Creating your AWS account

Creating Your Aws Account
mitchel-woods@2x By Mitchel Woods June 12th 2019

What You’ll Need

  • Email Address
  • Credit / Debit card
  • A valid phone number

1. Go to AWS  SignUp page

The first step is to go to the sign up page and create your login details. You’ll be asked to enter in your desired email, password and a name for the AWS account. This name can be modified later from the account settings. After you have entered the details, proceed by selecting ‘Continue’

Go To Aws  Signup Page

2. Contact Information

The first step on the contact information form is to identify whether you wish to join as a personal (for your own use) or business (used for business purposes). Once you have chosen which type of account, you need to fill in all of the personal details that follow.  

Contact Information

3. Payment Information

After you have completed your details you will be brought to a payment screen. Don’t worry! This is only a temporary payment to verify you

Payment Information

4. Verify your Phone Number

After providing your payment details, you will need to confirm your identity through either a text message (SMS) or a voice call. Select your preferred method, enter you details, and wait for the verification. In the example below I chose text message (SMS) verification.

Verify Your Phone Number 1
Verify Your Phone Number 2
Verify Your Phone Number 3

5. Select a Support Plan

Now that you have provided all of your details your last option is to select a Support Plan. Select the ‘Free’ option to continue.

Select A Support Plan

5. You’ve completed your AWS account setup.

Congratulations! You have completed your AWS account setup.

mitchel-woods@2x By Mitchel Woods

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