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Experience how Head On, a non-profit organization, harnessed our website development expertise to craft a platform that is both user-friendly and responsive. This platform empowers photo artists to showcase their work and actively engage in awards and competitions.

Technology Used

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Understanding the Client:

Head On’s primary dedication lies in offering a platform for photo artists to exhibit their creative endeavors. Recognizing the client’s mission to cultivate equal opportunities and recognition for all photographers, we embarked on a website redesign project with a deep understanding of these objectives. By integrating this vision into our solution, we aimed to create an impactful and effective platform for artists to showcase their work.

Our Approach:

To meet the client’s requirements, we adopted a comprehensive approach encompassing user experience research, UI/UX audits, stakeholder workshops, product strategy development, and responsive web app development. Our goal was to create an intuitive and visually appealing website that catered to both the artists and the organization’s administrative needs.

The Challenge:

The existing Drupal website posed limitations for both users and the organization in terms of functionality and backend management. We had to overcome these challenges and create a new platform using WordPress that seamlessly mirrored the Drupal site while also introducing additional features, such as the ability to hire photographers.

Responsive Design:

One of the core aspects of our development process was ensuring a responsive design. We crafted a user interface that adapted flawlessly across different devices, providing an optimal viewing experience for photo artists and other users accessing the website from various platforms.

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Key Features:

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Photo Submission:

Artists can easily submit their photos for awards and competitions organized by Head On, empowering them to gain recognition for their work.

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Head On Festival/ Head On Awards

The Head On Festival, a significant event organized by the organization, is showcased on the website, providing artists and visitors with essential details, schedules, and updates. The Head On Awards section highlights different categories, including Landscape, Portrait, and Student photographic prizes, encouraging artists to participate and excel in their respective fields

Our role in the project

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Head On

The Outcome:

With our expertise in web app development, we successfully delivered a new and improved website for Head On. The platform met the client’s requirements by providing a user-friendly, accessible experience that emphasized equal opportunities and appreciation for photo artists. The careful planning, attention to detail, and collaborative efforts ensured a successful project completion, aligning with the organization’s mission.

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