Next-Level Cosmetic Healthcare with Now Fresh Clinics

Discover the transformative journey of Now Fresh Clinics, a startup that has become a leading player in the cosmetic healthcare industry. In this case study, we explore the challenges faced during the development of their innovative mobile app, the solutions implemented, and the outstanding results achieved.

Technology Used

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The Client

Now Fresh Clinics entered the cosmetic healthcare sector as a startup, aiming to provide convenient and efficient treatments. Their vision involved video consultations for simple procedures which enables nurses to prescribe treatments. The app also features automated processes, treatment planning, and a marketplace connecting doctors and nurses for collaborative care.

The Challenges

Our team faced the challenge of implementing facial recognition technology to identify patients and create treatment plan options based on facial nodes. Other concerns included data security and video and voice call functionality to enable remote communication between patients and staff.

Eb Pearls

Our Solution

To overcome the challenges, we implemented facial recognition technology to ensure the accuracy of patient data. We also included strong security measures to protect patient privacy and securely store their consent information.

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Seamless Virtual Consultations

The app enables doctors to remotely consult with patients through video calls, ensuring effective communication and minimising the need for in-person visits.

Icons Quality Assurance

Automated Treatment Plans

Our solution enables nurses to create personalised treatment plans, ensuring compliance, privacy, and data integrity throughout the process.

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Marketplace Integration

The mobile app facilitates connections between multiple doctors and nurses, fostering collaboration and enhancing the overall treatment experience.

Our role in the project

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Fresh Clinics

The Results

With the Now Frech Clinics app, patients can experience convenient remote consultations, empowering them to receive expert advice and treatment guidance. The automation features streamlined operations for nurses, clinics, and doctors, enabling efficient management and seamless collaboration. Contact us today to explore how our expertise in developing innovative software solutions can transform your business as well!

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