Process for App Submission to iTunes Connect

Process for App Submission to iTunes Connect

14 Jun 2015


Nikesh Maharjan

You need a paid iOS developer account ($99/year) in order to submit applications, to the iTunes App Store.

Step 1 :
Go to : and click “Enroll Now”

Step 2 :
Click Continue

Step 3 :
Select option to “I need to create a new account….” OR
Select “I have an Apple ID…” in case you would like to use an existing Apple ID

Step 5:(New apple ID)
Complete the personal profile information, including your Apple ID, Security Information, Personal Information, Mailing address and click create Apple Id.

Step 6:
verify your email address and click continue

Step 7:
Check the box in order to agree to the Developer Agreement and click “I Agree”.

Step 8:

Select Primary Role and Experience
and check What are you developing , What other platforms do you develop for? And click register.

Step 9:
click continue
Joining the iOS Developer Program

Being a registered Apple developer gives you access to a lot of information, but to be able to send apps to the App Store (and to have access to certain associated portals) you need to enroll in Apple’s iOS developer program. This is the part that will cost you US$99 per year.
Step 10:
Login and go to the Account information,

Step 11:
click the “Join Today” link on iOS developer program of membership.

Step 12
click “Enroll Now”

Step 13
click “Continue”

Step 13
Choose to use your existing Apple Developer ID and click “Continue”:

Step 14:
The next page asks if you want to enroll as an individual or as a company. If you choose to enroll as a company the process won’t be as easy. You will need to submit a lot more paperwork to prove your involvement in the company.
If you do choose to enroll as a company, read the requirements on the right to make sure you have everything you’ll need.
Otherwise, just click the “Individual” button on the left, and continue.

Step 15:
Enter your contact and click continue

Step 16:
Select your program (iOS developer program) and click continue

step 17:
Review your enrollment information & continue.

Step 18:
Check the box in order to agree to the program license Agreement and click “I Agree”.

Step 19:
Complete your purchase on apple store by clicking buy now.

Step 20:
This brings us to the Apple Store to continue the process.

After submitting and paying for your iOS Developer registration, you’ll need to wait a day or so for Apple to process your order.
Eventually you should get an email from Apple.

Note: If you are EB Pearls client,  please provide created developer account credential to us to submit app to iTunes.

Nikesh Maharjan

Nikesh is the leader of our technical revolution who guides us to meet our clients expectation with high efficiency. He keeps our company updated with latest technologies and makes us ready for what future technologies have to offer.

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