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Learn about the successful partnership between Conveyonline and EB Pearls, where the conveyancing firm underwent a rebranding and collaborated to develop a client portal. This endeavor led to the creation of affordable, high-quality, and convenient online services for clients

Technology Used

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Understanding the Client:

Conveyonline, a conveyancing firm, sought to revolutionize their services by offering an exclusive online platform for clients. Their goal was to provide affordable, high-quality, and convenient conveyancing solutions. To achieve this, they partnered with EB Pearls, a leading web development agency.

Our Approach:

EB Pearls closely collaborated with Conveyonline to understand their vision and refine the user journey. Through feedback and suggestions, EB Pearls provided valuable insights to enhance the existing flow and create a seamless and intuitive experience for users. An agile backlog was developed to prioritize tasks and ensure efficient project management

The Challenge:

The main challenge was to rebrand Conveyonline and create a front-facing website that effectively showcased their new image and services. Additionally, the development of the client portal, My Matter Tracker, presented complexities in designing a secure and user-friendly platform. Striking a balance between flexibility and avoiding excessive business rules was crucial.

Responsive Design:

EB Pearls implemented responsive design principles to ensure that Conveyonline’s website and client portal were accessible across various devices and screen sizes. This approach allowed clients to access their accounts and stay updated on their conveyancing matters conveniently, whether they were using a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Eb Pearls

Key Features:

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Front-Facing Website:

EB Pearls designed and developed a modern and visually appealing website that effectively communicated Conveyonline’s rebranding and highlighted their affordable, high-quality, and convenient services

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My Matter Tracker

EB Pearls created a complex yet user-friendly client portal, enabling clients to manage their accounts and stay informed about the progress of their conveyancing matters. The portal offered secure access, real-time updates, and a seamless user experience.

Our role in the project

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Convey Online

The Outcome:

The collaboration between Conveyonline and EB Pearls resulted in a successful rebranding and the development of a robust online platform. Conveyonline now offers affordable, high-quality, and convenient conveyancing services exclusively to online clients. The seamless user experience provided by the website and client portal has significantly improved customer satisfaction. By leveraging technology, Conveyonline exemplifies their commitment to convenience and quality, transforming a complicated process into a streamlined and user-friendly experience.

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