5 Valuable Website Design Tips for Ecommerce Businesses

5 Valuable Website Design Tips for Ecommerce Businesses

10 Aug 2022


Michael Signal

Nowadays, most companies need a website because it’s an excellent way to market their offers, whether a product or service. Of course, no exception to this is eCommerce businesses, which deal extensively with products and consumer goods. However, a website alone isn’t enough because it has to make buying easy for prospective buyers. This is where website design comes into play.

Website design is a specialized discipline that deals with a website’s aesthetic and visual aspects. At its core, website design uses graphics, colors, and layout to produce an aesthetically pleasing and functional website. Of course, achieving this is particularly tricky, especially if a designer isn’t familiar with the specific graphic needs of a website. For this reason, we’ve listed several tips to help, including:

#1 – Integrate Your Brand

A business must always have a brand that extends to its website. Branding is an essential concept in terms of marketing because it’s a way to communicate your business to your target market. A website is one of the best ways to communicate this branding to your target market.

For example, if you have a bakery business and you’re planning to build a website for it, you might want to incorporate images of your products or include your logo on your website. This will help your target market form an association between the website and your brand.

#2 – Consider Your Target Audience

While you want your website to be aesthetically pleasing and stand out from the competition, you still wish the website looks good in your target market’s eyes. For example, you won’t want your website to be too flashy for a low-budget target market. In this case, you might have to tone down your website by removing some flashier animations or effects.

Of course, this also means you must know your target audience well. This can be done through either market research or talking to a few people you think will visit your website. In this way, you can design the website with features they can use easily and on their preferred browser.

#3 – Use the Right Colours

The colours of a website can make or break the website design. For example, if you’re designing a website for a business that sells children’s toys and clothing, pastels and bright colours might not be the best choice. Instead, you might want to incorporate bright colours for particular pages, such as your about us or contact us pages.

However, if you are designing a website for a grocery store, pastels and bright colours might be best because they will help to create a feeling of freshness, like the food and snacks you’re selling. The main point here is that you want to use colours that will appeal to your target market rather than those that will likely appeal to everyone.

#4 – Always Use Hi-Res Images

One of the main reasons why a website can look terrible is due to the quality of its images. A badly-sized image can ruin a website design. For example, if you’re designing a website for a business that sells clothing, you might want to use pictures of the clothing itself.

However, if you’re using stock images, it’s essential to ensure they’re hi-res, so they don’t look pixelated. This can be done by using a large image that can be scaled down to a smaller size so that it won’t look blurry on your website.

#5 – Keep Things Simple

Above all else, you want your website to be easy to use and navigate. This can be done in many ways, such as using simple images and graphics. It also involves ensuring there aren’t too many colours on the website. This will help make navigation as easy as possible, especially for those with poor vision.


Website design is a vital part of creating a business website. However, it’s important to remember that creating a website isn’t just about the aesthetic but also about making the website as user-friendly as possible. Following these tips can create an excellent website for your business.

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Michael is the creative brains of the company and he leads the UX and UI team at EB Pearls. He has experience of over 20 years in interaction design and have designed digital products for Fortune 50 companies all over the world.

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