9 Unique Ways to Attract New Users to Your App

9 Unique Ways to Attract New Users to Your App

04 Jun 2019


Binisha Sharma

Over half of all users find new apps through app store searches. While that’s a large percentage, that still leaves about half who find apps through other avenues such as internet search, in-app advertising, and so on.

App user acquisition is a centre point for any marketing strategy. You may have a fantastic app, but no one will download it if they can’t find it.

Here are nine ways to bolster mobile user acquisition.

1. App Store Optimisation (ASO)

App store optimisation has a simple goal for user acquisition. Users should be able to find and download your app in the app store with ease. The key to this is conversion rate optimisation.

How will your app rank in search results? How many downloads will that result in The more downloads, the more user reviews, ratings, and comments people will leave.

Optimising your app follows the same principles as website SEO. Here are some guidelines for securing your app’s ASO.

It’s All in the Title

You want people to remember the name of your app. So, a creative title is vital. At the same time, you want users to know what your app is about right from the title.

So, to ensure mobile app acquisition, the app title should be understandable and reflect its purpose.

Follow the Title with a Keyword-Rich Description

You’ve caught people’s attention with the title. Now give them a reason to click the download button.

In the app description, present the best features of your app so that they appear in the shortened text. Users can select the “more” button to read the rest.

As for keywords, the recommended number to include is five. The app store also contains a section you should populate with specific keywords.

For those, think about what customers will type in the search field. Be sure to follow the guidelines for your app store, taking care to avoid special characters whenever possible.

Aim for Positive Ratings

It goes without saying that reviews influence buyers. Further, the app store will highlight the apps that users will likely download. So, focus on app ratings to ensure they keep rolling in.

The number and quality of customer reviews influence your app’s place in search results. The more positive ratings, the better. To bolster user acquisition, you could run a contest or add a review plugin.

Icon for App User Acquisition

The icon is the visual that users see while browsing the app store. An icon that catches the eye can draw more people to your app. Your icon should also indicate the purpose of the app so as not to mislead.

Some standards guidelines for icons are to keep it simple with a single focal point. Square corners also make for a sharper presentation.

Videos and Screenshots

Interesting as well as meaningful screenshots and short videos will encourage downloads and increase mobile user acquisition. The user wants an accurate snapshot of the user experience.

If using video, the clip should show the app’s primary functions and value within a few seconds.

Select the Right Category

Many users browse categories to find apps. Incorrect categorisation could mean fewer downloads because potential users never see your app in their chosen category.

Take some time to be sure you place your app in the correct category as well as a subcategory.

2. Promote Your App

Now that you have taken the proper ASO steps to make your app appealing, your next goal is to generate traffic to it in the app store. There’s no better, or cheaper, way to do that than on your own website.

Create a separate page for your app that shows its features and advantages.

Of course, it would also include links to the respective app stores.

Elsewhere on your website, place a banner that leads to this page.

3. Launch Email Marketing Campaigns

If you already have subscribers, try email marketing to influence those subscribers to download your app. Your customers already subscribe to your company emails.

So, they are more than likely willing to try your app as well, making email campaigns an effective way to increase mobile acquisition.

4. Tap Social Media

Internet users spend a good chunk of their online time on social media sites. Most of them go there by way of a mobile device. So, they are likely to download an app to make the user experience easier.

The social media platforms you target will vary per your target audience. The common platforms are, of course, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Others are Snapchat, Pinterest, and Tumblr. You’d do well to have ads for your app appear in people’s feeds on any of those.

Some platforms are more popular with specific demographic groups. For example, millennial use Snapchat and Instagram more so than Pinterest.

Thus, knowing your target audience’s preferences will direct you to the correct social media platform. For instance, studies show that millennials prefer high-quality visuals in their apps.

When tapping social media, you should consider free as well as paid methods of advertising. It’s free to post on your own account.

Even so, be sure you post engaging content that people will read as well as share. From there, follow suit with paid advertising campaigns.

5. In-App and Online Advertising

For those users who don’t regularly use social media, you can reach them using in-app and online ads. Over a third of people discover new apps while they are using other apps.

In-app advertising is as powerful, if not more, than ads in search engine. App owners often work out cross-advertising partnerships to promote ads for free.

As for search engine ads, you use Google AdWords to create and launch those. Here again, keywords are crucial to user acquisition, as are using filters to target mobile app users

6. Establish a Public Relations Strategy

More traditional media coverage is still an effective avenue to attract new app users. Reach out to editors or companies. Ask if they will place information about your app.

Your request should explain why and how your mobile app is valuable to their readers. Consider your target audience and select relevant blogs, online magazines, and private company blogs that may advertise for you.

7. Offline Campaigns

Traditional print materials are still excellent ways to advertise thanks to the convenience of QR codes. Readers can scan the code from printed material to go straight to the app store.

If they fit into your marketing strategy, create posters, leaflets, banners, and stickers.

Distribute your printed materials appropriate for your app. If your budget allows, you can also advertise in printed newspapers and printed magazines.

8. Offer a Free Trial

There’s really no better way to convince a user to download your mobile app than offering a free trial. If yours is a paid add or subscription service, then offer a free demo so users can experience it firsthand.

Be sure to highlight the app’s key features. Also, let users know those features won’t be available once the trial period ends. Or, which features are only available with the paid version.

9. App Promotional Strategy

Any of the ad channels discussed so far should be part of your overall app promotional strategy. Before deploying any of them, you should take the time to analyse your target audience.

Take the extra step of testing on small audience test groups. Once you do that, calculate your budget, plan a promotional campaign, and follow it. Measure your success and make adjustments to your promotional strategy as needed.

Evaluate Your App User Acquisition Strategies

If you’ve already developed your app, you may already have an app user acquisition strategy in place.

If so, review that strategy against the guidelines presented here. What refinements can you make? What’s the user acquisition data telling you?

If you have any questions about mobile app acquisition, please contact us.


Serving as the lead point of contact for all customer management matters, Binisha focuses on fostering a talented and innovative team of design. She acts as client advocate and works with teams to ensure that client needs are understood and satisfied to help improve the overall customer experience.

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