3 Common Challenges That Small Businesses Face Online

3 Common Challenges That Small Businesses Face Online
Akash Shakya By Akash Shakya December 19th 2015

Owning a small business is sometimes… anything but small. If you are a small business entrepreneur you probably know what we are talking about. Sometimes, the challenges that small online businesses like yours face are nothing short of exhausting.

But if you want to make it big in the world of online sales you have to learn how to avoid the issues that cause most small businesses to get out of the game in the first 5 years.

The most important advice we can give you, is to plan ahead. This is the only way you will be ready to face the marketing challenges that lie ahead and, even better, overcome them.

Let’s talk about the 3 most common challenges that small businesses face in the online marketing world today:

1.  Not giving enough credit to your online presence

Some entrepreneurs don’t even take the time to build a professional online presence. Big mistake!

The first thing people turn to when they need something is the web. It’s where everybody is at and if you are not on it, your business is certainly missing out. But, as basic as this first challenge may seem, it is often overlooked even by social media and online business giants.

If you are not doing it on a regular basis, then you are not doing it at all. The reality is… an online presence is one of the most rewarding features of running a small business, if not the most rewarding.

Let’s take your website for instance. Where else can you grow the number of your “online shop” visitors in a very short period of time? Your website is the number one place where you can convince your customers that you are worth it.

So before you establish an online presence with your website, you need to learn how to create a strong visual brand that takes your business message across the online environment.

Nowadays, one of the most important website features is called “responsiveness” (the website adapts to the size of the screen it is being accessed from).

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2. Expecting  too much too soon

It takes time to build a strong brand, no matter what type of business you are in. Miracles don’t happen overnight, especially if you are on your own. Think about your long-term goals instead of focusing on the moment frenzy.

Taking things step by step is the only solution to building a powerful online brand. It’s easy to get distracted by tangents along the way, so keep your mind on the final result. When you invest a lot of time and personal effort on your online presence, you probably expect new prospects to be flooding in.

That isn’t usually the case.

But, if you do wish to speed things up a bit, there is a simple solution to help you achieve that: creating a mobile app to complement your website. Did you know that in 2015, more people accessed a website from a mobile device than from a desktop PC? This only goes to show that mobile apps and mobile websites are the next thing in the online world. Actually, they are already the thing!

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3. Doing it all on your own

Things might seem pretty easy to work with in the beginning. This goes without saying. But you will notice that, after some time, the pressure will become too much to handle. Perhaps you are reluctant to having new members on board… but this will eventually become necessary.

And that is good news!  The more profitable your business becomes, the more people you will need to have around you.

And if other team members can’t do the job, a website and app development company certainly will.

That is the definition of growing your business into a powerful money-making machine: in today’s flexible world, you don’t need to hire people in order to grow your business. All you need is to know where you can find the collaborators that can take your online presence to the next level.
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Akash Shakya By Akash Shakya

Coming from distributed computing background, Akash manages the Sydney operations. He is highly technical yet very business focused and is always driven to create successful business products for our clients.

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