Embracing Excellence: EB Pearls Spectacular Celebration of Nineteen Glorious Years

Embracing Excellence: EB Pearls Spectacular Celebration of Nineteen Glorious Years

15 Feb 2024


Sanjeena Parajuli

EB Pearls Annual Day 2023

Winter at EB Pearls is not just a season; it’s a celebration of togetherness and kinship. As the year draws to a close, we engage in contemplation, acknowledging our triumphs, reflecting on resolutions achieved, and gearing up for fresh challenges with optimism. January, the threshold of a new year, holds a special significance at EB Pearls – a festivity embracing the past and envisioning the future. This year, with 2024 on the horizon, we marked the milestone of nineteen years of excellence. Here’s a recap of the celebration of our last teen year as beautifully quoted by our General Manager, Subin Hachheteu.

Eb Pearls

Warming Up

The day began not with a typical morning meeting but with electric excitement for the day. As the clock struck 12, we feasted on a delicious meal made even sweeter by a lively banter. The day held the promise of an adventure that would redefine “office event” and the night sure found us keeping it.

Upon reaching the venue at 2:00 PM, we were welcomed with refreshing beverages and a breathtaking view of lush greenery. Our destination, the Park Village Resort, welcomed us with open arms, and perhaps a bit of envy, considering how effortlessly our team turned the place into our playground for the day. The air buzzed with excitement as we breezed through the hall gate, immediately gravitating towards the photobooths for a round of memorable snapshots. Upon further refreshments and a heartful chatter, we got ready for a team photo session.

Stars Are Here
Stars Are Here

Message from our Director

The afternoon unfolded with the commencement of the formal event headed by Rupak Shakya, our director but this wasn’t your typical ‘sit quietly and listen’ kind of event.

Message From Our Director
Message From Our Director

We took a stroll down memory lane, reliving the highs and hilarities of our collective journey followed by the felicitation of the Senior Management Team (SMT). 

Senior Leaders
Senior Leaders

Message from our Sydney Leaders

Messages from our director at Sydney, Akash Shakya and the Sydney Team set the global tone, paving the way for the prestigious Tenure Awards recognizing the dedication of our team members for 5 and 10 years. 

  • Bikash Maharjan  – 10 Years
  • Roshan Manandhar – 10 Years
  • Puskar Munankarmi – 10 Years
  • Aswin Budhathoki – 5 Years
  • Shikshya Shakya – 5 Years
  • Yangjee Rai – 5 Years
  • Samir Karmacharya – 5 Years
  • Harikrishna Bista – 5 Years
  • Sashi Manandhar – 5 Years
  • Pankaj Kumar Pathak – 5 Years
5 Year Tenure Award Photo
5-Year Tenure Award Photo

Cue applause, cheers, and perhaps a few happy tears.

Recognition Awards

Next, we had recognition awards that had everyone on the edge of their seats. Here, we have the winners who took the titles home;

  • Leader of Tomorrow –  Saurav Pokharel
  • Going beyond the call of duty –  Rupak Shrestha
  • Outstanding Contribution to Project –  Jiten Basnet
  • Promising New Comer –  Ujjwal  Shrestha Lacoul
  • Operations Champion –  Bir Bahadur Roka
  • Leader of the year – Narendra Bahadur Kathayat
Recognition Award Group Photo
Recognition Award Group Photo

Fun Awards

The spotlight then shifted to our Fun Awards and we had a show-stopper moment with our winners;

  • Nilam Shakya – The empty desk award
  • Anita Kharel – Ray of sunshine
  • Yangjee Rai – Runway Ready
  • Samir Karmacharya – The coffeepot’s best friend
  • Ashok Shrestha – The One liner
Fun Award Group Photo
Fun Award Group Photo

Hold on, we weren’t done having fun! Next, we had a floor video competition aimed to ignite a sense of team spirit, fuel creativity, and, most importantly, have an absolute blast! The theme revolved around capturing the essence of one’s floor, and drumroll please..

Winner – First Floor!

We have an undisputed winner here – EB First Floor! 

The award segment was a kaleidoscope of pure wonder, featuring categories from tenure and recognition to fun awards and more. It wasn’t just an award show; it was a blockbuster – think Oscars, but with more EB swag.

As formalities gracefully transitioned into an informal revelry, laughter echoed through the venue. Fun awards, heartfelt appreciations, and a vibrant musical ensemble by a live band cranking up the vibes until you could practically high-five the energy in the air! The smooth segue led us into a dazzling showcase of talents— fellow mates belting out tunes and moves that not only hit the right notes but also etched a collage of memories.

With the floor open for enjoyment, laughter and dance flowed freely, making it a night to remember. In closing, a heartfelt thank you to the entire EB Pearls family for crafting 19 glorious years of excellence. Get ready for another year of unleashing creativity, laughter that echoes through the hallways, and maybe a few surprise dance-offs! Hold on tight for the adventure continues, and we’re about to sprinkle some more magic on this already dazzling journey!

What’s Next?

Stepping into 2024, let’s embrace the journey ahead with the tagline, “Unlocking Potential, Igniting Innovation.” This year, let’s chart new territories, break a few molds, and sprinkle some extra magic wherever we go. 

Until next year, EB Fam, let’s keep up the good work!

Sanjeena Parajuli

Sanjeena possesses the strength to create a thriving and inclusive workplace. With a focus on valuing employees and fostering engagement, she is dedicated to motivating individuals to perform at their best. Sanjeena aims to cultivate a positive and supportive company culture that promotes teamwork, professional growth, and work-life balance, making her an influential driver of success within the organisation.

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