Hosted Ecommerce Application Benefits

Hosted Ecommerce Application Benefits

18 Dec 2014


Gorakh Shrestha

While consumers spend billions of dollars each year, purchasing goods or services through online retailers or agents, it takes more than just a website and a product to gain your share of online revenue. Thanks to advancements in design, technology and security, consumers have come to expect a great deal out of their online shopping experience; failing to meet these expectations can cost you money, both in lost revenue and in the case of a major security breach, your business. A hosted e-commerce application, from a reputable, experienced agency, can help provide a secure, trusted environment for your customers in addition to a number of other benefits.

What is an E-commerce Application?

In simple terms, this type of application is often known as a shopping cart, but the application itself is quite complex, with a number of variables and advanced features to allow you to customize the application to suit your needs.

Benefits and Features of a Hosted E-commerce Application

  • Around-the-clock support. Unlike a brick-and-mortar store, online consumers have access to your goods and services 24/7, from within a variety of different time zones. It’s unrealistic for many small to medium-sized businesses to find the time, or the manpower to monitor their website day and night, so partnering with a reliable host with around-the-clock support for technical issues is crucial.
  • Access to the latest technology. Hosted applications can provide you with the latest and greatest technology, which is seamlessly upgraded as it becomes available.
  • Flexibility and scalability. As your business changes and grows, so do your needs. One of the greatest benefits of a hosted e-commerce application is the support and knowledge you can expect to receive when you’re ready to expand or make any changes necessary to remain competitive.
  • Decrease in downtime. Frequent downtime can have a negative impact on your sales and your reputation. While no one can guarantee you 100 per cent uptime, the advanced software and high-speed connections your host provides can get you as close as 99.9 per cent.
  • Exceptional security. In the wrong hands, the financial and personal information required to make a typical online transaction can be used for fraudulent purposes. Hackers, computer viruses and identity theft are genuine concerns, that must be addressed to protect both you and your customers. A reputable e-commerce hosting provider will maintain a secure environment, including firewall protection, 24/7 monitoring, digital certificates and SSL support.

Gaining the trust and respect of your online market is the best way to ensure repeat business, and to elevate your company to the next level. EB Pearls is a full-service agency, that can help you establish a successful online presence, with unparalleled expertise in every aspect of the design process, from web design to hosted e-commerce applications and everything in between.


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