How Mobile Apps and Mobile App Developers Are Changing Business

How Mobile Apps and Mobile App Developers Are Changing Business

13 Sep 2021


Roshan Manandhar

Do you use mobile apps or mobile websites more? Maybe you use mobile apps more because of the personal experience or the ease of use on your smaller screen.

If that’s the case, hiring mobile app developers for your business shouldn’t be a question. Developing your own app can help you stand out and compete with other businesses.

Read on to learn why mobile apps and their developers matter.

A Better Presence Online

One of the most significant ways mobile apps are changing business is that they provide companies with more of an online presence. Perhaps your business already has a website and multiple social media profiles.

Developing an app will give you one more way to attract and connect with potential customers. Depending on the app you create, it may even generate revenue directly.

Or it could direct people to your website where they can purchase your products or services. Either way, app developers can create an app that helps your business grow and adapt to the increase in mobile use.

While website developers do know how to develop mobile sites, an app is even better. Apps are specific to the platform, so you can design them to work well on iOS, Android, and other mobile platforms.

Various Marketing Options

Developing an app will also provide your business with another way to market to prospective users and customers. When you launch your app, you can use app store optimisation (ASO) to increase your reach.

ASO involves using keywords in your app title and description. That way, the App Store and Google Play will recognize what your app is about and show it to people searching for relevant apps.

If you don’t have an app, you won’t be able to access that form of marketing. You’ll have to rely on social media or search engine optmisation (SEO), which can work.

However, varying your strategies can help attract more people, which will then grow your business faster.

More Flexible

App development also offers more flexibility to you and your customers. For you, an app provides multiple ways to bring in users and build your business.

Customers can download your app and use it for free to test it out. They might decide to upgrade with an in-app purchase to improve their experience when using the app.

And your customers don’t have to navigate to your mobile website when using smartphones. Instead, they can tap on your app icon on their home screen and start consuming your content.

Having fewer steps to interact with your business may help increase those interactions. That way, your business can see more growth.

Diversify Revenue Streams

The flexibility of an app also extends to the way you make money from it. If you only sell on your website, for example, you have to get people to go there for your business to earn revenue.

When you have a mobile app, you can use it to make money. An eCommerce store might add its products to a mobile app, while a tech startup might create a free app with in-app purchases.

Either way, apps make it easy for businesses to generate revenue overall. Customers can use the app or website, so they can interact with your business the way they prefer.

Build Relationships

When working with mobile app developers, you can consider your ideal user experience. Maybe you want to require users to create an account to use your app, so you require their name, email address, and a password.

You can include in your app terms and conditions that you’ll log each user’s email address. Whenever you have a new product, service, or a sale, you’ll be able to email your users about the sale.

A mobile can also help you build relationships between launches and sales. Consider allowing your customers to post to a community tab or contact your business, which may help you generate more revenue.

As you build these relationships, you can learn more about your customers and their needs. That will help you develop your app and other products and services so that they’re perfect for your ideal customer.

Personal Communication

When creating a website, website developers often have to make the website relatively generic. Communication happens through your contact page, and it can seem impersonal for your visitors.

However, app development can make it easier for users and businesses to communicate. You might add a messaging feature to allow customers to submit questions that you or an employee will answer.

Depending on the features you add, a mobile app can feel more personal. Users may feel like they can connect with you and your team, which can help provide a better customer experience and make people want to buy.

Engage Users

If you rely on a website or social media to interact with other users, you have to work hard to maintain that engagement. Especially on social media, followers can scroll past your posts and move on to the next page.

When someone arrives at your website through search, they can click on the back button to leave your site. However, when someone visits your app, it can be easier to engage with and retain users.

You can use various features to attract users to the app, such as push notifications. Then, you can build customer loyalty and keep people from wanting to go to your competitor.

Plus, anyone who downloads and uses your app already has some interest in your business. It’s generally easier to sell to those people than to people who don’t know what your business is.

Connect With Local Customers

If you run a brick-and-mortar business, an app may not seem necessary. However, you can use your app to market to local customers with a phone’s GPS feature.

For example, Sydney app developers can track when a customer or client is near the office. They can send a notification to the customer’s phone prompting them to stop in.

Other local businesses may use notifications to promote a sale or coupon code. Notifications may help get more foot traffic to the store which can increase sales.

Maintain Brand Awareness

Even when someone doesn’t use your app, having it on their home screen can remind them about your business. Mobile app developers can design an app icon using your brand logo and colour scheme.

You can’t get this kind of brand awareness from a website or social media. People have to log into social media or visit your site to see those brand elements.

If you develop an app, that app icon will love on someone’s phone home screen. Whenever they open their phone, they’ll see your branding.

Even if they aren’t ready to buy yet, they might think of your company when they need something you sell. That can help you increase sales over the long term.

Improve Offers

App developers don’t stop working on apps with the first launch, and neither should you. When you release an app, you can access a lot of information about your audience that you can’t get elsewhere.

For example, users can leave reviews in the App Store or Google Play. While reviews help potential users, they also help you learn what people like and don’t like about the app or what you offer on the app.

Go through your app reviews each month or so and take that information into account when updating the program. That way, you can make sure your app fulfils the needs of your user base.

Secure and Scalable

Good app developers will also set your app up for success by making it secure and scalable. App security will reduce the risk of someone hacking into your app and installing malware.

By releasing a secure app, you can build trust with your customers. And you’ll have control over that security, unlike on a social media network.

An app developer can also build your app so that it will scale and grow with your business. That way, you’ll be able to support more users in the app.

Being able to scale the various elements of your business is crucial. You may not always predict when you’ll get a boost of traffic, so having a scalable app will keep you from losing traffic due to an overload.

Provide Customer Service

Customer service is a vital part of any successful business. Traditional businesses may have a phone number that people can call to receive customer service or other forms of assistance.

However, phone lines can take a lot of people and time to manage. You also might not be able to take messages at any time if you rely on live people.

If you develop an app, you can set up a customer service portal. That way, customers can send messages when it’s convenient for them.

You’ll respond the next day when you get into work, so you can answer questions promptly. And customers won’t need to use a phone or find a quiet spot to contact you for help.

Employee Access

Some businesses may decide to develop an app for their team. This is an excellent option for businesses with remote employees because your team members can access files and other work no matter where they are.

They don’t have to use a company computer or their personal desktop. Instead, they can access and submit files when they’re on the go, which is great if your employees travel.

While you can use other productivity apps, they may not have the features you want. App developers can review the features you need, and they can build an app just for your company.

Learn With AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a useful type of technology for businesses, whether or not you have an app. AI can help you learn more about your customers and who uses your app.

Use that information to help improve the features and design of your app. That way, you can retain users and increase your revenue through in-app purchases or other revenue streams.

Another excellent way to use AI is to develop a chatbot within your mobile app. The bot can answer basic questions and help with customer service.

Then, you and your employees can focus on bigger issues. The AI should be able to recognize when it doesn’t have the answer, so it can refer the customer to you or your customer service team.

Access Analytics

When you create a mobile app, you can view your analytics in real-time to see how many people are using your app and how they use it. Perhaps you find that you don’t have many daily users but you have more weekly or monthly users.

You can use that information to develop the app to encourage daily use. That could be in the form of daily challenges or flash sales, or you might implement daily push notifications.

App analytics can also tell you how people find your app. If you get a lot of views but not many clicks or downloads, you can adjust your app description to help sell the app.


As app development becomes more common, you may find app developers that can build an app in less time. Even if you have a big budget for your app, it never hurts to be able to save time and money.

The increase in apps may also make it easier to find better app developers for your project. Then, you can get the app you want and launch it on your ideal timeline.

If you want to compete with other businesses, you may need to develop an app. You can be the first to release an app of its kind, or your app may have a lot of competition.

Either way, app development is worth the investment. Soon, you may not be able to gain customers without one.

The Importance of App Developers

As more companies release mobile apps, app developers will become a more important asset to your business. If you want to keep up with the mobile trend, you need a good app.

That way, you can attract and retain users. You won’t have to rely on a responsive website or a massive social presence to build your business.

Are you ready to build an app? View our services and book a free consultation today.

Roshan Manandhar

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