully customised SEO package, guaranteed to deliver you outstanding ROI.

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Exploit your current keyword rankings with Easy Win

It’s vital not to jeopardise any keywords you’re already ranking for, so with our failsafe Easy Wins methodology we identify your existing 4 – 30 rankings, then boost them with a diversified, safe, white hat link building strategy. You’ll enjoy a quicker increase in traffic, raised ranking of your existing keywords and an accelerated ROI.

With our competitive gap analysis, we find all the important keywords in your relevant niche, including your missing keywords and your competitors’ most valuable ones. We then deploy these in relevant high-quality blog content to engage your ideal customer, delivering you awesome increases in your rankings.


Let’s get your SEO humming

Not sure how it all applies to your particular business? We can show you how best to harness SEO to make you fully discoverable online, seamlessly and profitably. Right from our initial consultation through to your demonstrable rise through the Google rankings, we partner with you to make you a go-to authority in your niche, boosting your sales and your overall bottom line.


On-boarding, site review

  • Baseline SEO audit and report
  • Website audit
  • Keyword research, analysis and selection
Ux & Ui Design Yellow

Strategy development

  • Develop onsite SEO strategy 
  • Develop landing page optimisation strategy
  • Develop content strategy
  • Develop website authority and link building strategy
  • Create SEO strategy brief
Development Yellow

Onsite optimization

  • Implement the overall onsite SEO strategy
  • Implement a landing page optimization strategy
  • Prepare to implement content strategy
  • Implement website authority and link-building strategy
  • Update SEO strategy brief
Launch Yellow

Off-site optimization

  • Review onsite SEO
  • Review landing page optimisation strategy 
  • Implement content strategy
  • Continue executing website authority and link-building strategy
  • Update SEO strategy brief
Scale Yellow

Monthly SEO maintenance and updates

  • Monthly SEO audit and key metrics report
  • Monitor and fine-tune onsite SEO
  • Continue executing landing page optimisation strategy
  • Continue executing website authority and link building strategy
  • Update SEO strategy brief

Let’s Go


Link Building

Link Building improves your website brand signals and adds contextual relevance. These links pack a punch and mimic the path of viral content – channeling authority through multiple tiers of links back into your site. We place diverse anchors (including, brand & partial match anchors) inside of contextually relevant articles.
Icons Content

Guest Posts

Guest Posts are our method of securing high-quality, contextual links that lead back to your site.  We do this by manually reaching out to relevant sites in your industry, securing a guest posting slot, and publishing an article on the site(s). We use your top keywords for the highest authority posts and work our way down the list, maximizing your SEO results.

Icons8 Link

Blog Writing

Blog Writing is our package that includes high-quality, SEO-optimized articles crafted for your site based on your competitive gap analysis. Adding content to your website shows Google that you are an authority. The purpose of blog content is to increase the amount of keywords your website ranks for, as well as target mid-cycle buyer keywords that lead customers to purchase. This content is also a perfect inbound marketing tool, as it builds trust by sharing relevant and valuable info with your readers.

Looking for a digital marketing partner?

With over 15 years in business, we’re one of Australia’s leading online marketing and SEO agencies.

Why team with EB Pearls?

With our large international presence, we can offer you the world’s best practice SEO process and technologies, putting your business in the foreground. On-time, budget, and with consultative friendly service that puts you first.


Native English speaking content writers

Our talented, native English speaking content writing team are of course SEO experts. With one of our cost effective blog packages you’re guaranteed top quality, informative and absorbing blog articles that are valuable both to your readers and your link profile.


White hat link building

We’re committed to ethical, professional white hat link building that pleases both the Google bots and your target audience. Our valuable content and solid expertise pays off long term, so don’t risk a Google penalty with a ‘cheating’, black hat SEO ‘agency’.


Our long experience

As one of Australia’s most successful digital marketing agencies – founded in 2004 – our results speak for themselves. And despite our large team spread across Sydney, London and Kathmandu we never lose sight of our core ethos – to always put you first.


Fine-tuned guest posting

We target a diverse range of high authority websites in your industry for your guest postings. Using expertly written articles that please your audience and the search engines, delivering you a wealth of first rate, rank lifting backlinks.


Expert technical SEO care

Whether it’s for new website SEO or ongoing maintenance, any vital ‘backend’ SEO tech issues are always dealt with by our in-house technical specialists. Not, as is the case with many SEO agencies, by junior marketing assistants.


Cost effectiveness

At EB Pearls, our 180+ team of designers and tech experts are in-house, not outsourced. Our team structure is highly efficient, and your partnership with us is guaranteed to be cost-effective, with friendly, one-on-one service.

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