NewsCorp Australia: Discover The Power of User-Centric Website Design

Explore how EB Pearls revamped the News Corp Australia website, revolutionising its digital presence.

In this case study, we demonstrate how our user-centric website development enables News Corp Australia to create a personalised user experience through location-based services and ad targeting.

Technology Used

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The Client

News Corp, one of the largest publication houses in the world, entrusted us with revamping their Australian website. Leveraging technologies such as WordPress VIP and location-based services, we delivered an outstanding digital platform catering to their audience’s unique needs.


With news varying across different locations within Australia and New South Wales, we had to implement location-based services to provide users with region-specific content. This required meticulous coordination and content management to make sure we displayed accurate and relevant news to each user segment.

The existing website had a complex and inefficient ad placement, leading to difficulties for advertisers. We revamped the ad sections to help advertisers reach their audience and utilise the platform seamlessly.

Our Solution

We developed a feature-rich website using the latest, cutting-edge technology to create a seamless user experience for their website visitors.

Through location-based services, we ensure that the content is dynamically updated based on the user’s location, delivering personalised news relevant to their specific region.

Additionally, we improved ad placement and targeting, making it easier for advertisers to access and utilise the platform effectively and target a specific user base.

Newscorp Australia

Key Features

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Location-Based Personalisation

The website incorporated location-based services, delivering news and content tailored to the user’s specific region within Australia, enhancing relevance and overall user engagement.


Enhanced Advertising

We improved the ad placement and targeting processes, making the website more user-friendly and efficient for advertisers, resulting in increased ad access and revenue growth.

News Corp Australia

The Result

Seamless User Experience
The implementation of location-based services provided users with personalised news, ensuring a more engaging and relevant experience, and ultimately increasing user satisfaction and loyalty.

Increased Ads Revenue
The improved ad specifications and streamlined process attracted more advertisers, leading to an expansion of ad access and increased revenue for our client.

Boosted Digital Presence
The successful website makeover transformed the digital presence of our client, offering a personalised user experience and driving business growth.

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