10 Elements for Effective eCommerce Websites – Part 1

10 Elements for Effective eCommerce Websites – Part 1

11 Jul 2022


Gorakh Shrestha

In today’s fast-paced world where people are always on the go, the freedom of shopping online has been an eye-opener for many who are used to the traditional ways of making purchases. Shopping online is increasingly becoming a convenient way to make purchases and accomplish daily tasks.

Through eCommerce, more and more businesses are now able to engage their customers and users directly without having to go through the hassle of setting up an office or retail shop. But with the ever-increasing competition, you need to constantly improve your online presence and products and services.

A Good eCommerce design can be your best option. Here are some of the important elements you should consider when designing your eCommerce website.

  1) Product Descriptions

Your products are the cornerstone of any online business. Therefore, it is crucial to include the necessary product information.

The product description box is the most important box on your eCommerce website. This is often the first thing that your potential customers will read when they get to your site, so it is important to draw attention to it. There are various ways to go about this, but effective product descriptions will often contain the following elements:

  • Name of the product
  • Description of the product
  • Important specifications (such as size, age and weight)
  • Price
  • Sales pitch (This is optional, but can make your product even more appealing)

  2) Professional Product Photography

To bring your product to life, it is important to show it off in photos. Use an enticing product photo for the main product page. So, it is a good idea to use product photography to show your customers what their purchases will look like. Rather than just listing the product and showing a picture of a model in the product, show your product against a white background to make it easy for your customers to be able to see the items clearly. Photos can also be used to subtly imply what type of person might be interested in buying your product.

  3) Bestseller Products On Homepage

People love to shop for bestseller products. Hence, you should make sure that you display the featured or best-selling products on your home page. This will help potential customers with an idea of what you are offering and make a quick decision about the product they want to buy.

  4) Price Filters

Price filters are another element of an effective eCommerce website that allows users to quickly find items that fit their budget. The price filter allows your customers to sort and filter product prices by features such as colour, size, and brand. Price filters are essential to the success of your eCommerce website. There are many different ways that price filters can be used. For example, setting a minimum price, allowing your customers to buy items in a specific price range, and giving your customers the ability to sort products by price.  

  5) Shipping Details

Display your shipping and return details prominently. A majority of eCommerce websites display shipping options only on the product page and not on the product details page. So, give your customers as much information about the shipping of the product as you can. You can also include information about your payment methods, shipping costs, and which country or country you ship to. This will save time and make the customer understand that you are clear about the shipping and customer satisfaction.


With a growing number of online shops in Australia, it is imperative that you have a clear vision and a comprehensive plan to differentiate and market your products in the most effective way possible. Developing a strong eCommerce website is the first step. With these tips, you are well on your way to doing just that. Check out part 2 for a more successful and secure eCommerce website! EB Pearls is a team of professional eCommerce web designers to make your eCommerce website more effective and reach out to a large audience. We help you with the latest eCommerce web design trends to convert your website visitors into leads and ultimately, leads into customers. Let us provide you with the best eCommerce web design services for your business. Get in touch with us today!


Gorakh is one of our best and continues to achieve excellence. His strong leadership and communication skills are second to none when it comes to developing the best websites possible. Gorakh is always ready to take on new challenges and gain more experience for himself and his team to grow to the next level.

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