Secure ROI for App Ideas: Understanding Steps for Growth

Secure ROI for App Ideas: Understanding Steps for Growth

24 Feb 2020


Binisha Sharma

Worldwide app usage surged over 75% from 2016 to 2018, topping out at $101 billion. What are you doing to get a piece of that pie?

As an app developer, you might have creative and interesting app ideas. Are they guaranteed to generate growth?

There are a few things you need to keep in mind to stay on top of this competitive industry. Stop making the same old mistakes and keep reading to understand the steps for growth you need to take.

Measuring and Securing Growth

Everyone has different measurements that define success. Before you begin developing a new product, define what ROI you want to see.

Good app ideas are those that understand their customers. Once you give them what they want, you not only bring them in but retain them too.

Targeted Development

If you want to sell something, you need to go to where your customers are. That’s true whether you’re selling shoes, cars, or apps.

Right now, app developers are focusing on iPhones. While you shouldn’t neglect this market, you could find your niche is saturated.

Don’t stop developing Android app ideas or even making exclusive apps on that platform. You might find a more receptive user base.

User Experience

Knowing your customer goes beyond figuring out what they want. It involves knowing how to give it to them.

Your app needs to not only meet their needs but make it easy for them. Get into your customer’s mind to find your app‘s weak spots.

Use the app the way your customer would. Never stop looking for ways to improve.


You might have great app development ideas, but you won’t crack the top 10 without a little marketing help. Make new customers aware of everything your app offers with some self-promotion.

It might cost you to get in front of them. Make sure you’re measuring how every dollar is spent to ensure you’re seeing the ROI you need.

Don’t have advertising cash on hand? Social media can help you spread the word organically.

Measure Profit

There are a few main models of apps for the general public: free with ads, freemium, and paid.

Each has its pros and cons. Free with ads is just that, but users might get turned off by aggressive ads and ditch your app.

Freemium locks quality content behind a paywall. Placing a barrier on exclusive content is tricky, but can pay off depending on everything you offer.

Paid apps take money upfront but then deliver the content without ads or extra payments. Is your product strong enough to demand payment upfront?

Research your options and don’t be afraid to switch things up to meet your goals.

App Ideas that Deliver

Your next steps are clear. Find your customers, make it easy for them to get what they want from your app, get the word out, and measure your ROI.

Along with your unique app ideas, these strategies will bring in new customers, retain them, and keep growing your business.

Need more? We’re here to help — reach out to us today for more insight on how to take your business to the next level!


Serving as the lead point of contact for all customer management matters, Binisha focuses on fostering a talented and innovative team of design. She acts as client advocate and works with teams to ensure that client needs are understood and satisfied to help improve the overall customer experience.

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