10 Things To Look For in an App Development Company

10 Things To Look For in an App Development Company

27 Mar 2023


Akash Shakya

You have an idea for a mobile app, now what?

It’s time to choose the mobile app developers who are the right fit for the job and will help you bring your mobile app idea into reality!

You need a mobile app development company with the experience and knowledge you’re looking for that understands your vision and shares your commitment to success.

In this blog post, we’ll look at ten things you should consider when searching for an ideal app development partner — from their portfolio of projects and the platforms they specialise in to their communication process and commitment.

What To Know Before Outsourcing App Development

Before outsourcing app development, you should research potential technology stacks, the timeline for developing an app, and potential mobile app requirements. Familiarise yourself with the app design process and create an estimate of the cost of bringing your app idea to life. 

Here’s what you might want to consider before outsourcing app development:

What Goes Into Building An App — It’s More Than Just Code!

Besides having the technical skills to build an app, it is critical to have a clear vision of what needs to go into your app and what success looks like for your project. These usually differ from one mobile app to another.

Educating yourself beforehand on app development basics will ensure your project is completed in time without needing to run over your budget!

The Cost Of Developing An App & How To Budget For It

Before jumping into your app development project, consider all expenses, such as design and build costs, app store fees, monthly hosting fees, and more. Knowing these before choosing from different app development companies gives you an idea of how much you need to invest and helps you avoid any “hidden” development costs.

Post-launch Maintenance & App Store Optimisation (ASO)

When looking for an app development company, don’t forget to also think about post-launch maintenance and app store optimisation. Ensuring your app remains up-to-date and visible on app stores is essential and should not be overlooked.

 Keeping your app up-to-date proves how much you care about your app users and demonstrates that you want to create positive and memorable experiences for them. Besides, if you continue rolling out new versions with bug fixes and exciting features, your audience will be more likely to leave positive reviews.

Ask the app development company you are considering if they can manage this process and provide evidence of their success.

What To Look For In An App Development Company

1. Customer Reviews & Customer Satisfaction

By reading through the customer feedback available online, you can get a more in-depth view of the companies you have your eyes on, their mobile app development services and capabilities as well as a range of other factors (e.g., price, communication, and customer support).

Although customer reviews aren’t everything, these can indicate how reliable or professional the app development company is when it comes to delivering on its commitments!


2. Overall App Development Expertise

Look for an app development company that can demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and experience relevant to your project but also dive into new technologies to keep up with the industry.

To illustrate this, take into consideration our approach to optimisation and testing! We’re not limiting ourselves to our existing technology stack — our Research & Development department constantly looks for new technology while testing for stability and performance.

For instance, we decided to go with Flutter as our to-go hybrid technology for mobile app development after testing React Native and finding it less stable. Stability and performance are the main criteria we look for when choosing a technology to ensure successful client projects.

3. Transparency & Communication

Look for a company that embodies transparency and clear communication! Not only should they be knowledgeable and confident in their mobile development capabilities, but they should also be available for any questions and clarifications!

At EB Pearls, we’re committed to ensuring the satisfaction of our customers and end-users by using accepted principles of UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design in combination with detailed research and scoping work. We test all products for optimal functionality before presenting them for customer review through a rigorous JIRA Requirement and Test Management (RTM) system.

Empiricism - Transparency, Inspection And Adaption
Empiricism – Transparency, Inspection And Adaption

4. Price & Cost Control

Staying ahead of technological advancements is critical for success. However, managing the resources and budgets necessary to keep pace with the ever-evolving landscape can be daunting.

Therefore, you want to find a partner who can help you manage costs and resources effectively, while also introducing innovative tech that’s up-to-date with industry standards. Your due diligence plays an important part too.  Research it thoroughly to get insights on budgeting decisions before allocating resources and team efforts wisely.

5. Quality Assurance & Compliance

When searching for an app development company, look for a partner that takes quality assurance and compliance seriously. For instance, we do network testing in various network conditions (e.g., 4G, 5G, and Wi-Fi) to learn how the application behaves in those particular scenarios.

Interoperability testing allows us to try the application in different settings to see how it performs. As needed, we’re testing on different platforms (e.g., Android apps, iOS apps, or even web apps) but also on various devices and software versions (e.g., from iPhone 8 to iPhone 14, or from Samsung S20 to Samsung S23).

We also perform load testing to ensure that the product is solid. That means we utilize a tool that enables us to send dummy traffic to the server and check whether or not (or when) the system breaks.

Software Quality Assurance &Amp; Compliance
Software Quality Assurance &Amp; Compliance

6. Mobile Application Security

With the rise of mobile devices comes ever-growing security concerns due to their widespread use and uncovered vulnerabilities. In fact, 1 in 36 mobile devices has high-risk apps installed — you wouldn’t want your application to pose a threat to your customers! 

Staying ahead of emerging threats is key when evaluating a mobile app development agency, so look for ones that can offer strong encryption protocols, authentication strategies, and efficient vulnerability detection for the mobile apps they’re building.

7. Experience With Cross-Platform Development

Cross-platform app development lets you accommodate multiple operating systems and devices into one mobile app. This means you don’t have to worry about developing separate versions for Android and iOS, making it cost-effective while allowing for a frictionless experience for all users.

This is why you might want to consider app development agencies that are familiar with Android app development, iOS app development, and cross-platform development — the more, the merrier!

8. Maintenance & Support

The mobile app development process takes a lot of time and expertise, so finding a company with experience and skilled professionals is imperative. Additionally, be sure to inquire about ongoing maintenance and support that may come with the mobile development “package.”

A great app development company will provide you with knowledgeable support staff ready to answer any questions or concerns. Finding a compatible team who understands your mobile vision could make the difference between success and failure.

9. Customization & Scalability

Another factor you should consider is the mobile and web development agency’s ability to provide custom solutions for your business and adapt to your scalability needs. Sure, custom software development can be on the more costly side, but it might also be indispensable for your project.

Coming up with an appropriate scalability strategy is essential in mobile app design and development, so look for a company that can create a tailored plan that covers all your particular requirements.

10. Strong Portfolio Of Apps In Your Industry

When you’re choosing an app development company, don’t settle for just quantity. Research their portfolio in your industry, whether we’re talking about healthcare, entertainment, finance, or anything else. Check out each mobile application’s features and functionality — make sure they meet the standards and best practices that are relevant to your particular industry!

Case Study: What Do Customers Actually Want?

At EB Pearls, we recently surveyed our clients to find out which factors were most important to them when considering working with us. The survey asked clients to rank various factors based on their importance, such as quality of work, experience, development costs, communication, and more.

What Do Customers Actually Want?
What Do Customers Actually Want?

Customers prioritize the quality of work above all else when looking for a mobile app development agency, with reliability, portfolio, and references being not too far in terms of importance. Proximity comes last on the list, suggesting that clients often prioritize trustworthiness and professionalism over location, which can be attributed to the growth in popularity of the remote and hybrid work models these past couple of years.

Communication scored fourth on the list, indicating that our customers prioritise transparency and two-way communication to ensure their needs are met throughout the entire process.

Capability followed closely in fifth place, showing our clients desired to work with a company that could handle any challenge efficiently and effectively. Time was also considered an essential factor by respondents, as it is critical for meeting deadlines and achieving goals.

Key Takeaways

With so much competition and options out there, it might seem impossible to narrow down your choices and make a decision.

So, make sure to look for experienced developers in your industry, check out their previous works and reviews, ensure that they’re up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies, and let them hear your ideas and thoughts.

Here are the key takeaways you should keep in mind:

  • Look for an app development company that has extended experience in your industry.
  • Ask to see some of the company’s previous work and reviews from past clients.
  • Make sure the company is up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies.
  • Work with mobile app developers who are excited to listen to your ideas and feedback.
  • Get an estimate from several companies before making a final decision.

To get started on developing or updating a successful mobile app in 2023, partner up with EB Pearls Australia.

Get in touch with us today to enjoy a smooth app development experience while achieving your desired outcome!

Akash Shakya

Coming from distributed computing background, Akash manages the Sydney operations. He is highly technical yet very business focused and is always driven to create successful business products for our clients.

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