Creating your Google Developer Account

Creating your Google Developer Account

11 Jun 2019


Roshan Manandhar

What You’ll Need

Business Developer Account

  • A Google Developer Account for your business. If you do not have one Sign Up for a new one here.
  • Phone Number (if you don’t have an existing account)
  • Credit Card Details

1.  Sign Up

(if you have an account go to step 2)

Go to the Google Account creation page to start your enrollment. Here you will be able to choose from a variety of options. You can utilise your own business email or alternatively create a new gmail to tie into the Google account.

Fill in the required details

Google Account Sign Up 1
Google Account Sign Up 2
Google Account Sign Up 3

2. Sign In

If you have just created an account, proceed to step 3 as you will be signed in automatically.

Sign in to your google account using this link – Click here to Sign up

3. Confirm & Continue

Google Account Sign In


4. Make Your Payment

After confirming, you will be prompted with a payment popup. Fill in the details, and press the ‘Buy’ button.

Make Your Payment

4. Activate Account

Within the week you will receive an email from Google asking you to activate your account. You will need to follow a link from the email sent to confirm this. Once you have activated the account you’re all done!

Roshan Manandhar

Roshan co-leads our digital transformation by ensuring that EB Pearls is prepared for the future. He shows better way of doing things with the help of latest tools and technologies, thus making EB Pearls more efficient and super-productive.

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