Our Role in the project

User experience

  • Research
  • UI/UX Audit
  • Stakeholders workshop
  • Product strategy
  • Rapid prototyping

UI Design

  • Visual design
  • Mobile app design
  • User engagement testing


  • VueJS
  • NodeJS Backend/API integrations
  • iOS app development
  • Android app development

Quality assurance

  • Innovation Consulting
  • Research
  • Stakeholders workshop
  • Product strategy
  • User testing
  • Regression test
  • Test cases & execution

Technology Used

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Icon Kotlin
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Vue JS
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Amazon EC2
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Amazon S3

Project Overview

A tiny portion of each donation or gift received by Halo will be set aside to continue to build and fund the Halo App’s continued support and development. As part of Halo’s projected Not for Profit status, Halo is independently audited by a government organisation. To begin, the App uses Baxta Charity – RSPCA and HALO Charities – Wayside to display certified charities. The idea here is to actively promote and display real-time story snippets coming in from these charities to their Halo angles, as well as why aid is needed.

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User Problems

User Problems

The client from Halo came to EB pearls with the aim to increase user awareness of their new HALO service, which will make it easier for their Charity Partners to connect with their Halo Angels and assist individuals.
Registered Halo Angels should feel as if their contributions are making a significant difference in people’s lives through various forms of social media communication and publicity. They wanted to deliver clever and inventive tools that would transform the way charities operate, and money is donated through the Halo App.

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Business Problems

Business Problems

Both teams from Halo and EB Pearls studied research data that was collected from different types of users. Upon analyzing data from interviews and surveys we came to a realization that there was a larger audience seeking to just find tools for charity operations and donations. This data led both EB Pearls and Halo to understand that there was an audience for the app and the app’s key features.

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EB Pearls spent time learning about the project’s scope and the expected user path through the website. With this, we were able to design something that fit Halo’s vision for their mobile app. EB Pearls was able to create designs that would bring users to the type of content they were seeking for by knowing the types of users that would be using the app. EB Pearls collaborated with Halo to develop a platform that met the needs of its customers.

Backlog Creation

A product backlog was built in order to ensure that none of the project’s user stories were missed and that the project ran smoothly and efficiently. This backlog contained all of the project’s to-do lists. It became easier for us to organise our sprints after we created an ultimate to-do list in our project management platform.

Backlog Grooming

The team refined the product backlog once it was generated to ensure that it covered all of the items that they would be prioritised. During this time,

-User stories that were not relevant were removed.

-New user stories were added.

– Assigned estimates to user stories

– User stories that were complex and high on the priority list were split into two groups.

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mobile app developer Sydney
My Donations

Project Achievements

1.Fundraisers details

Fundraisers’ details screen lists the details related to the fundraisers including the name of the fundraiser, status, start date, end date, raised amount and remaining amount. Users can view the details of fundraisers and donate from this screen.

2. Donate

Clicking on Donate Now will slide up a donation screen where users can choose an amount, edit the amount, choose one of the existing methods and donate to the fundraiser or make direct donations to charity partners.




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The Halo project is a success, and users find it to be a very useful tool. The first major version was produced on time and on budget. With EB Pearls, the Halo app will be updated with new features and capabilities on a regular basis.


Next Steps

Next Steps

After the app is developed, we regularly communicate with the clients and we are always available for future maintenance and are committed to ongoing support. Moreover, we are monitoring the features that have been released.