10 Ways to Improve Your Mobile App Ranking

10 Ways to Improve Your Mobile App Ranking

21 Sep 2018


Akash Shakya

Statistics project mobile phone users to reach 4.68 billion by the year 2019. In 2016 alone, about 62.9% of the world’s population had mobile phones.

In order to leverage mobile phone use, you should have an app for your business. If you already have a mobile app developed, the next step is to improve mobile app rankings and drive downloads.

Want to learn how? Read on to see our ten tips for improving your mobile app ranking.

Why Improve Your Mobile App Ranking?

By improving your mobile app ranking, you are more likely to get your app noticed and downloaded.

A mobile app is important for increasing customer engagement and meeting your customers’ needs.

Why should you focus on mobile? Here are a few reasons why your business needs a mobile app.

People Are Spending A Lot of Time on Mobile

The average user spends 5 hours a day on their mobile phone. People spend this time connecting with others and looking up information about businesses.

You should leverage this information and create an app for your business. If users download your app, they will think about your business every time they open up their phone.

You can also get important data and trends about your potential customers. You can use this information to target your audience when trying to get more downloads.

Provide Direct Marketing About Your Products and Services.

Your app can give potential customers information about your products and services. You can tell users about any upcoming sales or deals. You can also use push notifications to alert customers about promotions in real-time.

Build Your Brand

The more your customers see and use your app, the more they will remember your company name. You can also design your app according to your company brand.

Engage With Your Customers

These days, many people prefer engaging with companies through text or messaging than phone calls. You can take advantage of this and provide a way for users to contact you through your app.

Our 10 Tips for Improving Your Mobile App Ranking

If your app is finally ready to showcase to the world, read on for our tips to improve mobile app ranking.

1. Optimise Your App with the Right Keywords

In the Google Play store, organic traffic is the leading source or second leading source of app installs and visits.

This shows that many users know what they are looking for and use specific keywords to find the apps they need. How do you find the right keywords? By understanding the purpose of your app and doing a little research.

What is the Purpose of Your App?

In order to create a keyword strategy for your mobile app, you must ask yourself what is the purpose of your app? What will your app accomplish for the average user? Also, what category does your app fall into?

By answering these questions, you will get a better understanding of which keywords to target.

Implement Keyword Research

In order to develop a keyword strategy, you have to do some research.

One tool you can use is Google’s Keyword Planner. This tool allows you to enter keywords and see how many times people search for those particular keywords. You can also see which keywords are most popular.

Another idea is to research your competition. You can search for competing apps and see which keywords they use.

You can also research by asking people what words they would use to describe your app. You can target people that fall into the demographic that is most likely use your app. You can also ask your friends and family members about your app and have them describe it to you.

Once you conduct your research, you will get a better idea of which keywords to use for your app.

2. Write a Good App Description

Now that you have your keywords, it’s time to write a compelling app description.

Using your keywords, write a description that describes your app and what it does. Your description should tell users exactly how this app can benefit them and entice them to download it. You can also include user testimonials or any coverage your app received.

Make sure the description is easy to read. Break up chunks of text with white space. Use bullet points when appropriate. You have a small amount of space available so make every word count without being too superfluous and wordy.

3. Use High-Quality Images in the App Description

There are 2.2 million apps in the Apple App Store and 8 million in the Google Play store. The competition is high.

When users do a search in an app store, their eyes are quickly looking over many apps. Having high-quality, striking images can make a user stop and notice your app.

Choose images and screenshots that best represent your app and show off your app’s best features. Users should get a basic understanding of what your app is about by looking at the images in the description.

4. Include Videos in the App Description

Some people may want more information about your app before downloading it. And some users are visual learners who prefer video instead of reading full app descriptions.

By including a short video in your app description, you can provide supplementary information about your app. Your video should be informative, and engaging, and should highlight the best features of your app.

5. Test for Bugs and App Issues

There is nothing worse than an app filled with bugs.

Take some time to test all parts of your mobile app. Test your login page. Test how easily you can navigate throughout the app. Also, test how quickly the app downloads to your phone.

By eliminating bugs and issues, you can provide potential customers with a smooth app experience.

6. Continually Roll Out Upgrades

Once you test your app for bugs, make sure to consistently roll out updates.

You can find out what parts of the app need updating through frequent testing and by reading user reviews to see if there are any complaints or suggestions for improvements. You can also ask for feedback from your app users.

Continually upgrading your app sends a message to users that your company is always trying to improve itself and takes customer feedback into consideration. By doing this, you can not only increase your mobile app ranking but also build loyalty with your customers

7. Ask for Feedback and Ratings

Research shows that 92% of users use the average star rating on mobile apps to influence whether or not they will download an app.

And 59% of users report that they usually or always look at an app’s reviews and ratings before they download it.

In fact, 96% of people surveyed say that they would consider downloading a mobile app that has a 4-star average rating while 50% would consider downloading with a 3-star rating, and only 15% claim they would consider downloading a mobile app with a 2-star rating.

Ratings and reviews matter if you want to increase your mobile app ranking. You should request feedback from your users and ask them to review or rate your mobile app.

You can request feedback by using in-app messages. In-app messages can be effective because users receive them while they are using the app. This way, when you request feedback, the users will have ideas about your app fresh in their mind and can provide constructive feedback.

8. Don’t Skimp on the App Design

There were 178.1 billion mobile app downloads in 2017. You have to get your app noticed, and you can do this by creating an innovative, eye-catching design.

First, focus on your icon. Does your icon represent your app? Does it attract attention without being too complicated? Then, make sure your app has an intuitive design and easy navigation.

9. Leverage the Power of Social Media

Use social media to promote engaging content and increase interest in your brand and mobile app.

Don’t create posts that are just self-promoting. Instead, create posts that are informative and interesting to your audience. Tell your audience how your app will make their lives easier. Likewise, show your audience how interesting your app is through short videos.

By providing useful content, you can build a relationship with your audience and drive more app downloads.

Another idea is to reach out to social media influencers. You can ask them to promote your app if its relevant to their industry.

10. Create Search Ads

To boost your mobile app ranking, you can also consider running search ads. On average, Apple App Store search ads have a 50% conversion rate.

More Tips for Improving Your Mobile App Ranking

Another extra tip for mobile app ranking: make sure your mobile app is different and unique. The competition is too great out there to have an app that is the same as thousands of other apps.

Are you in the planning stages of creating a mobile app and not sure how to get started? Consider consulting with a professional to turn your app idea into the real thing.

Want more tips? Check out our blog for advice on mobile app marketing.

Akash Shakya

Coming from distributed computing background, Akash manages the Sydney operations. He is highly technical yet very business focused and is always driven to create successful business products for our clients.

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