Why Market Research Is Important: A Breakdown

Why Market Research Is Important: A Breakdown

25 May 2020


Binisha Sharma

Have you ever received a survey pop up on a website asking you to provide feedback on your user experience?

It’s commonplace to get popups like that nowadays. If you’ve been in this situation, you’ve been on the receiving end of a marketing research project.

But what are those surveys being used for? And is it the only way to conduct market research?

Keep reading our guide below to learn what market research is, how to conduct it, and its importance to your business!

What Is Market Research

Market research is the process of collecting and analyzing information about things such as client preferences, product development, or an industry as a whole. Market research is important for both potential and already established businesses. This research can be used to target certain demographics, build successful marketing campaigns, improve products, and more.

How to Conduct Market Research

If you want more insight into your business or industry, you might be wondering how to conduct market research. You can contract professional market researchers for the entire process or perform it on your own if you have an analytical background.

In order to perform market research, you will have to narrow in on your goal, set aside a research budget, and decide how you want to conduct this research. Some people run surveys or call clients, while others use software to analyze batches of data.

The Importance of Market Research

Successful marketing teams will recognize its importance and use market research findings to help a business flourish. The following points explain why market research is important for business success and how it’s critical for weeding out potential problems.

Competitor Insight

If you’re wondering how you compare to your competition, market research is key. The research can show you where your competitors are succeeding, where they’re failing, and how you measure up against them. It can also show you what your competitors are lacking and what void you can fill in your industry.

Keeps You Current

Market research is necessary to stay up to date with trends relevant to your industry and marketing in general. If you run social media or print marketing campaigns regularly, it’s crucial that you know what methods are currently most effective and how to successfully implement them.

Customer Knowledge

Market research is useful in creating a profile for your average customer. Through market research, you can learn about which demographics are using your business or which you should be advertising to.

Learning more about your client demographic will be useful if you plan on using targeted advertising. It will also help you evaluate how to tweak your product or services in order to better suit your customers.

A Business Necessity

Market research is critical for business growth, whether you’re just starting out or a veteran in your field. Knowing how your company’s efforts are working and how it relates to competitors, customers, and the marketing sphere at large is important for your growth as a business!

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