Injured Worker App: Easy Claims, Easy Life

Find out how our software development process behind the EML’s Injured Worker App enables employers to manage claims and share resources with their employees on multiple operating systems, replacing outdated systems and manual paperwork.

Technology Used

Flutter Flutter
Nodejs NodeJS
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Mongodb MongoDB
Flutter Bloc Flutter Bloc
Dart Programming Language Dart
Graphql GraphQL
Amazon Lamda AWS lambda
Nextjs NextJS
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The Client

EML is an innovative app revolutionising injury claim management with features like payment monitoring, appointment management, approvals, and a resource repository for effective employer-employee communication.


Simplifying Employee Payment Monitoring
Developing a system that enabled employers to effortlessly track and manage employee injury claims and payments while ensuring data privacy and security.

Streamlining Appointment Management
Creating an intuitive interface for scheduling and managing employee appointments, eliminating scheduling conflicts, and reducing administrative operations.

Efficient Approval Workflow
Designing a seamless approval system that allowed employers to review and approve claims promptly, minimising delays and improving operational efficiency.

Resourceful Knowledge Sharing
Establishing a user-friendly resource repository where employers could upload and share essential information, documents, and medical information to back up their claims.

Our Solution

Our expert software developers worked closely with EML to create the Injured Worker App, addressing their unique needs and challenges. We developed a user-friendly interface with robust functionalities, ensuring a seamless user experience.

The app featured secure payment tracking, easy claim management, and a streamlined approval process, all accessible through a single platform. Moreover, we integrated a resource center, enabling workers to upload and manage valuable resources to support their injury claims.

Our role in the project

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The Result

The successful implementation of the EML app led to a significant improvement in injury claim management for our client. With the app’s user-friendly features, employers could easily monitor payments and promptly handle approvals.

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