5 Skills to Consider Before Hiring an Android App Developer

5 Skills to Consider Before Hiring an Android App Developer

20 Jun 2022


Tiffany Palmer

The prevalence of smartphones influenced many changes in various industries, including how companies do business. The efficiency and convenience brought about by smartphones pushed companies to develop mobile applications to provide quick services to their customers. As a result, most companies have implemented a mobile application to serve as a platform for shopping, getting information, and even learning about the business itself. But when it comes to working with app developers, there are various skills business owners should consider. Here are some of them and why they matter in creating the best mobile application for businesses.

1. Basic Android Knowledge

One of the essential skills to consider is understanding Android because nearly all mobile apps use the Android platform. The operating system boasts over a billion users, boosting all the applications used by millions of people worldwide.

It can also be used as a platform to create mobile apps. Developers using Android to develop mobile apps are expected to have a comprehensive skill set that can cater to different developers, including those who use the iOS—Apple’s platform.

2. Cross-Platform Development

Developing a mobile app capable of working on multiple platforms is an excellent way to expand the potential customer base of any business. A mobile app developed on the Android platform, for example, can be used by iOS users if it is also compatible with Apple devices.

Larger companies usually invest in cross-platform mobile apps to broaden their reach and appeal to a broader audience. For instance, social media giant Facebook made its Messenger app compatible with different devices, including Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

3. Database Technologies

The data within a mobile application significantly impacts how it performs. For example, if the mobile app uses a database to store its data, then the app’s performance will depend on the database’s efficiency and stability. Developers should have a vast knowledge of databases to optimise the efficiency of any mobile app. Some popular database technologies include Microsoft SQL, Oracle, and MySQL.

4. API Integration

API integration is another vital skill in hiring mobile app developers. APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) allow an app’s connection to external sources to get data and other functionalities.

For example, Google Maps uses an API to identify nearby restaurants in a mobile app. If a business only uses Google Maps, it will not be able to gather data from other sources that companies can use for marketing promotions.

5. Keen Eye For Design

A keen eye for design is critical in designing a mobile app that meets a business’s expectations. With the right mobile app developer, a company that wants an app with a simple design can get it. The right mobile app developer with the right skills can transform the business’s existing mobile application to make it more appealing to more customers. The more attractive the app is to the customers, the easier it is to establish a solid customer base.


Mobile applications revolutionised the way companies do business. Businesses who want to compete in today’s competitive environment should have a mobile application to bring them closer to their customers. But having a mobile app is just one thing. Companies should also consider the application’s function, providing their customers’ needs. EB Pearls is an app development agency dedicated to providing clients with the best Android app developers in the world. Our goal is to help companies achieve their goals by designing and developing applications that can help their customers while considering their branding and overall way of doing business. Book a free consultation on our website today or browse through our past projects.


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