Best and Well – Revolutionizing Online Pharmacy for Smokers

Explore how Best & Well, an online pharmacy website by Wild by Instinct, revolutionized the journey towards a tobacco-free lifestyle for smokers through prescription-based nicotine replacement therapy. Discover our approach, the challenges we faced, the key features we implemented, and the remarkable outcome achieved through this transformative project.

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Understanding the Client:

At Best and Well, our mission was to create an innovative online pharmacy platform that catered specifically to smokers. We aimed to provide prescription-based nicotine replacement therapy and personalized guidance to assist smokers in their journey towards a tobacco-free lifestyle.

Our Approach:

To meet the client’s objectives, we adopted a comprehensive approach that involved understanding the unique needs of smokers and leveraging technology to provide effective solutions. We collaborated closely with the client throughout the project to ensure their vision was translated into a functional and user-friendly website.

The Challenge:

One of the main challenges we encountered was the need to comply with the new vaping laws in Australia, which affected the availability of online counseling services for smokers. We had to develop a system that allowed users to book online appointments with health professionals while adhering to the regulations. This required careful planning and integration of age verification, account management, and appointment booking functionalities.

Responsive Design:

To cater to the diverse range of devices used by our target audience, we implemented a responsive design approach. This ensured that the Best and Well website provided a seamless and optimal user experience across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. Our design and development teams worked together to create a visually appealing and intuitive interface that adapted to different screen sizes

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Key Features:

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Prescription-Based Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Best and Well offered a wide range of nicotine replacement products, including gum, patches, and vaping devices, all prescribed by qualified health professionals. This ensured smokers received the appropriate dosage and support to help them quit cigarettes.

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Seamless Appointment Booking

Through our website, users could easily book appointments with health professionals. We implemented an intuitive and secure system that facilitated the scheduling process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for smokers seeking guidance.

Our role in the project

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The Outcome:

Our collaborative efforts with the client resulted in the successful development of Best and Well, a revolutionary online pharmacy platform for smokers. The website not only met all the client’s requirements but also prioritized user experience and compliance with vaping laws. Smokers now have access to prescription-based nicotine replacement therapy, personalized guidance, and a user-friendly interface, empowering them to achieve a tobacco-free lifestyle.

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