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We work with some of Australia’s leading small to medium businesses and corporates to build a better business through user-friendly web design.

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With over 3,400 websites and a bevy of awards under our belt, we’re the experts in website design. We’ll enhance your online presence and help you generate high-quality leads.

  • EB Pearls is regarded as one of the most trusted web design and development company in Australia.
  • We are gold-winner for web design in 4 categories in 2019/20 voted by Good design awards.
  • We have completed over 3400 websites for some of the world’s leading brands.
  • We are experts in theme and plugin development in WordPress and WordPress VIP.
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Services to grow your business

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Are you doing enough to fuel your business? From better user experience (UX), intuitive design, conversation rate optimisation and email automation to chatbots, we can help you access the leading edge tools you need to take your business to the next level.

UX Design

User experience is the foundation of a website project. EB Pearls bring over 15 years of experience to outline a solid foundation for a successful website application. The journey to get high quality leads with consistency starts here.

UI Design

Your brand represents your business and your website design will keep your audience engaged. Better engagement will enhance your brand value and creates trust which in turn has a major impact on sales.

Wordpress development

Above 30% of the internet is on Wordpress. And EB pearls have contributed to over 2800 high-quality WordPress websites. We are the leaders in WordPress design and development in Australia.

Shopify development

Shopify is the most growing eCommerce platform in 2020 and it is our platform of choice for online shops. We are certified Shopify experts and we are proud to say we are one of the most skillful Shopify team in the world.

Digital marketing
Digital marketing

We will work with you to put together a marketing strategy and growth plan backed up by tools and resources to put the right foot on the market. We can help you with SEO, Adwords, Social Ads & more.

How can we help you?

As a full-service agency, we go the extra mile to make your customer journey better. We draw on over 15 years’ experience to offer you the complete package to grow.

Website design

Are you a startup or SME looking for a business website? We can help you to create with a beautifully designed website that generates quality leads. We are the leaders in WordPress web design and development in Australia.


Online eCommerce store

Would you like to launch an online store or improve an existing one? Our eCommerce team specialises in creating eCommerce stores that convert visitors into customers. We are certified Shopify experts.

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Enterprise web application

Are you looking to automate your business process or create a product for your industry? We can help you with UX, UI, web application development, quality assurance, and ongoing optimisation of the product.

Optimise Rescue

Optimise & rescue

Are you having trouble with your website? Whether it's trouble to get the website working or getting the consistent quality and quantity of leads. The team at EB Pearls will be able to assist you to get back to business with less jargon and headache.

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We’re dedicated to your success

Rescue operation for eFinance home loans website.

Juergen Hoffmueller Owner, eFinance homeloans

What our clients say


We were very happy with all of the work undertaken during each phase of our new website production. All EB Pearls personnel were knowledgeable, approachable and helpful – we were also most impressed with the professionalism and responsiveness they demonstrated throughout the process.

Coral Funnell

Marketing Manager, Rotech

EB Pearls created us a unique and special website, perfect for our customers. We loved team’s efficiency in creating us a seamless website design plan, with beautiful on brand illustrations. The team were patient, professional and always there to guide us and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and work with them again in the future.

Julia Kish

CEO, Intellihub

EB Pearls does high-quality work in the allotted timeframe. They maintain clear and consistent communication, providing updates on key project components and listening to feedback. There are numerous different stages, processes, and statuses in our project which made the work very complicated, but EB Pearls worked it all out.

Blake Weston

Founder, Find Fill Storage

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Our agile process for web design and development

We don’t just build websites, we bring value to your business, helping you reach further, increase engagement and maximise sales. Here’s how we do it.


1. Initiation

  • We will start by understanding your business and your long term and short term goals.
  • This will help us formulate a sitemap for a goal driven user experience. 
  • Then, we will provide you with a project proposal with total cost and timeframes.

2. Strategy + User Experience

  • We will conduct a workshop to brainstorm all key features of the project and develop a product backlog of the functional and nonfunctional requirements.
  • Next, we will wireframe all the pages of the website. 
  • We’ll help you develop a content strategy to acquire, convert, retain and nurture your potential customer
  • And we’ll provide you with our project specification document so you’ll know the ins and outs.
UI Design

3. Design

  • Based on the wireframe and the brand guidelines, our UI team will create the home page of the website to define the ‘design direction’.
  • Once the home page has been signed off, we will design the rest of the pages utilising atomic design principles.

4. Development

  • The development phase involves developing code and integrating with third-party applications. 
  • We build your website’s front-end to match the beautiful designs we’ve produced.
  • Along with your beautiful website, our developers also create an intuitive backend that you can manage with ease.
  • We’ll provide you a bi-weekly update of the project progress and conduct a demonstration to gather your feedback. 

5. Quality Assurance

  • Our quality assurance team will prepare detailed test cases to cover all the functionality of the website application.
  • We’ll complete and provide reporting on the functional test execution and any defects detected
  • There’ll be an opportunity for client acceptance testing
  • In addition, our UX and UI team will also conduct usability testing before each major release to ensure the highest quality is maintained.

6. Maintenance + Optimisation

  • We’ll perform regular CMS and plugin updates
  • You’ll receive ongoing server support and maintenance
  • We’ll continue to help you implement the user engagement strategy and optimise your website based on analytics and your KPIs

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Benefits of developing your website with EB Pearls

Industry leader

We are leaders in website design and development in Australia. When you work with us and you get over a decade’s experience, with the latest technology, practices, and standards needed to develop a website on time and on budget.

Ebpearls Team

We have one of the most experienced and largest team of website designers and developers in Sydney. Most of our 180+ in-house developers have been working with us for over 15 years and producing award-winning websites.

Agile Process
Agile process

With over 15 years of experience, we have a solid process to handle projects of any size and complexity. We have built an infrastructure that will allow us to scale up or down resources for the best quality and most affordable outcome.

In House Development
Always in-house

We don’t outsource; we source, hire, train and payroll all our talented employees, so you know the people working on your project are of the highest calibre and completely trustworthy.

Proven Result
Proven results

As Australia’s most successful web design company, we've been trusted by industry leaders such as Newscorp Australia, Optus, UNSW and many more organisations for their website design and development projects.

Cost Effective
Cost effective

We do all our client comms, UX, UI, Quality assurance and product management in Sydney. We do all our development in our own development centre in Kathmandu, Nepal. Hence, keeping the cost of development down without compromising quality or time.

Our winning web design team

We deliver incredible results for our clients and we’re proud to say our work stands out and gets recognised.


How much does it cost to create a website?

The cost of a website will depend on various factors. Some considerations include, how many pages are required, the complexity of the features you would like to include on the website and how many design mockups you would like to see.

How long will it take to build a website?

The timeline for creating a website will vary depending on different circumstances. It is largely determined by the size and complexity of the project. We ensure that there is as much transparency around realistic timelines and set expectations for both our clients and team to stay on course as best as possible. 

Will I be able to update my website easily?

Yes. We build our websites on a content management system called WordPress. WordPress powers over 25% of all websites on the Internet. It is an intuitive system that allows you to edit and add new content (copy, images, videos, to name a few!) very easily. We provide a free training session for you so that you are well equipped to maintain the content yourself.

Will my website be mobile friendly?

Yes, all our websites are optimised on all devices. This means that your website will look beautiful on any desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. We make sure we use the best responsive techniques and practices so user experience is seamless, no matter what.

What is the difference between your services and a template I can purchase?

Templates are cheap and easy to set up, but they lack the flexibility that many businesses need. You are effectively working around someone else’s layout, which makes it difficult to edit and update your content. Your digital presence is incredibly important, so our custom websites are made to match your specific requirements. A custom designed site allows your business to stand out from the crowd, highlighting your brand in the best light.

Can you customise this theme I bought?

Customisation of existing themes is possible, but is not recommended. If software updates occur (as they do often), themes will also need to be changed to accommodate, so as to ensure site security and robustness. However, this means that our customisation is lost and will need to be redone, which will cost you more in the long run.

How do I set up a shop for my products?

We also provide eCommerce website services. Our platform of choice is Shopify, which is perfect for the selling of simple products with basic variations. Equipped with all the essential tools you need to set up your shop, we make any design or functionality tweaks you would like to make. For more complex stores, we use Magento’s technology to allow us to bring customisation to the next level.  

Do you provide content insertion services?

Yes, we do! This is an additional service we offer on top of our web design and development services. When you get in touch with us, please mention that you would like to engage these services so your quote includes this.  

Who owns the website once it goes live?

After the completion of the project, we hand over all intellectual property rights to you, so you own the website.

Do you provide hosting and maintenance after the website goes live?

Yes, we offer affordable hosting packages for different requirements. Our representatives can recommend you the best choice based on your needs. We also have maintenance packages you can elect to take, for 3 and 6 month terms. Our maintenance packages cover plugin updates, security updates, performance monitoring and analytics. Click here for web hosting Click here for maintenance packages

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