Upgrade: The 7 Benefits of Shopify Plus

Upgrade: The 7 Benefits of Shopify Plus

23 Jul 2019


Gorakh Shrestha

Shopify’s e-commerce platform is home to hundreds of thousands of online retailers. 

In 2018, the number of Shopify‘s merchant members had grown to 600,000 strong. And, according to their website, Shopify businesses have made more than $100 billion dollars in sales since their start in 2006.

Shopify’s simple process from start to finish makes it super-easy for anyone to start an online store. Retailers can access free tools, tons of stock images, and lots more. And, pricing plans start at just $29 per month.

Shopify Plus is one of the options that’s available to business owners. But, you won’t find it listed with the other pricing plans.

This isn’t the only thing that separates Shopify Plus from the rest of their products and services. Everything about Shopify Plus places it in a league all its’ own.

Read on to find out 7 key benefits of upgrading to Shopify Plus!

More to Love: 7 of the Benefits You’ll Get With Shopify Plus

When merchants first consider upgrading to Shopify Plus, they quickly realize that it’s different from Shopify’s standard pricing plans. One of the things that’s bound to stand out immediately is its’ price.

The minimum you’ll pay for Shopify Plus is $2,000 a month. And, some businesses will pay even more than that.

When compared to Shopify’s other pricing plans, $2000 dollars a month is a small fortune. After all, a step down to the Advanced Shopify plan costs a mere $299 dollars every month. 

But, after you find out everything that Shopify Plus has to offer, you’re likely to agree that it’s worth every dime.

Here are some of the unique benefits that make Shopify Plus a wise investment for your business.

1. Shopify Flow 

When it’s time to scale up your business, you’ll have plenty of things to think about. But, Shopify Flow takes a bulk of the worries off your plate.

Shopify Flow is an e-commerce automation platform reserved strictly for Plus members. The app allows members to automate many work-related tasks, saving them countless hours, money, and headaches.

Here are just some of the tasks that it’s possible to automate with Shopify Flow:

  • Segment users by a variety of customizable categories, such as customers’ total lifetime spending
  • Track negative product reviews in a spreadsheet 
  • Mobile marketing strategies such as tagging customers on products-for-sale based on their buying history
  • Get notified when store inventory is low and merchandise items for your store
  • Advanced risk management actions and notifications
  • Start a win-back email sequence for at-risk customers
  • Add a free gift to orders over $100 dollars
  • Add a discount code for customers’ second purchase
  • Mail a handwritten note to customers after they place the third order

The app has a built-in wholesale feature and multi-store capabilities.

Plus, Shopify Flow can be easily integrated with most major e-commerce apps. And, it integrates with Slack, Email, and HTTP requests.

Basically, this one app is like having an entire team of dependable employees working around the clock to benefit the user’s store.

2. Easy Access to Important Information 

Once upon a time, business owners had to calculate earnings, dig through files, and run reports to find the information they were looking for. But, now, you can easily access customer records, reports, and orders with just a click of the mouse. 

That’s because the Shopify Plus dashboard provides access to all of these things and more. Combined with Shopify Flow, one can access practically any stats or information imaginable, in no time at all.

3. Customized Features + Added Perks = Worry Free Websites

Shopify has always made it easy to create a one-of-a-kind online storefront. But, Shopify Plus goes way further than that.

It takes website design to a whole new level. You can customize your site from every angle, including everything from themes to your checkout process. 

But, what’s more, is you can even enjoy full Javascript and CSS control, allowing you to offer visitors a unique user experience every step of the way.

Add that to additional website perks of 99.99% uptime, 4 million hits per second, and capabilities of up to 8,000 orders per minute. 

4. Effortless Campaign Management

The Launchpad tool is one of the star attractions of Shopify Plus.

With it, merchants can schedule when campaigns start and end (perfect for flash sales and special events). You can track campaign progress, time bulk changes to coincide with your event, and pick a duration to close your store.

Additionally, added security measures, such as CAPTCHAs upon checkout, ensure that your site isn’t compromised when it matters most.

5. Unlimited Staff Accounts

There’s room for everyone to have their own account with Shopify Plus. This can be especially helpful for large companies with a long list of employees. And, it’s one of the cost-effective advantages that make Plus worth its’ higher price.

Team members are also able to interact seamlessly across the platform, with additional features that aim for peak functionality.

6. Your Very Own Success Manager

You’ll be appointed your very own success manager to guide and direct your company to its’ highest potential. 

They’ll go the extra mile to ensure your business gets off to the right start. You’ll get updates and newsletters during your launch. And, you’ll even get a special email and phone number for receiving critical time-sensitive correspondence.

7. Lower Transaction Fees

With Advanced and Plus, there is a 0% fee for transactions that use Shopify Payments for their purchases. But, with Plus, you’ll also get a major drop in fees for all other transactions made on your site, as well.

Expect to pay just 0.15% using Shopify Plus versus the 0.5% per transaction that you would pay with the other plans.

Get More Advice For Building a Successful E-Commerce Store

Aside from Shopify Plus, there are lots of other tips and tricks that can help you be the best e-commerce store that you can be.

Becoming great doesn’t just happen overnight. And, in today’s competitive online climate, most businesses have to work hard to achieve success. But, there are definitely some things you can do to clear the pathway to your goals.

Unfortunately, not everyone learns the formula for success. But, knowing where to look for clues gives you the upper hand in your quest to the top.

If you want to know what it takes to make it in the e-commerce business world, we can help. Our website is full of expert advice, news, and strategies that can help your business grow.

Ready to find out more ways to multiply your e-commerce store’s profit potential?

Check out this post to learn about e-commerce marketing strategies that will help you convert leads and drive sales online!


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