5 easy steps to capture leads effectively

5 easy steps to capture leads effectively

25 Oct 2015


Akash Shakya

Are you starting to lose some ground in your sales department? Are you trying to turn leads into (returning) customers?

In every business, one of the most important goals is to bring more and more customers. You need to keep the business constantly moving. But every goal has its little goals, and every little goal has its even smaller steps. And each of those steps needs to be followed thoroughly so you can get the best results.

The same process is used when you want to turn leads into (returning) customers. It resembles a lot with the construction of a house when, if the foundation is not built strong enough, you might not be able to finish the rest of the house.

So let’s see 5 simple methods to turn website visitors into faithful customers and – why not? – brand ambassadors…


While email marketing might not be the “prettiest” marketing strategy, it is still one of the most efficient for generating more leads, conducting them through the sales filter, and building a loyal customer base. Through emails, you are always in contact with your audience.

There are multiple types of emails that you can send, among the most popular being:

  • promotional – when you announce your latest promos
  • opt-in – when someone subscribes to your newsletter
  • transactional – when someone makes a purchase
  • newsletter – when you are informing your database about your latest blog posts or news release

The important thing is to be careful when creating the emails. Your emails should be persuasive and engaging but not disturbing.

Extra tip: include images, and options for sharing, and do not forget about the call to action.

Form Submissions

The forms should be well-optimised with autoresponder. The main goal of any sales page is to reduce friction as much as possible. Imagine placing all the questions above on a single, long page filled with requests. That’s some serious friction over there! It would definitely chase customers away from the page, affecting your profits…


LiveChat is software that allows your audience to ask live questions, the best part being that you can answer right away. LiveChat is a great opportunity for you to establish a connection with your community.

They can see how involved you are in your customers’ well-being and how much you care about giving them the best experience with your business. It is a great way to see how you are managing their inquiries in real-time.

Phone Calls

Maybe some of your website users don’t have the patience to type in long messages or maybe what they need to talk to you about is more complicated.

Having a phone number available on your website makes things so much easier. It also gives them the feeling that you are always available and willing to listen to what they have to say.

Bonus tip: Thanks to the ever-evolving technology like Twilio, now you can rack phone calls to see how many of them are coming from your website!


Sign-ups are forms where users leave their personal information such as name and email address so they can keep in touch with your business.

They have already purchased something from your website, but you don’t want them to stop there; you want to turn them into returning customers. So you are using sign-up forms to keep your customers updated about your promotions, your latest releases, and your contests. It makes your community engaged and thus increases the chances of earning a returning customer.

In conclusion, the connection you build with your audience is very important. It is a continuous process and you have to take care of it on a daily basis. Now that you know the secrets of building up customer loyalty, all you need to do is implement the strategies and start reaping the rewards of returning customers!

Akash Shakya

Coming from distributed computing background, Akash manages the Sydney operations. He is highly technical yet very business focused and is always driven to create successful business products for our clients.

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