Unleashing the Power of Mobile Apps For Rural Press

Discover how our mobile apps for multiple platforms transformed Australian Community Media, revolutionising how the rural press is accessed and consumed.

Technology Used

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The Client

Australian Community Media is a leading independent publication house from Australia specialising in rural press and offering various magazines and community newspapers to their readers.

To keep up with evolving consumer behaviour, they requested our help in building mobile apps for each of their publications so their audience can access their valuable content on mobile devices.


The challenges we’ve overcome during this project include:

  • Integrating information from multiple publications due to different data formats, content structures, and sources.
  • One major challenge consisted of flawlessly integrating diverse functionalities such as news articles, calendars, and podcasts into a cohesive user experience.
  • Creating a user interface that was intuitive, visually appealing, and accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise.

Our Solution

To meet the client’s requirements, we came up with a cutting-edge app development process based on a microservices architecture.

Leveraging this approach, we built 9 feature-rich mobile apps, each tailored to each specific publication.

The apps offered an array of functionalities, including podcasts, news articles, statistics, stocks, and calendars, suitable for any mobile device.

Acm News App Development

Key Features

Discover how we created a seamless user experience for Australian Community Media to make the rural press more accessible than ever before.

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Microservices-based architecture

Our app allows flexibility and efficient resource utilisation through independent scaling and deployment for each publication’s app.

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Users could access a vast library of podcasts on various topics, including agriculture and rural lifestyle, enhancing engagement and knowledge sharing.

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Rainfall Data

Users could access real-time and historical rainfall data, offering users valuable insights for planning and decision-making.

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Users could stay updated on stock prices and market trends, facilitating better financial decision-making for individuals and businesses.

Our role in the project

Australian Community Media


Seamless User Experience
The apps’ intuitive interface and smooth navigation ensured a frictionless experience, keeping users engaged and satisfied.

Enhanced Accessibility
The apps provided easy access to a diverse range of rural-focused content, empowering users with valuable information at their fingertips.

Our work enables Australian Community Media to position themselves as leaders in the rural press industry.

Get in touch with us, so you can leverage the power of hybrid mobile apps and native apps to better serve your audience and drive your business forward.

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