12 Reasons to Use WordPress for Business Websites

12 Reasons to Use WordPress for Business Websites

20 Oct 2020


Gorakh Shrestha

About 80% of consumers will research a business online before making a purchase. Unfortunately, 38% of people will stop engaging if your site is unappealing. An old, outdated, and complicated website could hurt your brand reputation as a result.

With a brand new website, you can wow consumers and make a lasting impression. 

For a website that’s easy to update and use, more companies are turning toward WordPress. Not sure if WordPress is right for your business website? Here are 12 reasons to use WordPress.

By switching to WordPress’s platform, you can improve your overall digital marketing strategy. Keep reading to learn how WordPress can make your life easier!

1. Easy Updates

You never know what unexpected responsibilities might pop up during a day at the office. You’re busy enough running your day-to-day operations. A difficult to use website platform will only slow you down. 

One of the main reasons to use WordPress is it’s easy to make updates anytime, from anywhere. All you need is internet access! Once you log-in, you can make last-minute updates to your website quickly and easily.

Instead of slowing you down, your WordPress website can improve your productivity and efficiency. 

Many companies offer sales, seasonal products, and events throughout the year. If you fail to make regular website updates, you’ll also fail to inform your customers. They might miss out on these opportunities (causing you to miss out on sales).

Instead, you need a platform that allows you to make quick updates without a lengthy, tedious process.

WordPress is browser-based and allows multiple users to log into one site at the same time. You can create separate accounts and permissions for each member of your team. As a result, you’re controlling who has access to making certain updates.

You can’t neglect your website throughout the year. Otherwise, you’re also neglecting your customers. 

Instead, you’ll need to post new blog posts, replace images, and add new products to your store. Your WordPress website, plugins, and theme will need updates throughout the year too.

By using WordPress, you can either make these updates on your own or delegate the tasks to members of your team. If you need extra help, you can outsource the responsibilities too. Either way, WordPress simplifies the process (and your life).

2. Quick Customizations

When developing and designing your WordPress website, it’s important to make sure you stand out. Otherwise, consumers will fail to differentiate you from your competitors.

For starters, you’ll want to make sure to implement your brand. Your brand should include visual and intangible elements. For example, you’ll want to infuse your brand colours, imagery style, and font styles throughout your website. 

Using a distinct colour palette can improve brand recognition by up to 80%. Meanwhile, keeping your brand consistent across all marketing platforms can boost revenue by up to 23%.

Thankfully, it’s easy to customize WordPress themes to make them your own!

After all, you don’t want to end up using a cookie-cutter theme. Otherwise, you might fail to stand out among your competitors. By using WordPress, you can make sure your website speaks to your brand and business.

If you want to update your website’s entire appearance, it’s easy to make changes. WordPress’s flexibility and ease-of-use allow you to customize your site throughout the year. As a result, you’ll never have to worry about falling behind the latest design trends.

Keeping up-to-date with these trends will help you remain relevant in front of your customers. Otherwise, an outdated website could hurt your brand reputation. Consumers might turn toward your competitors instead. 

3. The Blog is Built-In

Content creation plays a big part in any company’s digital marketing strategy. If you struggle to post content online, you might want to use WordPress.

WordPress can support your content marketing strategy by helping you post online with ease. You can access the Posts section from your dashboard menu. Then, you can write and post a fresh blog or upload a video. 

The WordPress platform also allows you to format and edit your text easily. You can create a draft from your smartphone, save it, then make edits from your computer. Since the content creation process is straightforward, you won’t need to depend on someone else to upload your posts. 

About 80% of consumers prefer custom, original content. Meanwhile, 85% of businesses attribute their digital marketing success to creating quality content throughout the year. 

If you’re struggling to create content, you might struggle to attract customers too.

Once you’ve uploaded your content, you can share it with the world and start acquiring new clients!

4. Plenty of Plugins

Many companies choose to use WordPress over other platforms to improve their website’s functionality. WordPress gives you access to a directory of hundreds of plugins. You can select which plugins you want to use to add new features to your website. 

For example, maybe you want to add a calendar or a specific type of form. You can even customize many of these plugins to make sure they function the way you want them to.

You can add new plugins to your website to make your life easier on the backend. However, you can also use plugins to make your customers’ lives easier. People are constantly creating new plugins to remain up-to-date with consumer needs too.

Can’t find the plugin you’re looking for? WordPress also offers advanced features, including a REST API. If you’re a developer, you can use the REST API to build apps within the platform. 

Using the REST API will help you avoid writing apps in PHP. Instead, WordPress allows you to use any programming language to make HTTP requests. 

If you don’t know how to use the REST API to make apps, consider hiring a developer to create an app for you. Regardless, WordPress makes it easy for you to customize your website based on your unique needs

5. Set Up for SEO

Over 51% of all website traffic comes from organic searches. Meanwhile, 93% of all online activities start with a search engine. Search engine optimization (SEO) can help boost your brand, increase site traffic, and more. 

SEO allows you to optimize your content for search engines like Google. Search engines love WordPress websites. The sites are easy to crawl and index, which can help you appear in front of more customers online.

The higher you rank, the more people will see your website. In addition to boosting brand awareness, SEO can also help:

  • Increase leads and conversions
  • Help you appear as a credible resource
  • Position you ahead of competitors
  • Help you compete with large corporations
  • Improve your ROI

SEO is a cost-effective strategy that can benefit your overall digital marketing strategy. For example, you can use SEO to generate more site traffic. As more people visit your site, you’re more likely to increase sales.

As a result, you’ll no longer have to blow your marketing budget on print marketing matters.

SEO allows you to appear while people are searching for your products or services. Instead of cold calling, you can use inbound marketing to appeal to your audience’s needs, when they need you. 

WordPress offers built-in tools and plugins you can use to optimize your content. For example, many people use Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO is easy to use, which can save you time as you’re optimizing your content.

If you’re not using SEO, however, you’re likely falling behind your competitors. Many people don’t look beyond the first page of a Google search. By creating an SEO-friendly website, you can optimize your content without stress.

Then, you’ll appear for more searches, allowing you to attract more customers to your business. 

6. Ready to Go Responsive

Mobile devices are now the most popular way to access the internet. If your website isn’t responsive or mobile-optimized, you’re losing customers. 

Even if you have a great-looking desktop website, you’ll miss potential sales if your site looks wrong on mobile devices. Thankfully, WordPress makes it easy for you to create a responsive website.

You can toggle your view between desktop and mobile to determine how your pages will look on smaller screens.

Creating a mobile-optimized website can support your entire digital marketing strategy. For example, Google now uses mobile-first indexing to determine search rankings. If your site isn’t optimized, Google will prioritize competitors’ sites instead.

Mobile-optimization can benefit your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategy too. When someone clicks on your ad, they’ll visit a landing page on your website. Where your ads rank depends on your quality score, which is partially determined based on landing page experience.

If your landing page isn’t optimized or seems difficult to use, it could hurt your ad ranking. You could end up paying more per click as a result. 

7. Safe and Secure 

Your customers want to trust their personal contact information with companies they can trust. If your website isn’t secure, you could potentially lose customers. 

Thankfully, WordPress was developed with consumer safety and security in mind.

First, you’ll want to make sure you have an SSL certificate. Does your current website have “HTTPS” in front of the domain name? If not, you can work with WordPress to add an SSL certificate to your website.

You can also use plugins like Sucuri to protect yourself from malware and brute force attacks.

Are you accepting payments online? Make sure to prioritize security. In addition to protecting your customers’ private information, you’re also giving them peace of mind. Using WordPress’ security features could benefit your company’s reputation as a result. 

Consumers will see you have their best interests in mind. 

Google looks for secure websites when determining rankings. Updating your site with new security features can benefit your SEO ranking and help you attract more customers. 

8. It’s Open-Source With Great Support

WordPress is open-source, meaning there are plenty of WordPress developers eager to improve the platform. These developers help update WordPress’ security features and functionality throughout the year. 

Now that there’s a community of WordPress developers around the world, the platform continues to improve every day.

Trying to update your WordPress website on your own? These developers are there to help! You can head online and join a forum to find answers to all your questions.

If you can’t find an immediate answer, the WordPress community will help you troubleshoot the problem.  

9. Ready to Scale

As your company grows, your website will need to grow too. After all, you’ll want to properly market your products and services. Otherwise, consumers might not know what you have to offer.

Meanwhile, other businesses utilize more than one website to promote different parts of their company.

If you decide to use WordPress, it’s easy to scale your site for your needs. WordPress also has multi-site capabilities. 

You can create new websites while remaining on-budget. WordPress will scale based on your needs, allowing you to market your business appropriately. 

For example, you might want to localize your site for different audiences in various countries. You can duplicate and customize your website to appeal to audiences that speak different languages. That way, you don’t neglect an audience group.

10. Simple Integrations 

WordPress is also compatible with many third-party tools that can enhance your website. In addition to adding plugins, you might want to integrate your website with Google Analytics or MailChimp. If you take payments on your site, you might want to use a payment gateway too.

Many of these third-party tools are designed with WordPress in mind. As WordPress becomes more popular, you’ll find it’s easier to integrate other platforms with your site. As a result, you can use your WordPress website to enhance your overall digital marketing strategy. 

11. Preferred Among Designers

Over time, you might decide to switch from one designer or developer to another. They’ll need time to understand the complexity of your site, especially if it’s customized. 

Since WordPress is preferred among designers, a new designer won’t struggle to navigate the backend of your website. Instead, they’ll know exactly what to do to update your content or design.

12. Cost-Effectiveness for Small Businesses

One of the main reasons companies use WordPress is because it’s a cost-effective option. WordPress offers different plan types and pricing structures. As a result, you’ll only pay for what you need.

As your business grows, you can adjust your plan too. That way, you can add the functionality and features you need to support your overall business strategy. 

Use WordPress for Your Business Site Today

Ready to improve your digital marketing strategy? Consider these reasons to use WordPress before upgrading your site. Then, you can experience these WordPress benefits yourself!

Need help with your website? Book a free consultation with our website design team today.


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