Revitalizing 3 Wise Monkeys: Modernizing the Website Experience with EB Pearls

EB Pearls, a leading digital solutions provider, undertook the task of revamping the website for 3 Wise Monkeys, a traditional English pub renowned for its cocktail lounge and mezzanine bar. Dissatisfied with their existing website, the client sought a refreshed look and improved design.

Technology Used

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Understanding the Client:

EB Pearls began the project by gaining a comprehensive understanding of the user and business challenges at hand. The existing website lacked appeal and made it difficult for users to access desired information. Additionally, the pub struggled to engage corporate audiences effectively, presenting a key business obstacle.

Our Approach:

The primary objective was to create a visually captivating and user-friendly website that appealed to both younger audiences and corporate clients. The existing website’s limited navigation capabilities hindered effective targeting of corporate audiences.


To effectively manage the project, EB Pearls adopted a backlog creation approach, with the project manager developing a backlog based on user stories, user flow, priority, company values, and associated risks.

Responsive Design:

The user experience and design phase involved a project workshop to gain insights into the client’s requirements and plan accordingly. Design sprints were conducted, incorporating wireframing and iterative design rounds. Internal testing ensured smooth navigation and consistent screen layouts.

3 Wise Monkey Website Design

Key Features


Vibrant Design

Our team of skilled designers collaborated closely with the client to deliver a fresh and modern look to the website. The new design exhibits vibrancy and visual appeal, aimed at attracting a broader audience.

Icon For Scalability

Reusable Framework

We developed a flexible framework for the website, enabling easy adaptation for other brands under the Brickfields Hospitality Group. This ensures consistency across the group’s websites while preserving each brand’s unique identity.

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User-Friendly Navigation

Navigating the website is effortless. Clearly labeled options, such as Menu, Events, Functions, Careers, and Enquiry, allow visitors to find desired information seamlessly. The Home page showcases captivating visuals that enhance the overall user experience.

3 Wise Monkeys

The Outcome

The revamped website replaced unnecessary text content with captivating visuals, creating a visually engaging and modern gallery-like experience. The redesign aligns with 3 Wise Monkeys’ high standards.

Moving forward, EB Pearls remains committed to providing ongoing support and maintenance, maintaining regular communication with the client, and ensuring the continued functionality of the implemented features.

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