How To Automate Your Conversion Marketing With Modern Tech

How To Automate Your Conversion Marketing With Modern Tech

27 Jul 2020


Tiffany Palmer

Where does the growth of your business come from? You probably think it’s selling more products or services.

You’d be half right. Those things need to sell to bring in money.

Yet marketing is what you need in order to sell more. Businesses spend 11 percent of their budget on marketing. 

Conversion is key. Automating it means you can spend more time doing paid work rather than marketing. Tech can do a lot of this for you.

Wondering how to automate your conversion marketing? Read on to learn more.

1. Social Media

Some businesses still scoff at social media as a means of converting their audience. It’s an easy way to waste your time.

Yet it’s still a great place to build relationships and encourage dialogue with your potential customers. Avoid the temptation to spend hours scrolling through the platforms by scheduling content in advance.

Spread out content throughout the day. Schedule time to drop in and respond to comments. This lets you take advantage of the ‘back and forth’ element of social media.

The added bonus of social media is the analytics it offers. You can analyse what content was popular and which failed. Use the insights around content that performs well to inform future marketing campaigns.

If you want to automate marketing, social media is a great place to start.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is still the king in permission marketing. People have to opt in to receive your content so they’re self-selecting to be in your audience.

Be aware that it is a slower burn as a strategy than paid ads.

People hand over their email address to get access to an exclusive offer. Your email marketing software automatically delivers the offer to their inbox.

Whatever you offer, it should be something that will take them a step towards being ready to work with you. A case study or white paper might help them make a decision. 

Send an automated sequence of emails that leads them closer to buying. Encourage them to click on links which can trigger different emails more specific to their needs.

Or send them a curated newsletter to help build trust with your customers. When subscribers receive the content they need, they’re more likely to buy.  

3. Chatbots

You might not think of customer service when it comes to marketing. Customers certainly do – the service they get colours how they see your company.

So bringing chatbots onto your website gives customers a chance to ask questions for instant answers. Those instant answers make it more likely the customer will buy right there on the page.

54 percent of customers even think customer service has improved thanks to chatbots.

Chatbots use artificial intelligence to conduct conversations. If they reach a point where they can’t answer the question, they can transfer the chat to a human operator.

Using them in the first instance frees up staff to work on other tasks.

Automate These Conversion Marketing Channels

Now you know how to automate your conversion marketing. Add these strategies to your automation sales funnel to turn visitors into subscribers or buyers.

The best part is that you and your staff don’t need to be present. These conversions happen whether you’re in the office or not. 

They happen at a time that suits your customer. Their convenience becomes your conversion statistic.

Need help automating your sales funnel? Contact us today and find out how we can help.


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