How to Get New App Ideas During Uncertainty of Covid-19

How to Get New App Ideas During Uncertainty of Covid-19

02 Jun 2020


Michael Signal

So you want to build an app, but you’re a little unsure due to the current pandemic? Especially during a time of uncertainty, it can be difficult to feel that you can accomplish building something new. 

Luckily, we’re here to help. Here are some tips and tricks on how to come up with new app ideas that will lead to success. 

Brainstorming: Where to Start 

Especially during these stressful times, it can be difficult to dedicate time to brainstorming. In order to come up with some great new app ideas, you will want to allow yourself some time and space to think. 

When getting started, try asking yourself questions that can help generate some new ideas. For example, make a list of some issues you come across in your daily life. Then, go back over the list, and consider if there are any solutions to these problems. 

This process can help you find solutions to issues others may be experiencing. If there is already a solution to certain problems, try to figure out an alternative solution that could be more effective as an app. 

Browse Current Apps 

Browsing through the app store is a great way to see what others are doing. If you see an app related to an idea you were interested in, don’t get discouraged.

There are different solutions and approaches to a problem. If you see apps related to what you want to do, figure out how you could approach the problem differently, or more effectively. 

If you don’t yet have an idea at this stage, browsing the app store is a great way to jog your mind. Check out the apps that are topping the charts, and also pay attention to the top app categories. This will show you what app ideas are money makers. 

If you’re interested in certain app categories, focus in these areas to generate ideas you’ll feel passionate about.

Check out Additional Platforms 

Looking at other platforms outside of the app store, such as Kickstarter or Angle List, can let you in on projects that are currently in the works. This will help you generate ideas about what kind of services and solutions people are looking for during quarantine. 

You can also go on platforms like Quora, which is a question-based site. Click through random or popular questions people are posting.

Questions are often generated from problems. Find questions on Quora that interest you and try to figure out potential solutions. 

Browsing different social media platforms can also be a great place to generate app ideas. So many are taking to social media, especially during quarantine, to address frustrations or share their thoughts.

Use tools such as Hootsuite or Social Mention to figure out what people are talking about. Use keywords such as “I wish” to find issues others are looking for solutions towards. 

You can also explore your smartphone to discover areas that could be improved. There are tons of apps that help make the functionality of smartphones easier and more convenient. 

Become an Observer 

Especially during this stressful and uncertain time, it’s important to remember to take time off. Overworking may seem like the right thing to do during quarantine, but if your overdoing it, you will likely get burnt out. If your feeling drained and uninspired, take walks outside or run some errands. 

Taking some breaks to go about your normal routine may actually help you come up with an app idea. By observing the world around you at this time (using the correct social distance measures, of course), you can think about issues or encounters you have during these everyday activities. Think about how something simple, like an encounter at the grocery store, and how it could be more efficient. 

Paying attention and becoming an observer can help you brainstorm. There are issues waiting to become great apps all around us (think Uber, Airbnb, etc.).

Practices such as meditation or journaling can also help to clear your mind, making space for fresh ideas. Keeping a journal on hand at all times can help you jot down ideas when they come to you, keeping an ongoing list of ideas rather than forgetting about them later on. 

Think Ahead

It’s easy to get engrossed in the news, and whats going on in the world during the pandemic. Yet, it could be more effective to think ahead. While things are uncertain, trying to imagine the future of the world post-pandemic could help you address issues that will need solutions. 

Think about what the next big thing will be, and how people’s needs and priorities will change in the future. Then, work backward to start imagining potential solutions. Instead of waiting for others to lead the way, act as a trailblazer to offer people solutions they will need, keeping you ahead of the game. 

How to Come up With New App Ideas 

It may seem like a hard time to come up with new app ideas, but it may actually be a great time to come up with solutions to future issues. If you want to use this time to come up with the next great app, try out the above tips and tricks. Making a new app will require lots of brainstorming and research, but it can be an endeavor that significantly pays off. 

Are you looking for an app development company that can make your app idea a reality? Contact us today to get started by booking a free consultation. 


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