Need to upscale without the overheads?

Skilled development and IT professionals are in high demand. And sourcing suitable candidates can be costly and take time. We offer short and long term individuals and dedicated teams to help you close the gap between what you need and what you have.

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We work with some of Australia’s leading government, retail and corporate organisations to improve their digital platforms with ease whilst being cost-efficient.

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Let us handle your coding while you focus on your business

When you’ve got an important digital project to complete for your business, you want to know for sure that it’s perfect. For over 14 years now, we’ve been writing quality code that powers hundreds of mobile apps and websites. Our team will act as your CTO so that you can you can focus on your business (and best of all, the code remains 100% yours).

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Why use a dedicated development partner

Next level startup

If you’re a growing startup in the web or mobile market, you’ll need to build out a team as your business scales. A dedicated development partner is a must-have for your budding team.

Low costs and high returns

The first thought you probably had to the idea of hiring more people, is the mammoth costs that it’ll bring. Outsourcing to the right dedicated development partner will save you money and bring greater returns on investment.

Keep up with the latest

In today’s competitive market, it’s hard to play catch-up. New technologies are constantly emerging and consumer expectations are higher than ever. Scale with a development partner so you’re never falling behind, but leading the pack.

Hire the right people

Hiring great technical talent isn’t easy. It typically involves rigorous interviewing, testing candidates’ technical ability. If you’re unsure about what skills a technical hire should have, EB Pearls has done this for you.

Perfected process

A development process will make or break a project, you need to make sure your business is in safe hands. EB Pearls has worked on thousands of projects, and we’ve been able to fine-tune a process (using the Agile methodology) that means we deliver quality every time. 

Always in control

It’s your business and technology. You’ll communicate requirements, set delivery expectations, and comprehensively test and review with your team.

What you get working with us

Think outside the square. We’re here to support you to achieve your business goals.



Draw from our pool of almost 200 technology professionals and always get the right person for the job.



Has a project just doubled in size with the delivery timeframe halved? Or has a project scope been reduced to fit a new direction? Quickly scale up or scale down your resourcing requirements with ease.



Choose when and where you need staff support. Integrate our team with your own onsite or access them offsite and utilise international working hours to suit your project timeframe.

Cost saving

Cost saving

Traditional recruitment processes can be time consuming and expensive. We’ve already done the hard work for you – we source, hire and train leading technology specialists. We even take care of payroll and employee benefits.



Our team are highly skilled in the latest development platforms and design methodologies.

Local account manager

Local account manager

Your dedicated, Sydney-based account manager will connect you with our development centre in Kathmandu.

Extended development team. How it works

We handle every little detail so you can concentrate on the big picture.


    • EB Pearls investigates business and technology challenges to form dedicated team strategy.
    • Assign hiring managers and facilitate interviews with candidates that have been previously confirmed by the client
    • Analyze client’s development practices and specific process requirements
    • Core team on boarding and building basic infrastructure

    • EB Pearls provides continuous support to help you efficiently scale your team up or down.
    • Ramp up infrastructure and make it fully available
    • Hire the rest of the extended development team members
    • Fully establish operational and development practices

    • EB Pearls offers a menu of dedicated team support services: from basic payroll and infrastructure management, to co-governance and consulting.
    • Design and implement continuous improvement plan
    • Monitor adherence to the best practices, detect / fix deviations at early stage
    • Define “total cost per deliverable” KPI and work on its optimisation
    • SLA-based support

How we work together

We support many clients in meeting their technology needs. Integrating our dedicated teams is easy. Our delivery, program management, and talent retention processes are industry best practices. And our standard dedicated development team governance framework keeps our team and the project on track. Here’s how:


Eb pearls





Project Manager

Eb pearls


Project lead



Project Manager

Eb pearls


Project lead



Development team

Eb pearls

Our winning development team

Our large and growing international team of website developers and creative designers are innovators and leaders in what they do. Ready to turn your winning idea into a reality? We’ve got the right people to make it happen.

We deliver incredible results for our clients and we’re proud to say our work stands out and gets recognised.

What our clients say


Lisa Brown
Co-owner, Impact apps

I have found EB Pearls great to work with. They offer high level, innovative and affordable app development. I appreciate that they view our business relationship through a long term lense, always working to find a solution that will help my business’s growth. I look forward to continuing to work with the EB Pearls team.


Jesse Milani
Founder, Pocket Fuel

I am stoked to recommend EBPearls from my experience in dealing with them on a number of mobile application projects. It can be a little daunting engaging a Development Company, from a financial perspective and from the practicality of turning an idea into reality, but Akash and the team proved that they were able to work in with my budget and help me realise the ideas stuck inside my brain.


Juergen Hoffmueller
Owner, eFinance

From design and implementation perspective, I never had to question EB Pearls’ ability twice. They were able to take my vision and translate that into a design that was well proportioned. Most importantly, they had a quality assurance phase at the end and were able to design and create the brand effectively. Our website looked professional once it was completed.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What technologies do you work in?

EB Pearls are technology specialists, we work with a whole host of technology. Here’s some more detail surrounding this:

  • Web:
    • Content management systems are the perfect way to build your website. By definition, they are incredibly flexible and powerful, with abilities to update content with ease and customise design and functionality. Our developers are well versed in the open-source CMS platforms, WordPress and Drupal technologies. WordPress is an incredibly powerful platform that is intuitive and flexible. Drupal is perfect for bigger organisations, who require faster and more customisable sites. We work with technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, ReactJS and PHP.
  • Mobile:
    • EB Pearls developers are expert developers in both iOS and Android platforms, which are the two most prominent mobile platforms. If you have a brilliant idea, we have the means to bring the app to the market.
  • Enterprise:
    • If you need a custom application that has advanced and complex requirements, EB Pearls can develop using PHP frameworks, such as CodeIgniter and Laravel, which are completely open source platforms, and Microsoft ASP.NET, which a proprietary platform. All of these options allow for a huge degree of customisation, so it is perfect if you need a SaaS application.
  • eCommerce:
    • Although it may be easy to setup an eCommerce store with a template, if you are after customisation and maintenance, you will definitely need specialists in eCommerce technologies. We can customise stores using platforms such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce (WordPress). Depending on the size of your business, Magento (large) or Shopify (small) may be good options for you. If you already have an existing website using a content management system, WooCommerce and Drupal Commerce are perfect platforms for you.

What is Full-time Hiring?

When you opt in to EB Pearls’ staff leasing program, you will get a talented developer or team in your chosen technology and you they become your extended employees. You can assign someone on your side to manage the developers, which means you will have full control what they work on. Here are some further details:

  • Every month, your developer will work for you for 22 days/month (minimum 176 hours).
  • You handle all project management, and communication can be done through email, Skype and phone.
  • The work is carried on between 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM (Mon – Fri) in Kathmandu time, which is 12:45 PM – 9:45 PM AEST.
  • Invoices are sent every 30 days and work must be paid 1 month in advance.

How do we integrate your workflow with ours?

We will make sure we set the expectations from the outset with a workshop to discuss:

  1. Complete transparency: After our first engagement, we present you a Reseller agreement which allows you to understand our key offering and services. You will have the complete peace of mind that we will abide by the terms and conditions set out in the document.
  2. Understanding your needs and process: We want to learn what problems you need solving, so we know how to provide the best solutions. This means understand what to expect in the future.
  3. Communication and Accountability: We discuss how you can always be in the loop, communicating with the development team and the Sydney/Melbourne team. We will also give you a rundown about what you can expect when it comes to weekly reporting.
  4. IP & White labelled: Be rest assured that you’re in safe hands when you work with us. Your websites and apps are your property after we handover the project to you. We never communicate with your client directly, unless you let us, so everything is white labelled and you control the communication within the project.
  5. Agile development sprints: We will discuss how we use the Agile method to make sure our development process is optimised. We pride ourselves in using this iterative method to ensure that testing detects bugs early, the user is always first and the product reaches market in the fastest time, with the highest quality.

What is the hiring process at EB Pearls?

We have two ways you can hire your developer or development team:

  1. We will provide you the CVs of three of our talented developers. You will be able choose from these candidates (or request new ones) to interview.
  2. We will implore to understand your project as best as possible, and after gathering these requirements, we will choose the best candidate for you to interview, to ensure that we have made the best choice. We recommend this method since we will able to best match the developer based on your needs.

After choosing your developer, you will be able to have them for a two week trial period. This time period is the perfect time to see if your developer/s are a good fit for your company. After this period you may elect to:

  1. Continue with the developer, in which case, we will prepare a contract and set out the terms.
  2. Switch developer, in which case, we will be able to provide you with other resources that may be able to suit your needs more than your current one.
  3. Cancel the service, in which case, we ask that you pay for the two weeks of work the developer completed.

What happens when the developer leaves your organization?

Developers must give us 1 month notice before leaving and we will let you know when this happens. We will replace the developer are soon as possible, but in the meantime, you will have a stand-in developer, so your project is not delayed.

What is our schedule?

Developers in Kathmandu work between 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM (Mon – Fri) in Kathmandu time, which is 12:45 PM – 9:45 PM AEST. Project managers will be available from 7:00 AM – 5:30 PM (Mon – Fri) in Kathmandu time (11:45 AM – 9:45 PM AEST). Sydney and Melbourne offices are in operation from 9:00 AM – 5:00PM AEST.

What is the Hybrid Model EB Pearls follow (How does Sydney and Kathmandu team help client)?

In Australia, we handle all the account management, business strategy, solution conceptualisation and design. If you require any of these services, you can work with our staff in Sydney and Melbourne, who will be able to assist you.

In Kathmandu, all our developers work to bring websites and apps to fruition. We have a variety of developers from different disciplines, across web and mobile technologies.

What can I expect from reporting?

We hold transparency with utmost importance. You can expect to receive daily, fortnightly and monthly reports of progress.

Developers maintain a timesheet and update the progress on assigned tasks everyday. This means that you’re able to keep track of the work that is undertaken.

EB Pearls will provide fortnightly/monthly reports surrounding the work that has been completed by the developer. In these reports, you can expect to see, how effective resource utilisation has been, discrepancies between estimated, planned and actual hours and the tasks that have been completed. As part of our utilisation of the Agile method, we will also provide you a Burndown chart, which plots ideal effort hours against actual effort hours, maintaining full accountability.

These reports will help you see the benefits of our service and help you understand if you have under or over-estimated work allocation. We can definitely help you understand these reports and suggest how to best optimise your resources.

What about IP, Privacy & NDA, etc?

We understand the importance of your ideas, so we are more than happy to sign any IP, Privacy or NDA documents that you would like use to. These documents are enforceable company-wide, so your idea is definitely safe with us.

How do you go about project management?

You will have an account manager in Sydney/Melbourne who can answer your questions when your developer/s is not available. We manage the documentation of your project on a Google Docs that is constantly updated throughout the project, so you are on the pulse with your project.

In terms of your day-to-day management of your projects, you will use Trello is easily lodge any issues you may have encountered in your project builds. Your developer/s will update the progress of issue fixes in real time, so you have utmost transparency. Your developer will also be available on Skype for live communication, and can be integrated within any other communication channels you currently use.

How do you ensure quality control in your projects?

We ensure quality control on all fronts of the project, design, functionality and security. You will have a quality assurance engineer who will look through your app to ensure your pixel-perfect designs have been built perfectly.

Automated and human testing is done to check all functionality has been implemented correctly. Testing is also conducted on a multitude of devices, ensuring that 95% of the world’s devices will be able to use your website with ease.

Security in this modern world is nothing to take lightly. We run state-of-the-art scripts with your project to check that there are no vulnerabilities that may compromise the safety of your users/ and/or your clients’ data.

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