Our role in the project

Business Process Analysis

Design & Development

Quality Assurance

  • User testing
  • User engagement testing


  • Product strategy

Technology Used

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Define Requirement

The client wished for a website that is modular, that allows it to grow as they add new content and information. The website helps users to check how prepared they are for the workforce through the quizzes.

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User Problems

User Problems

People were unsure whether they were prepared for their future the workforce. The Box I Live In truly helps them to grow in a corporate environment, and to be able to do better in the company they currently work for, and in the future in a corporate environment.


The client provided a style guide to follow, and based on that guide we designed the website. After the development process, the website required a lot of changes, and several issues had to be fixed. Frequent reviews were regularly done to create the best design for the project.

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Design Sprint

Design Sprint

Design sprint presented a list of things to do in a specific order. With the fixed deadline, it created time pressure among the team to get things done.

The wireframe was created in 3 rounds. Once three rounds were approved, we started the design which was also finished in 3 rounds.

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Internal testing

Internal testing

We completed internal testing to get feedback and improve the project further, so that it would make sense to the customer. We also focused on having easy navigation to reach the desired screen as well as prioritizing the uniformity of the screens.

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Development Sprint

Web Design

Sprint Planning

Sprint Planning

Once the product owner described the objective of back log and sprint, our scrum team performed all the steps in that particular sprint. Additionally, the development team planned the essential tasks needed to meet the sprint goal.

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Unique Features


  • List of the course curriculums.
  • Jump into any lesson or explore the content step by step.


  • It’s subscription-based, once a user signs up, she/he can easily take quizzes and check their level of knowledge.
  • Save your result and take the quiz again at any time to see if you have made improvements. 

Series of videos

  • Over 4 hours of video content and training.
  • 26 videos that walk you through every step of the way towards a future career.
Box I Live in Web development Sydney
Box I Live in Web development Sydney Box I Live in Web development Sydney


We developed simple yet unique features that helped in winning the hearts of the end-users. It was a little tricky to make the quiz and result system work correctly. However, we created a couple of iterations to know exactly how it looks, and developed it in a consistent way so that users can print the actual PDF file once they have finished their quiz.




One of the major lessons we learned was that even if we are implementing something new to the audience, we need to be flexible enough to cater to the other audience as well. We also created too many business rules for avoiding loopholes that made it rigid for the admin or the sales agent if something changes.


Next steps

Next steps

After the website is launched, we always make sure that the client is succinctly informed. We will constantly communicate with the clients, and we are always available for future maintenance and are committed to ongoing support.