Understanding the Anatomy of a Website: A Guide for Business Owners

Understanding the Anatomy of a Website: A Guide for Business Owners

13 Jan 2020


Joseph Bridge

With more than 2.3 million actively trading businesses in Australia in June 2018, business is booming. But business can always improve, especially with today’s technology. 

The Internet makes it incredibly easy to find and reach your target market. But you need to know what you’re doing to ensure you capture their attention. 

And that starts by developing a website that attracts customers and keeps them coming back time and again. To do that effectively you must understand the anatomy of a website. 

We want to help you build the best site possible. Keep reading to learn the web design vocabulary you need to know about. 

The Anatomy of a Website Starts With a Responsive Design

88% of Australians own a smartphone and market growth is being primarily driven by older generations. 

We’re also using our phones to search for businesses online. Therefore, you must design a website that is responsive.

A responsive website ensures no matter what device your customers are using when they find you, your website looks amazing and is easy to navigate. 



JavaScript is a language that lets web designers create interactions on a web page.

You can use JavaScript to validate forms, load new content without having to reload an entire page and incorporate special visual effects. 

JavaScript also lets websites interact and react with customers based on its own input methods such as:

  • Automated actions
  • Movement
  • Speech
  • Touch

The more human-like a website acts and reacts, the better experience a customer has on your site. 


Content is king when it comes to websites. And like academics, it’s a publish or perish world. 

Fortunately, when done right, content helps boost SEO (search engine optimization) meaning you organically capture the attention of both customers and search engines. 

Quality Over Quantity

Focusing on providing quality content rather than quantity is one strategy. Use your site to inform, entertain, and educate customers. Create a blog and share information to let everyone know you’re an expert in your field. 

Research keywords that your customers use to help find businesses like yours.

Use internal and external links to help you with the following:

  • Establish credibility
  • Provide additional information
  • Drive more traffic to your site
  • Avoid duplicate content on your site

Use photography, videos, and graphs to help make the content on your site more visually appealing.

Build Brand Loyalty

Content is the heart of your website, it’s an opportunity to share what your business is about, what your core values are, and why someone should do business with you. 


If CCS and HTML were human, it would be considered the aesthetics like skin and facial features which is what makes us attractive to other humans. 

While HTML (hypertext mark-up language) coding provides a way for web designers to instruct the web browser how to treat each piece of content. This way your site knows the difference between an image and text copy. 

CSS means cascading style sheets. CSS helps designers control how different elements within a web page will look on a web browser. CSS deals with controlling things such as:

  • Colour of text
  • Shape, size, and position of all different parts of a web page to be set
  • The background 

While the back end of CSS and HMTL may look like a mess, the end result that the user sees when done right is visually stunning. 

Work With Us

The anatomy of a website, like the human body, has many components. It’s not always easy to know how to put them together correctly so that they create an effective marketing strategy. 

We can help. Contact us to help you build a stunning website. 


Joseph Bridge is a seasoned professional in the field of business development, currently serving as the Business Development Manager at EB Pearls, a dynamic and innovative company in the technology sector. With a strong track record of driving growth and forging strategic partnerships, Joseph brings a wealth of expertise to his role.

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