Revolutionizing Waste Management with a Tablet App for Bingo Industries

In a world where sustainable practices and waste reduction are becoming increasingly vital, Bingo Industries, a prominent player in waste management, has taken a significant leap forward by partnering with a Tablet App developer, EB Pearls to create an innovative and game-changing solution. This case study delves into the collaboration between Bingo Industries and EB Pearls exploring the development process, key features, and the transformative impact of the app on the waste management industry.

Technology Used

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Understanding the Client

Bingo Industries, a well-known name in waste management, sought to go beyond their iconic orange trucks and skip bins. They aimed to become a leader in recycling and resource management by ensuring no resource goes to waste. With their motto of “Use Less, Use Again, Use Wisely,” they envisioned a waste-free Australia. To achieve this vision, they collaborated with EB Pearls in Sydney.

Our Approach

We took a comprehensive approach to the project, focusing on user experience, innovation consulting, research, UI/UX audit, stakeholder workshops, product strategy, rapid prototyping, design, brand identity, visual design, mobile app design, website design, development, and post-deployment activities.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to develop an intuitive tablet app that seamlessly integrated the entire waste management supply chain. The app needed to cater to Bingo Industries’ fleet of over 350 collection vehicles, enabling their commercial drivers to efficiently manage their daily tasks. We also had to address Bingo Industries’ specific business needs, ensure alignment with their objectives, and incorporate their feedback throughout the development process

The Outcome

The collaboration between our team and Bingo Industries resulted in the successful development of an intuitive and engaging tablet app. The app effectively addressed the business problem of managing commercial driver tasks and facilitated a more efficient waste management process. By incorporating innovative features and leveraging user feedback, we provided Bingo Industries with a tool that empowered them to make a significant impact in their mission for a waste-free Australia.

Eb Pearls

Key Features:

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Start of Day Inspection:

The app allowed users to input details, report issues, and conduct personal risk assessments at the beginning of each workday. This feature improved safety and compliance while providing valuable data for ongoing improvements

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Manage Job List:

Commercial drivers could easily access site details, contacts, site access hours, and update job status (incomplete or complete). This feature enhanced productivity and streamlined communication.

Our role in the project

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