Selection of an App Developer

Are you looking for an app developer to help you improve your business or brand?

Learning how to choose an app developer is easy. The hard part is choosing the most fitting and best app developer for you.

Australia is leading the market in tech, leading to the rapid growth of app developers in the country. This means there are 20,000 more app developers from 2017 to 2019. The good news is that you’ve got a load of app developers to pick from.

The bad news is that it can be overwhelming and tricky to find the right one. In this guide, we’ll discuss how you can find an app developer that suits your business. Keep reading to learn why EB Pearls is a great choice of an app developer for your brand.

1. How to Start Looking for App Developers: Know Your Needs

Before you start shopping for app developers, you need to know your brand first. What are your goals, what do you need, and what type of services are you looking for? Knowing your business needs will guide you to the developers who can provide them.

For example, you already have an in-house development team. Yet, you don’t have an expert or specialist to help them power through development blocks. If you can identify this problem, you’ll know that you need to hire a specialist to push the project forward.

Other than your brand, you need to know your target market, as well. To which demographic groups does your target market belong? Remember that certain app designs can touch or downright miss your target market.

Once you know these things, begin your research into the app development market. Google (or Bing, if that’s your preference) is your best friend. Make a list of your top app developer choices and put them in order of most favorable.

Remember that building an Android app customized to your needs is not easy. If you want to get the best possible product, look for the best developers in the market. The best way to find these companies is to check in with other customers.

Look for online review sites or ask your peers offline for suggestions. If you have a network, be it on LinkedIn or other platforms, ask people from your network. Also, join developer conventions, hackathons, and similar events to find experts.

2. How Do I Select Software Vendors?

Now, you have a list of app developers that you think will best fit your brand. You don’t have to decide yet which app developer you want to work on your project. This next step will help you narrow down your choices of app developers.

Select the first one on your list and do background checks on the company’s performance. Do other people or businesses recommend the app developer? You can also have a direct conversation with the developer’s previous clients to learn what they experienced. We’ll discuss more on checking an app developer’s experience below.

Look back to your business needs and goals. Does the app developer offer all the services you need? Does it only offer some services you need?

If an app developer doesn’t seem to have all your needs, send them your inquiries to be sure. For example, you want an app that can reach people on all platforms. If this is the case, look for an app developer that can create an app that runs on iOS, Android, and Windows.

Start at the top of the list or the one you favour the most. When you finish checking all the pros and cons that come with your first choice, move onto the next. Don’t make a decision yet until you see the pros and cons of all the app developers on your list.

3. What Is Their Experience? How Well Do They Communicate?

Don’t forget to check the experience of the app developer. Developers with years of experience are often at the top of their field due to their expertise. They’ve also most likely seen all kinds of customers and app needs.

App developers that have a long background in the field also have working systems in place. These are systems for handling customer inquiries, app issues, and the development process. However, that’s not to say that newer companies can’t be as efficient as well.

The trick to learning about an app developer’s experience is to talk to people. Ask past customers about their satisfaction. How efficient was the app developer, and how did they handle problems when they came up?

How professional was the app developer? Did the app development team communicate with the customers well? How did they handle miscommunications if any had occurred?

Consider all the negative and positive things its past customers have to say about it. Weigh these in as the developer’s pros and cons. Check if the pros and cons will fit your app needs.

For example, one negative thing about the app developer is that they asked for more time to get the work done. Otherwise, they had stellar customer service, app quality, and professionalism. If you’re the type to look for results as soon as possible, this app developer may not suit your expectations.

Nine in ten Australians have a smartphone, which makes it easy for you to collect reviews and recommendations. Most of the past customers of app developers likely keep their phones on their person to check on their app. If you send them a message, they’ll see it and respond to you right away.

4. Support and Resources

Communication and experience aren’t the only factors to consider when deciding. You also want to make sure that the app developer can provide support during and after they give you the app. You don’t want a company that will leave you hanging if you encounter problems with its product.

Sometimes, even after weeks of testing, bugs will pop up once your app is on the App Store. A good app developer will work with you even after the app deploys. Thus, you’d want to look for a developer that offers post-deployment support.

Another thing to factor in is the resource pool that the app developer has. Experience is only one of the key resources that will affect their product quality. Knowledge and skills are more factors that the app development company needs to have.

Many new companies start in the business with a sizable pool of knowledge and skill. They build up their experience as time passes and as they amass more customers. They also start investing in the latest software and tools as they build their brand.

Also, try to observe how an app developer will give their input. App developers will also give you expert help on whether your app idea is workable. They can also give insight into whether your idea will become a success once it becomes an app.

These are some ways to see if the developer shows genuine interest in your project.

5. Other Things to Consider When Hiring an App Developer

If it’s your first time hiring an app developer, you may think that a call is enough to gauge quality. However, hiring an app developer is like hiring a new employee. Don’t be afraid to interview them, measure their interest in your project, and check for deception.

When you conduct the interview, don’t be afraid to be more specific with your questions. Ask about their methods, transparency, and technologies used. Be forthright about your budget and where you’ll set your limits.

You can also use the interview to see how well your communication with each other goes. Talk about scheduling, flexibility, and the format of communication. Also, use this chance to gauge how well you like to work with this developer.

You can also ask your app developer if they offer other services. Some also offer app marketing services to help you boost brand visibility. Some companies focus only on app development.

Hiring an In-House Team vs. Outsourcing

One of the decisions to make when you consider hiring an app developer is if you should outsource. An in-house team can get a better understanding of your product, company, and goals. It’s also easier to communicate with an in-house team, but you must care for them as you do your employees.

Outsourcing can help you find experts faster and replace them just as fast. Plus, you don’t need to prepare an office for them and you only pay them for the time they spend on your project. When you outsource, communication becomes your biggest barrier.

6. More Possibilities to Consider and Questions to Ask an App Developer

The advantages of having a mobile app include the improvement of sales. It’s also a great way to measure customer satisfaction. However, you won’t always get the app promised to you by an app developer.

Consider what you will do if the app developer doesn’t stick to its promises. You don’t want to waste your time, money, and efforts waiting for an app you don’t want. To avoid this situation, consider the questions below.

What if the Vendor Is Not Able To Provide a Solution?

If the developer can’t give you a solution, then start looking for a different app developer. This issue will most likely arise in the early communication stages. Thus, you must know the right questions to ask an app developer before you commit to their services.

What if the Vendor Didn’t Provide a Quality Solution?

What if you already decided on an app developer and they didn’t deliver on app quality?

As an unsatisfied customer, you can speak to the developer about the quality. As a paying customer, you can ask them to improve the product some more. If they can’t, your next best move is to write a review that reflects your experience and dissatisfaction.

What if the Vendor Didn’t Deliver the Product on Time?

Most vendors will give you a timeframe on the app development process. Professional app developers can deliver and stick to the schedule they gave you. If an app developer doesn’t comply with their deadlines, then it’s a sign of unprofessionalism.

If you’re kept waiting for a long time, start investigating the company. You may have paid a scammer to make your app. If it is a scam, you can report it, file a dispute, or ask for your money back.

What if the Vendor Didn’t Supply the Product as per the Features I Purchased?

This kind of misunderstanding is likely from a lack of clear communication. If your app is missing key features, tell the developer and be clearer about what you want. If you were clear with your expectations from the start, then it is the fault of the app developer.

7. EB Pearls vs. Other Competitors: Why Hire EB Pearls?

There are over 3 million Android apps on the Google Play Store. While only a handful of these apps are recognizable in the world, many reach the right audiences. However, before your target market can find your app, you need to find a brilliant app developer first.

If you’re looking for the best app developer for your brand, choose EB Pearls. The company began in 2004 and continues to offer its services up until today. Thanks to our long and productive history in app development, EB Pearls is a leading international app developer.

A quick look at EB Pearl’s social media channels can tell you how popular it is. We have over 1.2 thousand followers on Twitter. While it’s not a measure of quality, social media is a good measure of trustworthiness.

We also use a variety of technologies and tools to create the best apps for our customers. We use techs like Swift, Objective-C, and Flutter for iOS app development. To create Android apps, our tech stack includes Kotlin, Java, and React Native.

Our apps can work on iPhone, Android, and wearables. We also offer services for web apps, TV apps, and IoT apps. Flexibility, excellent design, and positive professionalism are our best qualities.

Pick the Best App Developer for Your Brand

Sometimes, you can be lucky enough to find the right app developer right away. Other times, you need to shop around until you find the best one. Don’t get discouraged if it takes you a while, and don’t rush to hire the first one you find.

Need an app developer for your small business or company? Visit the EB Pearls contact page now for a free consultation.

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