Building a Comprehensive Employee Assistance Program Website for Drake WorkWise

EB Pearls successfully undertook the development of a comprehensive employee assistance program website for Drake WorkWise, aimed at providing a wide range of counseling and trauma management services to organizations and employees in Australia and New Zealand. Through meticulous planning, innovative design, and careful implementation, the website was tailored to cater to the specific needs of Drake WorkWise and its target audience.

Technology Used

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Understanding the Client:

Drake WorkWise is an Employee Assistance Program provider offering counseling and trauma management services to employees in Australia and New Zealand. They sought to develop a website that would provide confidential EAP services to numerous organizations, focusing on individual counseling, crisis management, manager support, financial counseling, and workplace conflict resolution.

Our Approach:

EB Pearls, a web development company based in Sydney, collaborated with Drake WorkWise to understand their requirements and goals. We conducted research, gathered user feedback, and analyzed data to tailor the website to meet the needs of both the organization and its end-users.

The Challenge:

The main challenge was to create a user-friendly and responsive website that would effectively deliver EAP services and promote workplace well-being. We had to ensure the website accommodated the diverse needs of organizations and employees in Australia and New Zealand while maintaining confidentiality and accessibility.

Responsive Design:

To address the challenge of reaching a wide range of users, we implemented a responsive design approach. This ensured that the website would adapt seamlessly to different devices and screen sizes, providing a consistent and optimal user experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

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Key Features:

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Manager Assistance:

Drake WorkWise’s comprehensive employee assistance program website included a dedicated section that offered valuable resources and guidance specifically designed to assist managers in effectively supporting their teams and addressing various workplace issues. This feature empowered managers with the necessary tools and knowledge to create a positive work environment, handle conflicts, and provide the necessary support to employees.

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User-Friendly Interface:

Recognizing the importance of a seamless user experience, EB Pearls prioritized designing an intuitive and user-friendly interface for Drake WorkWise’s website. The interface was carefully crafted to ensure ease of navigation, allowing employees to effortlessly access the services and information they needed. By employing user-centric design principles, intuitive layouts, and clear navigation menus, the website facilitated quick and convenient access to counseling services, trauma management resources, and other relevant information.

Our role in the project

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  • Brand Design
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Web Design
  • Service Design
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Drake Workwise

The Outcome

EB Pearls successfully developed a comprehensive employee assistance program website for Drake WorkWise. The website met the objectives set by the stakeholders, providing a user-centric platform that facilitated easy access to counseling and trauma management services. The responsive design ensured a seamless user experience across devices, and the key features supported organizations in promoting employee well-being and reducing work-related stress.

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